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ALCS : Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant In Jaipur

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Fue teqnic 18.9 .2018 all staff cool and doctor best doctor for hair transplant and good behavior


I had fue and fut combo hair transplant on 16-march-2020. The facility is very good. I had very good experience in ALCS with completely painless surgery. The staff behaviour is very good n cooperative. Special thanks to ALCS. I highly recommend this clinic 👍👍

Palash Sharma

Beware from ALCS clinic better to go anywhere but don’t come and waste ur money here. There is one guy Ravi Prakash Sharma on commission based worker there and also working in C.k.Birla hospital, Jaipur. They are totally fraud and doing fake commitments. Unexperienced doctor with worst staff. They will ask money even for cotton piece. Rejuvena cosmo care and dr. Deepesh Goyal is best to consult. Do not show fake apologies because doctor knowns each and everything thing clearly. I think doctor trained them to loot and ask money even for first follow-up.

Atul Maheshwari

Date 01 july 2020
My surgry date
Technic- Fue
Good team of doctors working. Nyc clinic..

Roshan Shukla

A good experience with doctors and all tha staff

akash agarwal

I went through my hair transplant on 13th August 2020 via fut + fue technique(5000 grafts)…procedure was completed successfully….though it’s a hectic procedure but as they kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai…procedure was painless…the only pain u would feel will be while injection of anesthesia! Staff was really polite and cooperative

I am hoping for the best results! Fingers crossed!!!

Rahul Agrawal

Hii I m Rahul , I came here after lots of research about hair transplant
I came here on 27th of July
Here I was fully sanitized by there team
Than Mr. Tarun gave detailing about hair transplant and resolve my queries
After that I met dr. Sunil he was very polite and cool man he again explained me the procedure
And on 11th, some testings was done like corona, Hiv, allergic……..
On next day when my testings were ok
I was undergone combo transplant procedure(fue+ fut)
I was very nervous before the transplant coz I often feel lowblow pressure whenever I see any blood
But in full procedure I was full comfortable and during procedure there was musical environment and team was behaving like ur frends . Whole Procedure was pain less
On 13th, I was here for head wash
And after head wash they gave me some instruction
Conclusion – now I can suggest all of you to come here and live new confident life
Phle istemal karo fir viswas karo

jai prakash rupawat

The overall experience at ALCS was fantastic as I have gone through my HT surgery here under the supervision of Dr. Sunil Arora on 11 Aug 20. And i recommend ALCS to all who are suffering from baldness on the basis of my strong belief that we are in safe hands. As well as would appreciate entire ALCS team for their great support.

Thanks alot Dr. Sunil & ALCS TEAM
Regards: Jay Prakash Rupawat

D P Yadav PNB

Very Good Hospital in jaipur for Hair Transplant

Ved Singhmar

I am Emichand,
Have undergone hair transplant on 7th Aug, technique was FUT+FUE+ Beard.
Very much satisfied with the treatment and services given by ALCS.

Thanks Dr. Sunil Arors and ALCS Team.


dheeraj joshi

I m dheeraj joshi s / o vidhyasagar joshi from pali .hello guys muje is clinic k about kuch ni pta tha .phir papa ne newspaper me add.k through btaya phir hum logo ne contact kiya .uske bad jb cunsult k liye aaye to bhut acha lga mainly staff aur sunil sir is best surgen.hamre accepetation se jyada batter h yha ka staff aur me sbhi ko yhi khna chahta hu ki jisko bhi ye hair related problem ho ho plz ek bar aake sunil sir se consult kre. again thank you alcs staff and sir.with best complimention.

Madhuvender Singh

Best hair transplant clinic…. Doct is amazing … He is very polite and staff is also very cooperative . If you want hair transplant .. go for alcs
Thanks alcs

Vinit Sharma

First of all, thank you very much Dr Sunil Arora, Tarun and Eveyone from ALCS for bringing this amazing moment to my life. Today is my second day of hair transplant and as of now there is no swelling, no pain and transplant is looking really good. Off course I will be sharing further review as an when the growth will start.
Nevertheless, amazing environment and best thing about Dr Sunil is his consulting sessions. You could ask anything that you might have related to your hair and he will explain you every minute details. Second and the again important factor is there are cost effective..i would happy to vouch for their quality if the need be.
Thanks again ALCS.. Wishing you lots of success.

Shaitan Singh Nandhu

Very shaf and dr sunil sir behaviour is very good
Nice person sunil sir
All doubt is clear by sunil sir

pradeep deora

Hi I m Pradeep deora from sojat(Raj.). Recently i was searching for the best hair transplant clinic and got to know about ALCS JAIPUR. I booked appointment and went on the date to meet Dr. Sunil Arora and best hair transplant clinic…thxx dr.sunil Arora sir &alcs team thank you so much..

