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Society judges women for their looks and personality much more intricately as compared to men. This is the reason that hair loss can be an extremely devastating condition for women. There are several causes of hair loss. Most women with hair loss problems try various remedies to treat their hair loss problem.

What is hair loss?

It is normal to lose about 100 strands of hair in a day. This is not considered hair loss. An average adult usually has about 1,50,000 hair strands on the head. The lost hair is generally replaced by new hair.

Hair loss occurs when there is a gradual and sudden hair loss seen in actively growing hair follicles.

The hair cycle is a continuous process and the duration of a single hair cycle is usually 6 to 8 years. This cycle is continuous and consists of three phases: growth, rest, and fall. Hair loss occurs when the hair growth phase shortens in duration resulting in thinner new hair strands.

Causes of hair loss in women

It is important to determine the exact cause of hair loss for the proper treatment of the condition.

Here are the various causes of hair loss in women:

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of hair loss in women. Hormonal fluctuations are common in females due to menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. This may result in hair loss. Usually, hair loss due to hormonal imbalance is temporary and it stops when the hormones come back to their normal levels.


If women in your family have a history of hair loss problem, it may be likely that you may experience it as well. Unlike the other causes of hair loss, hair loss due to genetics cannot be cured completely, although it can be slowed down by timely intervention.

Unhealthy diet

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the diet can result in rough hair and loss of hair. It is therefore important to follow a balanced and healthy diet.


Another common cause of hair loss is stress. It is important to manage stress levels using meditation or yoga or following any activity that you like to stop hair loss.


There are a few medical conditions and medications which may lead to hair loss. Medicines like anti-depressant drugs, contraceptive pills, blood thinners, acne medications, steroids, cholesterol control drugs, medications for weight loss, and thyroid medications may cause hair loss. The hair loss usually stops after stopping these medications. Any recent surgical procedure may also lead to hair loss.

What is Acell PRP hair loss treatment?

In the Acell PRP hair loss treatment, the surgeon injects the Acell and PRP into the patient’s scalp. This mixture stimulates the dormant hair follicles leading to the regrowth of hair. This treatment has proven to be extremely effective in treating hair loss in women.

What is the Acell PRP therapy procedure?

The first step is the extraction of a blood sample usually from the patient’s arm. This extracted blood is then spun in a centrifugal machine to obtain the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) of the patient. This extracted PRP is then mixed with Acell, and the mixture is injected into the patient’s scalp. This is a non-surgical minor procedure and usually takes less than an hour to complete.

How is the recovery after the procedure?

The recovery period after the Acell PRP hair loss procedure is minimal. The procedure usually does not have any serious or permanent side-effects. The patient will have minimal or no discomfort during the recovery period. This discomfort is easily managed by prescribed pain killers given after the treatment. There may be mild swelling seen after the procedure, which subsides in a few days.

What are the advantages of ACell PRP treatment?

There are many benefits to Acell PRP treatment. Sometimes, it is performed along with a hair transplant procedure for improved results. The advantages of performing Acell PRP treatment along with hair transplants are:

-Recovery time is shortened

-Patient experiences minimal or no discomfort during the recovery period

-Stabilization of hair loss

-Scar tissue formation is reduced

-Improved quality of hair

Therefore, this treatment is preferred by several surgeons and patients.

Acell treatment at ALCS Clinic, Jaipur

Acell PRP treatment is the best solution for hair loss seen in women. The ALCS clinic, Jaipur offers you the best treatment for hair loss at an affordable cost. 

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