Understanding Hair Loss: Detailed Guide

Understanding Hair Loss Detailed Guide

Baldness often refers to a significant loss of scalp hair. The most frequent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people age. Some people would rather let their hair loss progress naturally without treatment or camouflage.  Others may disguise it with caps, wraps, make-up, or wigs. Others decide to use one of the treatments … Read more

Can hair transplants correct a receding hairline?

Can hair transplants correct a receding hairline

Both men and women can experience hair loss at a young age due to several circumstances. We refer to this as a receding hairline. But owing to technology and research, innovative methods of hair transplantation for receding hairlines are now available.  Patients who are balding, have a receding hairline, or have lost density in their … Read more

Can I Color Or Perm My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Can I Color Or Perm My Hair After A Hair Transplant

Following a hair transplant procedure, it’s crucial to consider the impact of dyeing or perming your hair. While you may be eager to experiment with new styles, it’s foremost to understand the potential risks and consult with your surgeon to ensure the safety of the newly transplanted hair follicles. What To Expect After A Hair … Read more

Can A Hair Transplant Work For Someone With Very Thin Hair?

Hair Transplants for Thin Hair: Addressing Hair Loss Concerns with Effective Solutions

When you schedule a consultation for a hair transplant, your surgeon will examine your scalp to see if you are a match. Hair transplants depend on having an adequate supply of healthy hair follicles to ensure that there remains sufficient hair to cover the thinning regions.  We will talk about the difficulties involved in thin … Read more

Everyday Guide for Hair Care and Maintenance

Everyday Hair Care Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Hair

Starting a hair care routine is similar to starting one for your skin. You won’t frequently wander from it once you’ve found one that suits you. Here is a summary of all the information you require to choose the hair care routine that is ideal for you. Your Hair Care Routine Ultimately Depends On A … Read more

Liposuction Insights: Expert Advice for You

Liposuction Expert Advice By ALCS

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from your body. It works great for people who want to reshape their bodies but can’t get the right results with conventional methods such as modifying their diet or increasing physical activity.  However, to know whether you are the right candidate for liposuction you must … Read more

Can you have multiple cosmetic surgeries at once?

Multiple cosmetic surgeries at ALCS

As long as your body is in a healthy condition and free of any kind of diseases or disorders, especially those relating to high blood pressure, getting multiple cosmetic surgeries at once is generally safe. However, most board-certified plastic surgeons only combine a maximum of 2-3 surgeries at once for safety reasons.  Among these, liposuction … Read more

How Much Is Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023?

Hair Transplant In India Cost 2023 by ALCS

Receding hairline especially among males aged above 45 is a widespread problem in India. It happens because of certain unhealthy food habits, abnormal genes and high-stress levels.  While in earlier times, people did not give much concern to extreme hair loss, today, the increasing insecurity and the high rise of beauty standards have made hair … Read more

How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Over the past five years, there have been significant changes in the field of hair transplant surgery—and not all of them are good.  In contrast to the highly specialized cosmetic surgical treatment it is, social media, TV, radio, and traditional print media market to the susceptible hair loss consumer a more free-of-danger, assured product. In … Read more