How To wash hair After Hair Transplant?

How To Wash Your Hair After Hair Transplant?

A successful hair transplant procedure won’t be enough to get the desired results from the treatment. Post-procedure care is just as critical. So it is necessary to know the correct method of hair wash after a hair transplant. Consult with the post-op care team to have the proper caring guidelines before the treatment. For instance, the first thing you need to remember is to use a particular kind of shampoo (that is made for the purpose) for a few days just after the procedure. Otherwise, you would be risking your newly implanted hair follicles on the receiver area.

Here are the instructions on how to wash your head after a hair transplant:

  • First Wash: The first head wash after a hair transplant should be within 48 hours or 2 days of the restoration procedure. But it would be best if the first wash is conducted by the expert post-procedure care team at the healthcare facility itself.
  • Special Shampoo And Other Hair Products: After the first hair wash, you can proceed with post-op care at home. But it would be better to use the specialised shampoo and other hair products prescribed and provided by the hair clinic after the transplant procedure.
  • Do Not Use Hot Water: The first thing you need to know about how to wash your hair after a hair transplant is to regularly wash your hair with shampoo for ten days after the procedure. You must also keep in mind that hot water is the enemy when it comes to hair wash in general, as it can damage the scalp and newly implanted hair follicles and harm the skin as well. You should wash your hair with warm water (preferably with a temperature slightly higher than normal).
  • Don’t Stress Your Hair Follicles: One thing you need to remember for the first ten days after the procedure is “gentleness is the key”. You need to wash your hair daily but do not use the shower, as pressurised water might harm the newly implanted hair follicles. Now you might be wondering how to wash hair after a hair transplant without posing any risk to the treatment. If so, instead of a shower, use a mug and a bucket to properly wash your hair.
  • Shampoo Carefully: It is quite essential to know how to wash after a hair transplant. You will have to shampoo and wash your hair daily for at least ten days after the procedure. But you would need to do it gently. First, pour a few drops in your hand and then rub it gently onto the scalp. But do not apply too much pressure. Keep up this process for a couple of minutes and then leave it for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Rinse Thoroughly: After rubbing shampoo on your scalp, you would need to rinse the hair thoroughly. But be sure that you use normal temperature water for rinsing your scalp so as not to induce any harm to the newly implanted hair follicles.
  • Drying The Hair: Now that you have learned how to wash transplanted hair, we will tell you how to dry it. Although bath towels nowadays are very soft, they can still exert quite a bit of pressure on your scalp. But if you use drying sheets (absorbent paper) as those in the kitchen, it would dry your hair without pressure.
  • Hair Combing Technique: If the surgeon didn’t have to shave your head for the transplantation procedure, you would need to comb your hair. Please comb your hair gently without exerting too much pressure on your scalp.

Other than these tips, there are certainly other things you should remember carefully. First off, you would have the urge to scratch your scalp after the procedure. But do not fall for it. Scratching your scalp after the procedure would harm the newly implanted follicles. Washing the hair would relieve you of the itch. Also, scabs will form on the scalp where the new follicles have been planted. But it is natural. Do not pull on them as it would risk the health of follicles as well.

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