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    Dr. Sunil Arora

    Dr. Sunil Arora is the member of the alumni of M.CH (PLASTIC SURGERY) from C.S.M medical college Lucknow. He has now turned into an all around well known hair specialist doctor in India managing in restorative, hair transplant procedures. He has been in the business since the year 2001 and has an experienced accounting to around 16+ years in plastic medical surgeries. He has relieved numerous patients in this course of time. Dr. Arora has done his MBBS from SMS medical school Jaipur in the year 2000.

    Dr. Arora has done his residency as a junior assistant in the department of general medical surgery, SMS school Jaipur (2005). As a senior resident in the department of general medical surgery, he has imparted his skillful hands in AIIMS, New Delhi and C.S.M Lucknow separately. For some aesthetic bodies and CMEs, Dr. Arora has filled in as working secretary. Presently, he is living in Jaipur and filling in as a well established hair specialist in India.

    Dr. Arora is an exceptionally quick learner and an efficiently skilled individual, he is a humanitarian who firmly believes in coming of age creative innovations. He has been an individual from different conferences and meetings administering plastic restorative medical procedures and hair transplant. He is over and over observed to be efficient in research so as to fill in as some assistance in regards to the different issues holding humankind around the world. He has been, moreover, effectively been part of different UG and PG courses, addresses, and informative instructional tutorials.
    According to the patients who have been under Dr. Arora’s knives, the graph shows nothing but positive criticism. He was announced as the ‘best hair specialist in Udaipur’. India today Group likewise gave the title of ‘Visionaries of Rajasthan’ to Dr. Arora.

    In India, the Hair Transplant procedure is one of the most demanded treatments that has led to its growth. Domestic and international clients from different countries choose to undergo the procedure under some of the best hair transplant doctors in India. One of the primary reasons behind the increase in demand for hair transplant surgeons in India is their expertise and efficiency in offering the best result at an affordable cost.


    A hair transplant is a surgical procedure done to solve your hair loss problems and gives an exquisite look to your overall personality. With advanced technology and techniques, the beautification of natural defects and disorders is not difficult anymore. In today’s world, perfection is a necessity, and everyone is going behind cosmetic procedures to minimise their natural fall-backs. A hair transplant is one of the cosmetic procedures performed to restore your hair growth and help you achieve an attractive look.


    Some of the best hair transplant doctors in India can help you achieve your aesthetic perception with their excellence in treatment. They cater to all the needs of domestic as well as their foreign clients. Due to the positive reputation and extraordinary services, hair transplant surgeons in India are considered the best choice in the world.


    When you choose a doctor for yourself, you must consider the doctor’s expertise, skills, cognisance, understanding of the technique, reputation, and cost. Your decision to undergo treatment under the best hair transplant doctor in India must be based on the above factors. While there are many skilled doctors in India, you can find the best surgeons at the ALCS Clinic who can fulfil all the factors.

    To undergo safe and effective surgery, a right surgeon who can perform the procedure is vital. The effectiveness of your cosmetic surgery largely depends on the skills and expertise of your surgeon. To ensure effective treatment, you must undergo hair transplant surgery from under the best hair doctors in India. At ALCS Clinic, we understand that your surgery’s ultimate goal is to have desirable outcomes and an aesthetic appeal. We have a team of some of the best hair specialists in India who can ensure that your treatment is successful.


    A hair transplant is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that requires artistic skills and precision. For the right surgeon, their skills, experience, and medical tools’ quality play a vital role in the procedure’s overall outcome. If you are looking for a good hair transplant surgeon in India, the ALCS Clinic might be just right for you. At our clinic, we offer the best treatment backed by the latest technology and advanced tools. ALCS Clinic is one of India’s most leading hair clinics, where outstanding services are given at reasonable costs. We have some of the top hair specialists in India with us who are credited for the success and recognition that our clinic has received.

    India has been widely recognised throughout the world for its excellence in the medical sector. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right doctor for yourself. Mentioned below are a few factors that might help you make the best decision when you choose a hair doctor. While recommendations from family members, relatives, and friends go a long way, finding the best hair treatment doctor in India needs intensive search and thoughtful consideration.

    The below-mentioned factors will help you choose the best hair doctor in India to undergo hair transplant surgery.


    The Qualifications Of The Surgeon

    One of the most vital factors to consider before choosing your doctor is your surgeon’s qualification and experience. A hair transplant treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires artistic skills and precision. It requires a skilled doctor. If you already have a list of the best hair specialists in India with you, it’s time to conduct thorough research about them. If not, you may call and schedule an appointment with ALCS Clinic.


    First, you must check your surgeon’s qualifications and degree, which must be approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India). You must consider choosing a plastic or cosmetic surgeon for your hair transplant procedure, as these surgeons have the necessary skills and expertise to perform these surgeries. It is best if your surgeon has accreditations from renowned institutions like ISHRS, IAHRS, ISAPS, etc. As far as medical degrees are concerned, an MS and MCh degree would be the best.


    The Surgeon’s Experience Level

    When it comes to cosmetic medical procedures, the surgeon’s expertise and skills play a significant role. Your surgeon must not only have the expertise but also practical experience in conducting the procedures. They must have performed several cosmetic procedures. Some of the top hair transplant doctors in India have at least 7-8 years of experience and have a reputation for being the best. Practical experience, goodwill, and success rate are the various factors to consider while choosing a doctor.


    Must-Have A Thorough Knowledge Of The Procedure

    The top hair specialist in India is the one who has sufficient knowledge and understanding of performing the surgeries with full precision. A good surgeon must have the required set of skills and proficiency in carrying out the hair transplant surgery and provide an aesthetically pleasing result. These aesthetic skills include hairline design, implantation of your hair grafts, beautiful slit formations, etc. These skills are earned through several years of practice and experience.


    The Logical Decision Ability

    Another critical factor is the surgeon’s ability to make important and urgent decisions during the treatment. How effortlessly the surgeon uses their understanding, skills, and presence of mind to take important decisions plays a vital role in defining the surgeon. The surgeon’s ability to make decisions must benefit you and fulfil your immediate and future requirements.



    We cannot underestimate that intense research is essential to finding the best hair treatment doctor in India. Although it consumes more time and energy to research online and offline, in the end, it is all worth it. Before undergoing any surgical treatment, you must understand what you are getting into and how good the surgeon is. You can start by making a list of the top hair transplant doctors in India whom you think is the best choice to perform the hair transplant surgery. You can then check their credentials, get reviews and testimonials from previous patients, and research more online.


    It would be best if you didn’t rush while making your decision. You must take sufficient time and understand your needs before you make the final decision. When you decide, choose a specialist who has the required skills and the experience that this surgery demands. Look for how well they treat their patients, the techniques they practice, and the equipment they use in carrying out their treatment.

    If you plan to undergo a hair transplant surgery, there’s no option better than the ALCS Clinic in Jaipur. Our hair transplant surgeon, Dr Sunil Arora, is an eminent surgeon who has the required skills. With more than a decade’s experience, Dr Arora has set an example as a medical industry pioneer. He has a knack for understanding patient needs and communicates with them in the best manner. You might want to make an appointment with him to clear all your queries and doubts. You can put your faith and confidence in Dr Arora and to trust him completely.


    At ALCS Clinic, you can also ask for patient testimonials and before and after photos. These help you understand what to expect from the procedure and whether your expectations are achievable. Our clinic is devoted to providing top-quality care to our patients. If you are looking forward to a hair restoration treatment, call us and book an appointment at ALCS Clinic today!.


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