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A beard transplant is a method of hair restoration in which the surgeon transplants beard hair to the scalp using follicular unit extraction. ALCS offers the best Beard Transplant in India.

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    Beard is a signal of masculinity in men and brings confidence and maturity to their faces. Men develop beard hair when they experience hormonal changes that include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. When boys hit puberty, they experience hormonal changes and start to grow a beard.

    Every man has a separate pattern of beard, which is mainly determined by their genetics. Some may have coarse and rough beard hair, whereas others may have very fine hair that defines their beards. However, some men fail to grow adequate beard hairs on their faces. Even after reaching adulthood, their beards lack in density. If you are one of them, you can benefit from beard transplantation surgery.


    If you are suffering from a lack of beard or insufficient beard hair and want to grow it, it’s high time to get a beard transplant in India. You can visit the ALCS Clinic, where most eminent doctors offer outstanding services. Our clinic’s prices are competitive with the beard transplant cost in India, which is considered affordable and easily accessible by all.


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      A Beard transplant is a medical procedure where the hair is transplanted into the beard region. The hair for transplant is taken from other parts of your body that have dense hair. One of the most common body parts is your scalp, where the hair is extracted from and further transplanted into the beard areas by FUE or FUT method. Beard transplant is also called beard reconstruction or facial hair restoration surgery.


      Widely recognised to be one of few clinics that offers the best beard transplant in India, ALCS Clinic caters to patients’ aesthetic needs. The experienced and skilled doctors at our clinic provide safe and effective treatment. While the beard plantation cost in India is very competitive, we believe in offering value for money to each patient who walks through our doors.

      Every beard transplant procedure is different from the other and is performed according to the client’s needs and requirements. During the beard transplant procedure, the surgeon considers various constraints which can enhance your visual appeal. These chosen traits can be a healthy goatee, treating a sideburn, a strap beard that runs along the jawline.


      If you wish to get this treatment but are worried about the beard transplant cost in India, ALCS Clinic comes to your rescue. We are committed to providing excellent services to our clients, enhancing their visual appeal and making them look more aesthetically pleasing. The ever-competitive beard transplant price in India can hamper many patients’ preferences, but these prices do not cause a dent in the patients’ finances who come to our clinic.


      The beard transplant procedure at ALCS Clinic starts with your surgeon locating the ‘stable zone area’, mainly at the back or sides of your head. This zone is treated as the donor area for your beard, sideburns, and moustaches. A beard transplant process requires finer hair which is easily found at the sides of your head. If a person has gone bald, their body hair is used as the donor for the beard transplantation in such cases.


      The FUT method is the most sought-after procedure for a beard transplant in India. The FUT method is considered the best surgical procedure and is done under local anaesthesia. In this technique, the surgeon first finds the donor area and then takes out one follicle at a time. The doctor uses punches to extract hair follicles from your donor sites, which are then processed and transplanted to the recipient area or your face’s beard area.


      While transplanting follicles, precision and carefulness are required. The surgeon uses his skills to implant the hairs at the recipient area at the right angle to ensure the highest density. The FUT beard transplant cost in India is affordable compared to other techniques, making it one of the most demanded procedures.

      Just like how a hair transplant permanently treats hair loss, a beard transplant is also a permanent solution for your patchy beard. After the procedure, if new follicles are falling out, this means the hair follicles are implanted successfully into the recipient area or the beard area. After the initial falling of hair, new hair will continue to grow.


      The only difference between beard transplantation and hair transplantation is that even after your new hair’s growth, the donated hair’s characteristics will continue to exist. It means that the texture, density, flatness, and curl of your hair will be the same as the hair from the donor area.

      Although the beard transplant price in India is reasonable, and the procedure is considered very safe, not every candidate is an ideal fit for the procedure. There are specific criteria that a candidate must fulfil to become eligible for beard transplant surgery.


      TO start with, you must have realistic expectations from the surgery. No medical procedure can give 100% results on the same day. The new changes in your body, hair, or face take time to settle in, and hence patience is vital. For undergoing treatment, you must have a sound mind and a sound body as well.

      Beard hair transplant is becoming popular nowadays as many people are choosing to undergo this treatment. The beard hair transplant cost in India varies according to your doctor’s accreditations and experience, in addition to various other factors such as the type of procedure, the number of grafts required, the location of the clinic/hospital, and others. In a beard hair transplant, the cost per graft usually is more than the other hair transplant techniques, as it requires a skill set to give an aesthetically pleasing appeal. It is a cosmetic procedure that requires artistic skills and expertise on the surgeon’s part.

      ALCS Clinic is a renowned and well-known healthcare facility centre in Jaipur, which offers excellent services at feasible costs. We have highly trained and pioneering doctors who offer comprehensive treatment to all patients. The treatments are designed according to their preferences and needs. At our clinic, we aim at making healthcare and cosmetic surgeries easily accessible to people by making them more financially viable. If you are looking forward to a beard transplant procedure, call us and make an appointment at ALCS Clinic today!

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