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Platelet-rich plasma, also known as autologous conditioned plasma, is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. ALCS offers the best PRP in Indore.

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    A hair transplant doctor is the best person to determine who is a good candidate for PRP in Indore. If one experiences hair fall or hair loss along with gradual thinning of hair, it is best to consult your hair loss doctor. The patient’s with an initial sign of baldness or having Norwood grade 1 or grade 2 baldness are good candidates to receive PRP treatment in Indore.


    Since hair transplant is not advisable in the early stages of baldness, PRP treatment is recommended to control further hair fall and thinning of hair. Patients undergoing hair transplant treatment are also considered good candidates to also receive PRP therapy as an additional treatment since it helps in wound healing and regrowth of hair.

    There are many clinics that offers PRP therapy in Indore. But finding a clinic which offers the best prp treatment in Indore could be challenging. One should do proper research on this in terms of the results offered by the clinic, checking the before after pics of patients, doctor’s experience. The PRP therapy cost in Indore varies from clinic to clinic.


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    Types of Hair transplant


    This latest technique is the newest and a variation of the FUE technique. There are a number of clinics providing BIO FUE hair transplant in Jaipur.

    Bio-Direct hair Transplant is one of the most cutting edge and favored hair rebuilding technique. The Bio-Direct Hair Transplant is a mix of two hair rebuilding methodology.
    FUT is performed in a way which impersonates the natural growth of characteristic hair and is a perfect option for individuals who have evident bald regions on their head.
    FUE differs from FUT in the fact that no strip is extracted. Instead the follicles are extracted one by one from the donor site and are grafted on to the recipient area.


    The overall procedure in which the treatment is carried out is very straightforward. Based on which type of injury that you are trying to get yourself healed form, that form of healing is implicated upon the body. First of all, the nature of the injury actually determines whether or not the treatment is applicable or not. At first, the area in which the treatment needs to be implemented is identified and then after a thorough inspection, there is further classification upon how much of plasma needs to be concentrated on one particular part of the body.

    Once the identification of the concentration is generalized, then through injections the plasma is concentrated and an overall surgery is carried out. After which there is a consultation session where the check-up is carried out upon how well the injury or treatment is coming along. PRP in Indore is at the epitome of providing the best service that you might have ever seen. They are the best and also know as to what needs to be done where and how it can benefit the body as well.

    Well though the treatment is new, there are many factors that might be affecting the cost to stay low or shoot up to such that you can never really know how much you might be paying for the overall procedure. Also, insurance companies never really cover the treatment as it is very new to the market and are very concerned whether or not to cover it. PRP cost in Indore relatively stays on the lower end of the spectrum as they are the best and offer a wide range of treatment options for all your needs.

    PRP treatment includes extraction of blood from the patient’s own body, generally the arm, then sending it into a spinning process by the centrifugal machine, and then injecting it into the patient’s scalp.

    The PRP procedure includes the extraction, concentration, and injection, which is followed by the auto-analysis to check the concentration level of the plasma protein that helps in healing and also inducing the growth factor.

    Step 1: Extraction of blood

    Fresh venous blood is drawn from the patient’s body, mostly the arm, and placed in the centrifuge machine in order to concentrate the blood plasma.

    Normally, 30 to 40 cc of blood is extracted from the body having a normal platelet count ranging from 1.5 to 3 lakhs. This blood needs to be concentrated up to at least five times.

    The first centrifugal cycle separates the blood into red blood cells and Plasma.

    The Plasma is then separated into platelets rich plasma and platelets poor plasma in the subsequent centrifugal cycles.

    Step 2: Concentration of Plasma

    The concentration of Plasma is a step performed in the centrifugal machine. The blood is first separated into Plasma and red blood cells. The Plasma is further separated into platelet-rich Plasma and platelet-poor Plasma.

    There are generally two steps to a centrifugation process – Low-speed centrifugation and high-speed centrifugation.

    Many clinics just have a high-speed centrifugal machine, which is not adequate to obtain the required concentration of Plasma, resulting in failure of the PRP therapy.

    At ALCS clinic, Dr. Sunil Arora advises to use the centrifugal machine at low speed and high speed to obtain the desired concentration of Plasma for the success of the PRP treatment in Indore.

    There are innumerable reasons why you should get your PRP treatment surgery done by ALCS clinic and here some of the most important ones:

    The team of cosmetic expert staff here is not only extremely experienced but also highly professional, which means that your PRP treatment procedure will be completed in the manner that will have been explained to you in advance. Your search for “best PRP treatment clinic near me” may help you reach ALCS clinic. It is one of the best hair clinics that provide high-quality hair fall treatment for all.

    The ALCS hair fall specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for body transplant surgery or not.

    You are considered perfect if you have a dense hair on your head that suits your personality. Most hair restoration clinic or hair replacement clinic like ALCS clinic provide best PRP treatment. Most patients are considered the right candidate for a PRP treatment.

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