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A beard transplant is a method of hair restoration in which the surgeon transplants beard hair to the scalp using follicular unit extraction. ALCS offers the best Beard Transplant in Delhi.

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    Many men have a desire to grow a thick and full beard. But not all men are lucky that they can make it happen on its own. Nevertheless, men who do not have sufficient natural beard can now accomplish the most desired appearance by choosing to undergo a beard transplant procedure. A beard transplant is quite similar to that of a hair transplant process, but it allows you to get adequate beard hair density that your genetics and other factors couldn’t provide you. 


    Beard has always been a sign of masculinity, confidence in male and renders them with an attractive appearance. However, the fact is everyone wants to appear beautiful, no matter where they stay. So if you feel upset because you do not have enough beard to grow, then consider undergoing a beard transplant, if you are looking for beard transplant in Delhi from one of the most reliable clinics of the city then ALCS is one of the best beard transplant clinics in Delhi, it caters to the best possible services to all their customers. Additionally, the beard transplant cost in Delhi is most reasonable at ALCS in comparison to other clinics present in the city.


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      Beard transplant is quite similar to that of a hair transplant, and the procedure involves extracting hair follicles from a steady hair-bearing zone which is mostly the back or sides of the scalp. However, if the patient is suffering from some hair loss issues, then body hair may also be used as an option. Finally, some local anaesthesia is administered to the recipient area, and then the hair follicles are very carefully implanted. The surgeons are very meticulous about the shape and angle of the transplanted follicles so that they grow in a natural pattern. It is believed that beard hair transplant is more of artistic work so the procedure can be best performed by an experienced and skilful hair transplant surgeon only. Now finding such a reputed and experienced surgeon is quite tricky, especially in bigger cities like Delhi. But at ALCS clinic, Delhi, you will be able to meet the most professional and qualified surgeons. They specialise in performing the best beard transplant in Delhi and deliver the most desirable appearance to all their patients.

      The beard transplant is most performed in two most popular ways

      1. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction
      2. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation

      The only distinction between these two techniques is the harvesting of the hair follicles, and the rest of the procedure is the same.

      The FUE beard transplant process is one of the most popular types where individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and then harvested individually to the recipient area. The best part about undergoing this procedure is it leaves behind no significant scarring, just some small dots. Some of the benefits that are associated with this procedure are-

      • Least scarring
      • Shorter recovery period
      • Minimum discomfort associated

      The FUT beard transplant whereas involves removing a small strip of skin from the donor area, which is further dissected under the microscope into smaller follicular units. However, the donor area is later sutured back that gives rise to some linear scarring. Mentioned below are some of the most crucial advantages that are associated with this technique-

      • One linear scar that can be easily concealed
      • Harvests a more considerable amount of hair at a time
      • Requires less time in obtaining hair follicles from the donor area

      So if you intend to avail the best beard transplant in Delhi, the ALCS can be your best choice as the clinic offers the same harvesting techniques as mentioned earlier for men who want to achieve a thick luscious beard appearance. Even though the beard transplant cost in Delhi may seem a bit higher in other clinics in Delhi but, ALCS promises to offer the most desired appearance at the most reasonable price without compromising with the quality of the treatment. 

      Yes, beard transplant is a permanent procedure just like hair transplant is a permanent one because, after the transplantation, the beard hair starts to grow naturally from the place where it was transplanted. However, men undergoing this procedure must maintain a realistic expectation as after a few days of experiencing the process, they may find that the transplanted hair follicles start falling. Yet this hair will finally re-grow permanently after a few months. So when you are planning to undergo a beard transplant in Delhi, we at ALCS take pride in declaring that we have been regarded as the leaders in performing the best beard transplant clinic within the city.

      Men take much pride in their beard and start comparing their beard to their maturity level, their masculinity. In general, the male hormone testosterone and di-hydro testosterone controls the growth of beard as soon as they hit puberty. Now depending on the individual’s genetics, men possess their thick or coarse or thin beard hair. But there are some men who despite spending several years of adulthood have insufficient beard hair growth. So such people can choose to undergo a beard transplant procedure. However, men who have a healthy donor area on their scalp are likely to be considered as promising candidates for undergoing beard transplantation in terms of the surgical requirements. Among all the other issues, the absence of beard in men can create a significant impact on their confidence. It may hamper their social life, mostly if they belong to some of the modernised cities like Delhi as people in Delhi tend to be more concerned about their appearance. So if you are looking for a great experience with your beard hair transplant in Delhi, then ALCS can be one of your best options as we provide the most personalised attention and best services to every patient.

      Overall beard transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that includes a brief recovery period. Immediately after undergoing surgery, the patients might feel some minor discomfort and numbness to the area of treatment which is quickly resolved by some prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. So men can resume their normal activities right after the next day of undergoing a beard transplant procedure. But you must choose an experienced and skilled surgeon to experience a complication-free beard transplant procedure. Delhi is one of the most progressive cities in India, which gave rise to thousands of hair transplant clinics. Now, this has made it challenging to choose the most reliable clinic among so many options. But ALCS, Delhi, is very famous for its team of dermatologists who are experienced in performing several successful beard hair transplant procedures. Furthermore, the cost of a beard transplant in Delhi is most reasonable in our clinic as we are a non-profit organization that aims in delivering the best services to all our patients in Delhi.

      The beard hair transplant has recently gained quite a lot of popularity. The cosmetic hair surgeon considers it as one of the most intricate procedures as it requires a lot of artistic skill and medical expertise to perform the surgery successfully. However, the cost of a beard hair transplant varies extensively from clinic to clinic, and it depends on several factors like the number of hair follicles required to cover the patches, the number of sessions needed, the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia charges and a lot more. Moreover choosing a reputable clinic can add some to the total cost of the procedure, but that again guarantees the most satisfying result. There is no justification in choosing a non-reputable clinic to lower the value of the process as that can broadly impact your final appearance. So if you want your beard to be in the best hands then you can consider booking a consultation at ALCS, Delhi because the clinic not only performs the best procedure but the beard transplant cost in Delhi is also extremely reasonable here. 

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