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Liposuction, or simply lipo, is a type of fat removal procedure used in plastic surgery. ALCS offers the best Liposuction in Delhi.

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    When people can’t get rid of the extra fat from their bodies, the prospect to undergo a Liposuction surgery takes place. For some people, it is challenging to lose the accumulated fat and get a flat-toned tummy, even after exercising daily or following a healthy diet regime. Therefore, for all those people with excess fat problems or stubborn pockets of accumulated fat with the right skin tone, Liposuction can be the best treatment. The best-suited candidates for this surgery are those who are within 20lbs of their ideal body weight and don’t share any weight-loss history in the past. Women after pregnancy can also undergo Liposuction surgery; however, the stretched belly and abdominal wall can be effectively improved by a tummy tuck. 


    Now, before making any final decisions, it is necessary to contemplate the whole situation with a doctor’s proper guidance and assistance. At ALCS in Delhi, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Sunil Arora, offers genuine and impartial advice to clients and performs a close evaluation of your skin. Hence, if you are planning to undergo this treatment, then make sure to visit ALCS in Delhi, as you can experience the best Liposuction in Delhi with the benefit of having a feasible rate of Liposuction cost in Delhi.


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    Types of Liposuction

    tumescent liposuction

    Tumescent liposuction (fluid retention ) is the most frequent kind of liposuction. It involves injecting a lot of medicated solution to the areas before the fat is removed.

    power assisted liposuction

    Power-assisted operation was created on account of this problem often involved in transferring the lean liposuction tubes (cannulas) to remove all of the muscles that are targeted.

    ultrasonic liposuction

    Ultrasound-assisted Surgery utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to flip fat cells to liquid. Then, the cells could be vacuumed out. UAL can be carried out in 2 manners.

    Laser-assisted liposuction

    Laser-assisted Surgery utilizes laser energy to liquefy fat cells. Once the cells have been liquefied, they can be vacuumed out or permitted to drain out through little tubes.


    Liposuction is a surgical procedure which is used to remove the extra fat cells from those parts of the body where fat is accumulated. The most prone areas are belly, thighs, buttocks, etc. When the excess fat doesn’t get removed by any form of exercise or diet plan, then the best option is to undergo a Liposuction surgery.


    However, it is not a lifelong solution for weight loss; instead, it just removes the excess fat from specific body parts. If you are also struggling with extra bundles of fat on your body, then this treatment can be of great help to you. Always choose the best clinic and the surgeon who you can find in Delhi, as it has excellent healthcare services to provide to people. Due to the presence of experienced clinics like ALCS in Delhi, liposuction in Delhi is known for its excellent results. Due to high competition between clinics, one can find a reasonable Liposuction price in Delhi.

    Liposuction surgery is also associated with certain risks, just like any other surgical procedure. However, if performed by a certified and skilled surgeon, then the number of risks involved is less. At ALCS in Delhi, Dr Sunil Arora is a highly renowned surgeon that performs the procedure most expertly, eliminating the maximum number of risks and complications. That is why it is highly recommended to get your Liposuction surgery in Delhi where ALCS offers the advantage of providing you with a very affordable Liposuction cost in Delhi.

    Nonetheless, the most obvious risks include adverse reactions from anaesthesia, bleeding, risks of getting infections, etc., all of which can easily be healed by some medications and safety tips.

    Due to local anaesthesia, no pain or discomfort is felt by the patient during the surgery. After the procedure is performed, patients might feel uncomfortable during the first two days, which can be removed with some pain killers. The more the amount of fat is removed from your body, the more pain you will feel post-surgery, ranging from several weeks to several months. If in case of severe pain, you must visit your surgeon to avoid any further complications. This is the reason why it is best advised to consult a renowned surgeon to perform your surgery. The Liposuction in Delhi can be the best option for you because you can consult Dr Sunil Arora of ALCS, who has proficiency and excellence in performing surgeries.

    The recovery takes place in a short period where people can resume their daily activities after a few days post-treatment. You can also go back to your work and resume your physical activities after 2 to 3 weeks of the surgery. 

    For a quick and painless recovery, it is best to follow all the instructions and measures, suggested by your cosmetic surgeon. Some healthy lifestyle choices like rest, hydration, no alcohol, no smoke, healthy eating habits can increase the pace of your recovery. However, some post-surgical adverse effects include swelling, bruising, mild bleeding, tenderness and discomfort around the treated areas. Your surgeon will provide you with some painkillers and pain relief drugs that are consumed to reduce the soreness and pain.

    The total cost of the Liposuction surgery in Delhi majorly depends on the size and the total number of areas that have to be treated while performing the surgery. Also, the techniques and pieces of equipment that are used in the procedure play an essential role in determining the overall cost of the treatment of Liposuction in Delhi.

    The other factors include the geographical location of your surgeon, along with the skills and working experience of the doctor concerned. The fees for local anaesthesia, lab services, clinic facilities and compression garments are also included while computing the total amount of the surgery. Nonetheless, one may also get specific discounts and substantial schemes on your treatment, being offered by the clinic you are consulting to.

    At ALCS, our priority is the comfort of our clients, and we provide the best services to them to maintain accuracy, efficiency and comfort in their treatments. At our clinic, you can personally consult Dr Sunil Arora and discuss your needs, wants, expectations and goals of your surgery. Dr Sunil Arora is a well-distinguished surgeon all over the world who has been performing hundreds of surgeries and medical procedures on satisfied customers with much efficacy. He has excellent skills and plenty of years of experience in the medical sector. The healthcare staff at ALCS is also very trained and cooperative, and understands your needs and concerns personally. Right from the consultation meet-ups to your final visit at ALCS, we try our best to provide the best services to every one of our clients with equal honour and integrity. The benefits are quick and make you no longer wait from getting the best treatment of your life.

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