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If you want to know about the hair transplant price in India, Sunil Arora’s ALCS is undoubtedly the one stop destination for you. Consult to get the best hair transplant in India at affordable price.

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      Hair loss problem is very common and affects men and women at every age. To overcome this problem, people undergo various cosmetic surgeries and spend a huge sum of money. Looking and feeling beautiful and attractive helps gain more confidence. When you look aesthetically pleasing, it gives you the confidence to take part in life’s activities. 


      Usually, people are more likely to believe that home-made remedies and cheaper techniques are less effective than the ones that are higher in cost. But the question is, ‘do expensive treatments work?’ But in an attempt to look beautiful many people spend a large amount on treatments that may or may not add value to aesthetics. Wouldn’t it be better to look into the price first?


      If you are looking for a cost-effective hair treatment, ALCS Clinic can be the right choice. At our clinic, we offer cost-effective hair transplant prices in India that can be afforded by everyone in India. Our treatment is cost-effective as we offer pocket-friendly hair transplant cost per graft in India. It means that your cost is reduced based on the number of grafts needed for the transplantation. 


      There are different hair transplant techniques and the cost of each technique differs. When you compare techniques such as FUT and FUE, the overall cost of FUE is more compared to FUT. When compared to the hair transplant price in India, the price offered by our clinic for both FUT and FUE techniques is competitive. At ALCS Clinic we use advanced techniques and tools to perform surgical operations that guarantee effective results and in turn, the best hair transplant cost in India.

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      Various factors determine the total hair plantation cost in India. Some of them are mentioned right below.


      The Type Of Hair Transplant Procedure You Choose

      The two most popular methods of hair transplant are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). These two methods differ in their techniques and costs. FUT technique is considered to be less expensive compared to FUE. The cost of your treatment will be decided by what technique you choose and how many grafts you require.


      While the hair plantation price in India varies from city to city, at ALCS Clinic we offer a very reasonable cost for both techniques. For a cost-effective and best hair transplant cost in India, you might want to consider our clinic.


      The Skills And Expertise Of Your Surgeon

      If your surgeon is a well-renowned practitioner and is considered the best in the country, they might charge more than the regular doctors. However, it must be noted that higher rates don’t guarantee the success of the surgery.


      Travel Costs

      Other than the hospital bills and your surgeon’s fee, travel costs must also be considered as it affects your pocket too. While finding the best clinics for yourself, consider what the travel time is and how much conveyance will cost you.



      The cost of hair transplants in India varies due to the intense competition among surgeons and hospitals. While some surgeons and hospitals charge a high fee, others who offer their skilful services at a lower cost are influenced to increase their price to stay in the competition.


      There is no doubt that hair transplant procedures don’t come at a small cost, especially if you want effective results. The full hair transplant cost in India is affected by many factors, but for an effective treatment, you might want to schedule an appointment at ALCS Clinic.



      The hair transplant cost per graft in India varies from one city to another and largely depends on the number of grafts used in surgery. A graft calculator monitors the estimated results of your surgery; however, more accurate results will depend on the type of hair you have. With the estimated cost given by a graft calculator, it becomes easy for you to have a look at the cost structure. It gives you an idea of how much you may have to spend on hair transplant surgery. Additionally, the type of treatment best suited to your hair type also affects the overall cost.


      If you consider other countries, the hair plantation cost in India is comparatively low. The low cost hair transplant in India is due to experienced specialists offering their services to the benefit of the patients, such as at ALCS Clinic. Our clinic is widely recognised for offering the best as well as competitive hair transplant price in India.


      At ALCS Clinic, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients. Unlike other clinics that believe in offering the cheapest hair transplant in India, we believe in offering the best service at the lowest cost. We offer effective treatment at a cost that is considered ‘easy to afford’ by many patients. Our outstanding service at a reasonable cost is why we are recognised throughout the country as one of the best clinics for hair transplant.


      The hair plantation cost in India is competitive if you compare the services offered by experts. While many clinics offer a very low price, at ALCS Clinic we believe in quality as well. We do not believe in compromising with quality to offer a low price and hence, our prices are competitive and affordable for all patients.

       How To Assess Hair Transplant Cost Benefits While Choosing A Clinic?

      The average cost of hair transplant in India is different throughout the country. There are various ways by which you can assess and compare the cost, and choose the best suitable option.


      Account For Graft Wastage

      Sometimes, inexperienced surgeons waste your hair grafts follicles in the extraction process. The damaged follicles become weak and completely useless. It has been noted that inexperienced surgeons offering very cheap rates for hair transplantation waste around 15% to 20% of the hair grafts.


      Check Whether You Are Getting Results As Per The Cost

      Sometimes you may be Rs.30 per graft and a total of 3000 grafts may be extracted. But in reality, only 2000 grafts may be implanted on your scalp rendering other grafts useless. In addition to the waste of healthy hair grafts which you are not informed of, you will also experience an increase in the cost per graft implanted.


      Graft Survival Rate

      The survival rate of your grafts depends on how long they are kept outside your body. The lesser they are kept outside the body, the more chances they have for survival and growth. To reduce cost, some clinics hire fewer employees, which facilitates multitasking and overlapping of work. Due to this, the chances of the time gap between graft extraction and implantation is long.

      If you are looking for a clinic that offers hair transplant at a cost that is beneficial to you, you must consider ALCS Clinic.


      There are many hair treatment clinics and centres that offer various methods to cut down the cost. Sometimes they initiate interest-free financing that lowers the entire hair transplant cost to an extent or offers payment on a monthly instalment basis. Some clinics even offer discounts and special deals for their clients. You might want to consider these offers if you want to reduce the cost of the procedure.

      The bottom line is that the hair transplant procedure is an effective treatment for hair loss. To undergo this, you need to have adequate funds. It is recommended to get your treatment from a renowned clinic if you want to get your money’s worth. If you’re looking for a clinic with renowned doctors offering a low hairline transplant cost in India, ALCS Clinic stands out to be the best option. We provide excellent services at very reasonable costs.


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