Can you have multiple cosmetic surgeries at once?

Multiple cosmetic surgeries at ALCS

As long as your body is in a healthy condition and free of any kind of diseases or disorders, especially those relating to high blood pressure, getting multiple cosmetic surgeries at once is generally safe. However, most board-certified plastic surgeons only combine a maximum of 2-3 surgeries at once for safety reasons.  Among these, liposuction … Read more

How Much Is Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023?

Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023 by ALCS

Receding hairline especially among males aged above 45 is a widespread problem in India. It happens because of certain unhealthy food habits, abnormal genes and high-stress levels.  While in earlier times, people did not give much concern to extreme hair loss, today, the increasing insecurity and the high rise of beauty standards have made hair … Read more

How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Over the past five years, there have been significant changes in the field of hair transplant surgery—and not all of them are good.  In contrast to the highly specialized cosmetic surgical treatment it is, social media, TV, radio, and traditional print media market to the susceptible hair loss consumer a more free-of-danger, assured product. In … Read more

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Method: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Method

Recent advancements in hair transplant operations have produced remarkable, long-lasting results that look natural. How many different kinds of hair transplants exist?  An individual may undergo any type of hair transplant treatment, which comprise the following, depending on their health, diagnosis, and eligibility. A hair transplant, like other cosmetic operations, can help improve your self-esteem … Read more

Hair Transplants In India: Statistics And Trends

The hair transplant industry in India has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. India performs around 350,000 hair transplant surgeries annually, favoured by medical tourists. India is a popular destination for medical tourism owing to the availability of affordable treatments, highly skilled medical experts, and advanced technologies. The hair transplant industry in India has grown … Read more

Hair Transplant Aftercare: A Complete Guide to Post-Transplant Care and Maintenance

Post-Transplant Care and Maintenance

The immediate post-operative period is crucial for healing and recuperation, which can have a significant impact on the final result of your procedure. This article includes all the aftercare information, side effects, and thorough advice you’ll need during this time for hair transplants. What Patients Should Expect After The Hair Transplant Procedure By adhering to … Read more

Synthetic Hair Transplant: Comprehensive Guide

Synthetic Hair Transplant: Comprehensive Guide

While artificial hair transplants may appear like a promising solution for those who have no other choice, it’s crucial to recognize that if they choose to have the procedure, they will also be responsible for all the hazards involved. Synthetic hair transplants replaced traditional ones in the late 1970s. In this article, we discussed a … Read more