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    Dr. Sunil Arora

    Dr. Sunil Arora is the member of the alumni of M.CH (PLASTIC SURGERY) from C.S.M medical college Lucknow. He has now turned into an all around well known hair specialist doctor in Delhi managing in restorative, hair transplant procedures. He has been in the business since the year 2001 and has an experienced accounting to around 16+ years in plastic medical surgeries. He has relieved numerous patients in this course of time. Dr. Arora has done his MBBS from SMS medical school Jaipur in the year 2000.

    Dr. Arora has done his residency as a junior assistant in the department of general medical surgery, SMS school Jaipur (2005). As a senior resident in the department of general medical surgery, he has imparted his skillful hands in AIIMS, New Delhi and C.S.M Lucknow separately. For some aesthetic bodies and CMEs, Dr. Arora has filled in as working secretary. Presently, he is living in Jaipur and filling in as a well established hair specialist in Delhi.

    Dr. Arora is an exceptionally quick learner and an efficiently skilled individual, he is a humanitarian who firmly believes in coming of age creative innovations. He has been an individual from different conferences and meetings administering plastic restorative medical procedures and hair transplant. He is over and over observed to be efficient in research so as to fill in as some assistance in regards to the different issues holding humankind around the world. He has been, moreover, effectively been part of different UG and PG courses, addresses, and informative instructional tutorials.
    According to the patients who have been under Dr. Arora’s knives, the graph shows nothing but positive criticism. He was announced as the ‘best hair specialist in Udaipur’. India today Group likewise gave the title of ‘Visionaries of Rajasthan’ to Dr. Arora.

    The best hair doctor in Delhi will tell you all about the procedure and recovery process. But, how will you find the legit ones?

    The medical procedure of hair transplantation is used to treat the problems of hair loss, balding and receding hairlines in men and women. The treatment is one of the most effective methods to treat hair fall problems if done properly and efficiently. Among all the distinct factors that need to be kept in mind while making the final decision, the surgeon plays the most important role. It is extremely necessary to seek a doctor who is well-versed and highly experienced in this work. Delhi is the place where you can find the top-quality surgeons who provide excellent and safe treatments to people. You can get the best doctor for hair treatment in Delhi as the hair specialists in Delhi are proficient masters in this field. 

    Now talking about some other factors while choosing the best surgeon, they are listed below.

    1) Qualification of the Surgeon

    Whenever you book an appointment with a specific doctor, make sure to check his/her qualifications and doctoral degrees. You can look for these details online and check his educational qualifications, whether he is board-certified or not. Qualified and skilled doctors are the most important factor as it regulates your whole surgery. To find one, you must visit Delhi as one can get the most topnotch and best hair fall doctors in Delhi. They are board-certified hair specialists in Delhi and are recognised highly as the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi.

    2) Experience of the Surgeon

    Finding the best hair doctor in Delhi becomes easier when you choose experience as the comparative tool. The working experience of the surgeon and the number of successful cases he has had performed until now will tell you about the skills and competence of the surgeon. Choose a surgeon who is experienced and sound in his work. The best hair doctor in Delhi will explain how certain activities exert more pressure on your scalp and how to avoid them. You will need the actual scenarios to relate and understand well.

    3) Consultation appointment

    During the consultation the best hair specialist in Delhi or elsewhere will assess and analyse your hair condition properly so that a clear-cut idea about the whole situation is perceived. Discussion related to your lifestyle habits, diet, any diseases and many other factors as well also take place. You will be briefed about the techniques and equipment which might get used in the surgery. Make sure to clear all your doubts and queries with your surgeon and feel comfortable with them.

    4) Checking the online reviews

    You can check the online reviews and feedbacks of the past clients of your surgeon to get a better and practical experience of his expertise and skills. If required, you can ask any of the clients to meet you in person. Reviews about the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi will tell you about the efforts they take to keep the clients comfortable.

    5) Staff behaviour

    Best hair transplant doctor in Delhi always keep their staff updated with latest trends in consultation and techniques. If the medical staff is understanding, friendly and cooperative at the same time, then things flow more easily and effortlessly. The team performs various services in your treatment process and provides you with the best facilities throughout.

