Hair Transplant for Alopecia Areata: Options and Considerations

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease which leads to sudden loss of hair in oval or circular patches on the scalp and other regions of the body. Unlike ordinary hair loss, alopecia areata is more noticeable and frequently results in whole bald patches.  It occurs when the body’s immune system incorrectly targets the hair follicles, … Read more

Different Types of Hair Transplant Techniques Explained

As more people look for successful hair loss treatments, the number of options available has grown. It caters to a wide range of demands and interests.  The objective of this article is to offer a detailed overview of different hair transplant processes. Understanding these choices can help people achieve the best outcome for their hair … Read more

Hair Transplant for Beard and Mustache: Everything You Need to Know

In recent times, the trend of wearing a well-groomed beard and mustache has grown in popularity. Men all over the world are adopting facial hair as a mark of style and masculinity. However, not everyone develops a full beard or mustache. For those who have patchy or scant facial hair, beard and mustache transplants have … Read more

Celebrities Who Have Undergone Successful Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are cosmetic surgical treatments that shift hair follicles from one portion of the body, usually the back or sides of the head, to areas of thinning or balding. Hair transplants are often carried out in a medical clinic using local anesthesia.  The purpose of this article is to highlight celebrities who have undergone … Read more

Hair Transplantation for Patients with Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid gland is a tiny, butterfly-shaped gland situated in the neck region that plays an important role in regulating the functions of the body, including growth, energy levels, and metabolism. If the thyroid gland does not function properly, it could lead to hormonal disturbances. One of the symptoms associated with a thyroid disorder is … Read more

How to Maintain Your Hair After a Transplant?

Maintaining your hair after a transplant involves a combination of gentle care, proper hygiene, and a commitment to healthy practices. Patience and consistent care are key as you witness your hair transform, ultimately enhancing your confidence and well-being.  Taking care of your hair in the weeks after a transplant is really important for it to … Read more

Hair Transplant For Women: Everything You Need To Know

Women believe they will also be ideal candidates because hair restoration surgery is a viable choice for over 90% of the country’s balding males, but this is typically not the situation.  In this article, we’ve covered women’s hair transplant surgery, along with hair loss causes, healing times, costs, and many other topics. Hair Loss In … Read more

Hair Loss Medications: What All Options are Available? (Medications, Oils, Supplements)

This comprehensive guide provides you with an in-depth understanding of hair loss medications, what all options are available (medications, oils, supplements), including, the different types of medications, best supplements for hair growth and most frequently asked questions. Topical Minoxidil Topical minoxidil is a hair loss medication that can help with various types of hair loss, … Read more

The Impact of Smoking and Alcohol on Hair Transplants

It will be more difficult to perform the procedure if you wait until a week or two prior to quitting drinking because there won’t be any blood clotting. The healing process will be harmed by alcohol use. It will take more time to recover. It’s possible that the transplanted hair follicles won’t stick to the … Read more

Myth: Hair From Transplants Falls Out After Some Years

A hair transplant is a long-lasting and efficient treatment for baldness in the modern cosmetic world. If you’re considering getting a hair transplant, you should be aware that it’s normal and temporary for transplanted hair to fall out.  Knowing the difference between regular hair loss and falling of the transplanted hair grafts following a hair … Read more