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Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure that aims to alter the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement using fillers. ALCS offers the best Lip Augmentation Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Lip augmentation in Jaipur is a cosmetic procedure that could give fuller, plumper lips. Nowadays, an injectable dermal filler is the most widely used process of lip augmentation. There are lots of sorts of dermal fillers which may be injected in lips and around mouth. However, the most typical fillers nowadays are products which contain compounds like hyaluronic acid. Lactic acid is a natural compound found within the human body. It helps boost quantity in lips.
    All these kinds of dermal fillers are occasionally known as “lipoic acid fillers”. Collagen, after the most frequent dermal filler, is used less frequently nowadays. The more recent choices are safer as well as the effects last longer.
    Fat implants and injections are different procedures to whiten lips. However, they are not used as much now because the results change and there’s an increased danger of side effects.


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    Lip augmentation surgery in Jaipur helps patients have fuller and beautiful lips and that has a considerable impact on the self-confidence and looks of the patient.


    The Advantages of using hyaluronic acid fillers include:

    • Control over eyebrow amount – The quantity of substance injected may be manipulated, so the physician has greater control on just how much lip amount is made.
    • Gradual speed of therapy – The injections could be given slowly during distinct appointments until the desired results are attained.
    • Bumps dissolve readily – Any bumps and bumps made by motion of the lips could be deciphered easily.
    • Less bruising – There could be less swelling and bruising in comparison with other dermal fillers.
    • Allergic response improbable – Since lipoic acid fillers are made from compounds very similar to those found within the human body, they will probably not cause an allergic response. If allergic to lidocaine, the physician should be told before treatment.
    • Reasonably lasting results – The results are durable, but not permanent.

    Patients of any age may be good candidates for lip augmentation in Jaipur. Patients who have naturally lean lips or a age-related drop in lip volume generally derive outstanding results from the process. Anyone who experiences lip augmentation should maintain good health and have reasonable expectations concerning the outcome which may be gained. Frequently the cosmetic surgeon will show you before and after photos of previous patients to show the outcomes of lip augmentation with injectable lip fillers, fat transport, and lip implants.

    Based on the form of Lip enhancement process (implants, fillers, liposuction, etc), the plastic surgeon will direct patient through preoperative steps to take prior to the operation.
    But there are a couple of general recommendations which can be anticipated before this procedure

    • One should quit smoking at least 4-6 months prior to the lip enhancement procedure. This may minimize the complications through the operation and promote better healing following lip augmentation.
    • Since operation involves incisions and raised likelihood of bleeding, one should stop taking any medications that cause thinning of the blood. These include aspirin, herbal medicines, anti-inflammatory medications, etc.
    • Though lip operation is done in an outpatient basis, one shouldn’t drive back home on own. Be certain that to arrange to have someone who to take home in addition to remain for a first few days following the operation.
    • It’s essential to remain hydrated prior to lip enhancement operation to ensure proper recovery. Hydration is significant before any type of operation as it boosts better recovery.
    • Injectable lip augmentation in Jaipur can be carried out immediately in the physician’s office with minimal to no downtime. Fat injection is the exclusion because the process needs a small region of liposuction to eliminate the fat from another part of the body prior to the injection can happen.
    • Ahead of the injections, a local or topical numbing agent might be applied to alleviate distress. At times, nerve block injections could be provided prior to the treatment to fully numb the lips. This is much like the anesthetic shots which you get in the dentist to numb your mouth.
    • After carefully indicating the regions to be injected, very fine needles are utilized to inject the material to your lips.
    • Following ice hockey might be given to alleviate distress and control swelling. However, no company pressure ought to be placed on the treatment area.

    The lip augmentation cost in Jaipur varies depending on the

    • Sort of process performed
    • Doctor’s encounter
    • Where you reside
    • Fillers are often priced per syringe injected. The price will be dependent on how much material is necessary.
    • The majority of individuals do not desire more than one or two syringes.
    • Most health insurance plans will not cover cosmetic surgery or complications related to cosmetic surgery. Before undergoing the process, be sure to understand all of the fees and also ask if your physician provides a payment plan.

    Recovery period is typically 1 day, nevertheless swelling, swelling, and soreness may occur for up to a week. On infrequent occasions, hyaluronic acid might cause minor or moderate injection site reactions, which may be seen for 1-2 weeks.

    Side effects of lipoic acid fillers are both temporary and should only last a couple of days.

    They can include:

    • Bleeding in the injection sites
    • Swelling and bruising
    • Redness and tenderness at the site of the injection
    • Reactivation of cold sores or fever blisters (herpes simplex) of their lips or place surrounding the lips
    • More severe side effects or dangers may include:
      • Intense and prolonged swelling or bruising lasting one week to 10 days
      • Lip asymmetry (portions of lips are different dimensions)


    Lumps and Risks from the lips

    • Infection
    • Injection to a blood vessel, resulting in tissue reduction
    • Ulceration, discoloration, or portion of the lip
    • Allergic response resulting in redness, swelling, or itching around the lips
    • Call physician immediately in case you experience extreme swelling or create a fever

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