What is Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery and Expected Results At ALCS

The face of a person is the most precious gift and their identity in this world. Thus, having a perfect face with remarkable features is the dream of every person. Thus, if you hear someone say that they wished their nose was a certain way or that they would have preferred their smile in a certain way, rest assured they are very serious about it.

This is exactly where plastic surgery comes into the picture. A prominent field in the domain of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. The reasons for rhinoplasty can be medical as well as cosmetic. Some of the most common reasons why people undergo rhinoplasty surgery are listed below

  1. They are having breathing problems or suffering from chronic congestion due to a problem in the natural structure of their nose
  2. The shape of their nose is asymmetrical
  3. They have excessively wide nostrils or even upturned nostrils
  4. Their nose is placed in an asymmetrical angle with their lips
  5. They have wide and bulbous nostrils
  6. They are not happy with the overall shape of their nose
  7. They have met with an accident or trauma causing injury to their nose

Every person choosing to go for rhinoplasty surgery may have their own reasons to do so. But, it is important to remember, the surgery will have a permanent impact on the shape and structure of the nose. Hence, it is extremely critical that you consult with the best rhinoplasty surgeon you can find, before going ahead with the decision.

The nose surgery can be conducted on an outpatient basis or the patient may be required to stay for some time in the hospital for monitoring. Depending on the reason why the surgery was performed, one may notice a significant change in the shape of the nose after the surgery or the change is so minimal that it is hardly noticeable. Also, the rhinoplasty cost will vary depending upon the complexity of the procedure.

Whatever be the motivation behind the rhinoplasty, one thing that all surgeons would emphasize is long and extensive planning sessions. Since the results of the surgery will be clearly visible, the surgeon would ideally take their time to study the different aspects and plan for the surgery. 

Also, a good plastic surgeon would always make sure that their patients understand all the details of the procedure, the rhinoplasty cost and have a clear idea of what to expect post the operation. As much efforts as the surgeon puts into studying and planning for the rhinoplasty, there is a possibility that the patient’s expectations may not be completely fulfilled. A good surgeon will make this absolutely clear, before going in for the procedure.

An important pre-condition for the doctor to agree for rhinoplasty is that the development and growth of the nose is complete in the patient. If that is not the case, the results of the surgery will have an impact on the growth and hence it is best avoided. Once all the conditions are met and you proceed with the nose surgery, here is what you can expect.

During the rhinoplasty, the patient will be administered intravenous general anaesthesia. The doctor will then begin with the procedure. For open rhinoplasty, the incisions will be made on the outer portion of the nostrils and proceed to make the alignments so as to achieve the desired results. In the closed procedure, on the other hand, all the incisions are made inside the nostrils and hence the scarring is not visible from outside. 

The surgery is generally a low risk one, but being a medical procedure certain risks like those listed below cannot be completely ruled out –

  1. Negative reaction of the anaesthesia
  2. Excessive bleeding
  3. Infection
  4. Septum injury
  5. Swelling in the nostrils causing discomfort

Post surgery, your nose will be covered in splints and bandages till your doctor feels it is alright to remove them. There may also be swelling and puffiness, not just around the nose but on other parts of the dace like the eyes. Cold compress generally helps in such scenario, however, in case of extreme pain, the doctor can prescribe pain killers. Do not take any medicine on your own, without consulting your surgeon.

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