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    Dr. Sunil Arora

    Dr. Sunil Arora is the member of the alumni of M.CH (PLASTIC SURGERY) from C.S.M medical college Lucknow. He has now turned into an all around well known hair specialist doctor in Chandigarh managing in restorative, hair transplant procedures. He has been in the business since the year 2001 and has an experienced accounting to around 16+ years in plastic medical surgeries. He has relieved numerous patients in this course of time. Dr. Arora has done his MBBS from SMS medical school Jaipur in the year 2000.

    Dr. Arora has done his residency as a junior assistant in the department of general medical surgery, SMS school Jaipur (2005). As a senior resident in the department of general medical surgery, he has imparted his skillful hands in AIIMS, New Delhi and C.S.M Lucknow separately. For some aesthetic bodies and CMEs, Dr. Arora has filled in as working secretary. Presently, he is living in Jaipur and filling in as a well established hair specialist in Chandigarh.

    Dr. Arora is an exceptionally quick learner and an efficiently skilled individual, he is a humanitarian who firmly believes in coming of age creative innovations. He has been an individual from different conferences and meetings administering plastic restorative medical procedures and hair transplant. He is over and over observed to be efficient in research so as to fill in as some assistance in regards to the different issues holding humankind around the world. He has been, moreover, effectively been part of different UG and PG courses, addresses, and informative instructional tutorials.
    According to the patients who have been under Dr. Arora’s knives, the graph shows nothing but positive criticism. He was announced as the ‘best hair specialist in Udaipur’. India today Group likewise gave the title of ‘Visionaries of Rajasthan’ to Dr. Arora.

    Hair transplant is one of the most popularly growing treatments in India. Both domestic and international patients prefer undergoing the procedure in India, due to the success rate we offer. The rise in demand for the hair transplant process in India has led to an increase in demand for hair transplant surgeons. Many new clinics have started offering hair transplant procedures because people have started giving more importance to aesthetics.


    Hair transplant is something more than a trend. It is a necessity! Irrespective of gender and age, hair fall is causing a nightmare for patients. If you are in Chandigarh and looking forward to undergoing a successful hair transplant, then make sure that you choose the most accomplished doctor or consult with the best hair doctor in Chandigarh, India empanelled at ALCS Clinic.


    Some of the popular and leading hair transplant surgeons in India are highly respected worldwide, owing to their capability of performing the most desirable treatment to all their patients around the globe. Expertise, dedication, and experience have made them popular in India and around the world. Being a resident of Chandigarh, you probably know how difficult it is to locate the best hair doctor in Chandigarh. In such cases, you might want to consider consulting with the specialist in our clinic.


    India is a land of opportunities where you can find several experienced doctors for your treatment. But finding the best specialist for a hair transplant has never been easier. You must ensure that the doctor you choose has an excellent understanding and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the procedure that makes them renowned as one of the best hair doctors in Chandigarh, India. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment at ALCS Clinic.

    Hair transplant is undoubtedly one of the least invasive and most effective hair restorative processes that yield the most natural appearance if performed under the supervision of an experienced and skilled professional. If you are looking forward to undergoing a hair transplant surgery in Chandigarh, you must consider choosing the best hair doctor in Chandigarh or you can visit our clinic.


    Hair transplant is a journey and it’s not a single-day treatment. As a Chandigarh resident, you must consider consulting with a hair fall doctor in Chandigarh to understand whether you need to undergo an invasive procedure. It is vital to assess your health condition, review all your medical reports, check the amount of donor hair available, and the severity of baldness before recommending the most suitable procedure. After your surgeon offers the most suitable procedure, they also guide you through the pre and post-op instructions. As a patient, you must trust your doctor. If you fail to find a doctor you can trust, you can always consult with our expert at ALCS Clinic.


    A skilled hair transplant surgeon generally has a perfect blend of artistic and scientific ideas which help them produce an aesthetically pleasing result. However, you must make sure that the hair transplant surgeon you have selected is experienced in this field and is aware of all the latest technological advancements. Instead of looking for the best hair specialist in Chandigarh, you might want to look beyond the city and consult with our specialist at ALCS Clinic. In our clinic, we deliver the best hair transplant surgery under the guidance of the most reputed and skilled hair transplant surgeon.

