Hair Transplants – What’s the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant Surgery

Pattern baldness is commonly seen in both males and females. But, it is more commonly seen in men. Hair loss and balding not only affects the physical appearance of an individual but, also has a negative psychological impact. For men under the age of 25, balding can result in lower self-esteem and confidence. This impacts their personal, social, and professional life.

A hair transplant is a common solution to end all the hair loss and balding problems. Many people are confused as to what is an ideal age to undergo hair transplant surgery. In this article, we will be explaining in detail the ideal age for hair transplants.

The ideal age to get a hair transplant surgery

A hair transplant is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure. It includes harvesting of hair follicles from usually the backside of the scalp (donor site) and transplanting them to the recipient bald areas. The hair follicles harvested from the back of the scalp are baldness-resistant. Therefore, when they are transplanted to any other site on the scalp, the results are permanent.

Although the hair transplant procedure can be performed on anyone above the age of 18, most surgeons recommend an age of 25 years or above to undergo the procedure.

Why is a minimum age of 25 years recommended to undergo hair transplant surgery?

There are several reasons why a minimum age of 25 years is recommended to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

Some of the reasons are:

-The testosterone hormone or male sex hormone level is not stable in the body before the age of 25. 

The DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. This hormone does not mature fully before the age of 25. Therefore, it is better to wait till the age of 25 to undergo the hair transplant procedure.

-Healthy hair follicles are limited in number. If one gets a hair transplant before the age of 25 one may run out of healthy hair follicles that may be required for transplantation at the age of 40.

It is therefore recommended to get a hair transplant done after the age of 25 by most cosmetic surgeons.

Are you too young or too old for hair transplant surgery?

Although it is recommended to undergo hair transplant only after the age of 25 if planned well one can get a hair transplant procedure done before 25 years of age.

Younger patients tend to undergo more hair loss after undergoing hair transplant surgery, and they may need another hair transplant procedure by the time they are 40. It is better to opt for a hairline that will age well rather than opting for an aggressive hairline which would look good only temporarily.

A skilled and experienced surgeon will take your case history well and plan the treatment accordingly. An expert surgeon will provide you with the best hair transplant procedure, ensuring that no age is too young or too old for a successful hair transplant surgery.

Are the results of hair transplants better in younger patients as compared to older patients?

It is a misnomer that a younger patient is more likely to have a successful hair transplant as compared to an older patient. An older patient having good general medical health, without any medical conditions such as diabetes or habits like smoking has an equal chance of having a successful hair transplant procedure just like a younger patient.

The expertise and skill of the surgeon are extremely important in determining the success of the hair transplants regardless of the age of the patient.

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