    Hence, choose the best-suited surgeon for yourself by giving heed and consideration to all the above factors. If you still struggle to find the best surgeon, then you can visit Delhi as it is one of the topmost cities that provide excellent healthcare facilities to people and leave them satisfied and contented. You can also find the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi as it is a medical hub in India that provides with the best hair doctors in Delhi.

    Seeking the best doctor for hair treatment in Delhi could appear like a task but asking the right questions which could benefit the treatment is even more difficult. People do have a lot of queries and doubts when it comes to hair transplant treatment. Most people know the basic details and functions of the surgery and in how many ways it can be performed. Still, most of the patients are full of questions which they must ask their doctor to clear out all the queries and inquiries. Some of the questions which a best hair transplant doctor in Delhi wont hesitate to ask are mentioned below.

    •  Do they have any after and before pictures? 

    This is a very fair question and best hair specialist in Delhi will always have the before and after pictures of their clients to share the success stories. Best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi or from any other state should have the latest compilation of pictures to boost confidence of client. 

    • Who performs the surgery – a doctor or a beauty professional?

    A hair transplant treatment is a surgical procedure that needs to be performed by a qualified and certified surgeon. Today many beauty parlous claims that they can perform the treatment effect; however, these fraudulent practices are to be avoided at every cost. Thus, make sure to get your treatment done by a competent surgeon. You can very easily find the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi at a very affordable rate. 


    • What is the ideal age for a hair transplant?

    If you consult the best hair specialist in Delhi or else where they should tell you that the procedure is not best fit for those who are very young and have not matured yet. However, young people can opt for other treatments which include Pigmentation treatment and more. To go for a hair transplant surgery at a very young age can result in harmful outcomes. 


    • How natural are the results of a hair transplant?

    A genuine hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will not give give a 100% guarantee about the transplant. The results mainly depend on the clinic and surgeon who has performed your treatment. Always make sure to go for an experienced doctor in Delhi or the best hair specialist in Delhi. It is not so difficult to find the best hair specialist n Delhi for yourself as Delhi, has the most excellent and skilled doctors at hand. You can also seek a hair specialist doctor in Delhi who has earned the reputation as one of the best hair specialist doctors in Delhi. When performed by the best and a well-known surgeon, you will get natural and better-looking results of your hair treatment.


    • After how long my hair will start growing again?

    The answer is not the same for every individual, as each one has a different hair growth cycle and pattern. Many patients notice immediate growth to their hair post-treatment. However, in some cases, the development is quite slow and noticeable changes start appearing in a year. There is no need to panic as new hair will certainly grow and give you a more wholesome look.

    • What are the post-surgical effects of a hair transplant?

    Best hair specialist in Delhi will always take a guided approach to explain the after effects of surgeries. Post-treatment, patients are provided with antibiotics and other medications to reduce the swelling and inflammation on the head. Many clinics provide an aftercare plan to their clients which include medicines, safety instructions, what things to avoid, medicated shampoos in order to avoid any kinds of risks. Proper healing starts to take place in a week or two. Nonetheless, it is advised to make a smart choice in the very beginning and select the best doctor for oneself to avoid any complications and get the best results. The best hair specialists in Delhi are awaiting you to visit them and take every possible benefit or service that is designed by you only.


    • When can the patient start physical exercise?

    Workout and physical exercises must be avoided for at least during the initial month of the surgery. Swimming must also be avoided at any cost for a fortnight due to high chlorine levels which are present in the pool. The high chlorine can cause serious damage to your new grafted hair and therefore, must not be performed for a month. 


    • What about my vacation – can I go soon?

    Vacation with precaution will be your call after the surgery. You can surely take a break but avoid sunbathing or lying on the beach for hours as the newly grafted hair should not be exposed to sun or heavy rain during the initial 15 days of the treatment. Precautions and measures must be followed for around two months to have better results. Hair doctor in Delhi or any where else will give a guided list of do’s and don’t during vacation for the wellbeing of their patients. 

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