    Selecting the best and the most reliable hair transplant surgeon is one of the most difficult tasks especially if you live in a place like Chandigarh where there are so many accomplished doctors. You may find several positive reviews and referrals from friends and relatives, but without proper guidance, you will not be able to pick the best hair specialist in Chandigarh.


    Mentioned below are some tips that will help you choose a reliable surgeon for a hair transplant in India-


    The Qualifications Of The Surgeon

    Make sure that the hair transplant surgeon you have selected is qualified and approved by the Medical Council of India. The more experienced hair surgeons you will choose, the better the results you will accomplish. Locating the best hair specialist in Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, or anywhere in India would be easier if you consider the qualification and credentials of the surgeon.


    The Experience Of The Surgeons

    If you are trying to find a hair transplant surgeon who will perform a successful hair transplant, then make sure that the professional holds several years of experience in this domain. A surgeon’s experience can be determined by considering the number of hair transplant surgeries they have performed throughout their career. It would be best if you selected surgeons who hold more than 7 to 8 years of experience in this field and have a reputation for performing successful procedures.

    To find the best hair specialist in Chandigarh or anywhere in India, look for an experienced doctor who is considered the most reliable hair transplant doctor in Chandigarh. Additionally, you can call and schedule an appointment at ALCS Clinic.


    Aesthetic Skills And Understanding

    Your surgeons need to possess the necessary aesthetic sense and skills to perform a successful procedure. If you are trying to find a perfect hair transplant doctor, make sure that the professional is capable of accomplishing an aesthetically pleasing result. Are you wondering how anyone can rate the aesthetic skill of a hair specialist doctor in Chandigarh and various other cities in India?

    A surgeon’s aesthetic skills can be determined by the hairline they have designed, the type of slit they make, implantation of the grafts, the angle of implantation, etc. All of these factors also help patients to accomplish the most natural outcome. When you look for a hair specialist doctor in Chandigarh and beyond, make sure that you select an experienced and artistically aware specialist, such as at ALCS Clinic in Jaipur.


    The Logical Decision Ability

    One of the most important skills that a hair transplant surgeon must have is logical decision making. They must be able to plan and decide on how well they can utilize the available donor area. The most skilled and experienced professional keeps provision for future sessions instead of completely utilizing all the viable hair follicles. When you look for a hair fall doctor in Chandigarh ensure that they understand what your requirements are, and can decide on the best approach that is suitable to you.


    If you have not yet been able to find the most reliable professional, extensive research will only help you to get in touch with some of the best hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh and other major cities in India. You may start by making a list of all the top doctors based on the location and based on your requirement. As a Chandigarh resident, you may start shortlisting the professionals and choose the best hair transplant doctor in Chandigarh best suitable for your requirements.


    Your ultimate goal must be to find a reliable professional who is experienced and also board-certified. However, in case you find that the technicians in the clinic are performing the surgery instead of the doctor, then you must reconsider your choice. It reflects the negligence of the doctors towards their oath. To restore your hair and relish the lifetime benefits of hair transplant, it is extremely essential to select the most reputed doctor. If you have not yet found one, you may consider Dr Sunil Arora at the ALCS clinic.

    ALCS is one of the leading clinics that perform the best hair transplant procedure. In our clinic, every procedure is conducted under the leadership and guidance of a leading hair transplant surgeon Dr Sunil Arora. He along with his team of efficient professionals ensure that each patient receives customized treatment that is based on their requirement.


    At ALCS we ensure that we offer a solution to patient queries. The face-to-face session we offer helps make the patient feel comfortable and confident about the procedure. As a patient, your confidence and belief in us and the treatment paves the way to rapid recovery following the hair transplant surgery.


    You may view testimonials, before and after images, and get a clear understanding of the final result you can expect from Dr Arora. While there are several doctors who are widely recognised as the best hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh, patients prefer travelling to the ALCS clinic to undergo the procedure under Dr Arora, who is considered one of the most accomplished surgeons in the country.

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    Dr. SUNIL ARORA, M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery), Consultant

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