Vajid Hussain

ALCS Ki tim Ka Bhut bhut sukriya sir Doctor Sunil Arora thanks sir

RAHUL Grover

Thx Dr. Sunil Arora

shiraz ahmed

Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet. Dr. Sunil Arora treated me as if I was a family member during all my meetings with him, before Surgery, and after. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results were as described. If he weren’t specialized, I’d see him for everything!

Aslam Pathan

Alcs is very good clinic &dr. Sunil arora &all staf behavior is very good and thanx dr sunil arora sir

shakti ranawat

Thank you so much all staff.This clinic was very hygenic.all staff was very nice behaviour specially dr. Sunill arora ,mr.tarun,mr.vikas,samreen and poonam.staff was very professional and helpfull. Keep it up

Mahaveer Ranawat

All doctors Very good behaviour. And good treatment.
Thank you ALCS team👍

dinesh swami

Prahlad Singh

Well trained and experienced doctor.,Arora, sir
Staff behavior and work excellent

Pankaj Choudhary

Had Gynocomastia surgery under Dr. Sunil Arora Friendly and professional staff. “Thank you very much sir. Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. Your hours you are available are wonderful. The Doctors & staff are professional and very thorough.”

Vikas Sharma

Highly recommended ! Would like to rate 10/10 on the scale . DR. Arora with great experience and expertise has proved himself for the hair transplant . I was thinking to get hair transplant since more than 2 years however couldn’t find the right place and right Dr whom i can trust however after coming to ALCS all my doubts got cleared and i really got impressed with the type of consultation they had provided me and made me understand about the entire process along with the procedure ..
Most importantly Dr. Arora doesn’t have the attitude of MBA sales man which unfortunately we do come across now days when we go and consult to any doctor. Place is very hygiene , clean with positive environment . ALCS staff is very professional with good and soft communication skills . Over all this is the right place to visit if you are looking or searching for answers regarding hair transplant.
Thank you ALCS



Kapil chawla
Date 15/07/2020
All team are good work alcs and Dr Sunil good parson
And thank you alcs team

Mohit Soni

All doctors Very polite behaviour and very supportive. And treatment way is amazing 😍😍 thank you ALCS team

Lokesh Kumar - laddu

Dr. Sunil Arora is very good person and hole team is good and caring.

chandan suwalka

Today is my ninth day of hair transplant in Alcs.Yet I am felling very good.The kind of hope same thing has happened.Staff treatment plus natures wise was very good So far the journey was so good here Thank you
Hope further same will be taken care of mine and the surgeries will be successful

maninder jakhar

I had transplant surgery on 3/07/2020 the dr. Sunil and his team performed the surgery mostly it is painless the only pain I feel was while giving anesthesia that’s all
I hope the result of surgery will be good


amatya agarwal

Good team of doctors working. Helpful and kind staff. Make an informed decision before going ahead with any procedure.

Lucky Khatik

I m Laxminarayan Naryan. My surgery date 1july 2020.technic fue. Alcs is best hair transplant clinic.. Proper senityzetion..
Dr Sunil Arora very good person..thnxx Dr sunil Arora &Alcs team

Shubhit Mohnani

My Hair Transplant was on 10/01/2020 by Dr.Sunil Arora.Procedure was done in an excellent way..I was thinking before that there will be pain but as the procedure starts i felt no pain at all and also the other staff members are friendly with really good nature…I Suggest everyone who are facing problems related to Hair or Thinking to go for Hair Transplant Don’t Think Twice and Come to ALCS and get excellent reuslts and gain confidence.

i am indian

Hi this is Alpesh kumar Daga from Pali (Raj.). Recently i was searching for the best hair transplant clinic and got to know about ALCS JAIPUR. I booked appointment and went on the date to meet Dr. Sunil Arora.
At the clinic i was asked to takeoff the shoes and wear slippers and one of the staff members sanitized me whole. Then i was asked to wash hand and keep social distancing.
Staff members were wearing PPE KIT to prevent covid-19 spread. Then i met Dr. Arora he explained my case and procedure of transplant and everything. On 22 june 2020 i went through the surgery , the procedure was almost painless. Alcs have world class equipments , trained technician and best service. I strongly recommend to visit ALCS in case of any hair related problem.

Drkunal sharma

Hello everyone..
My name Dr. Kunal sharma
Underwent HT surgery 3 days experience with Dr. Sunil arrora sir and his team was amazing.
The level of hospitality and treatment ALCS is providing is one the best in our state. Specially sunil sir he always listen and reply to every single query with his ever lasting calmness…

Again Thanking u sir…in hope of good results of surgery….

Bhuvan Jain

This review is written with the sole intention of sharing my experience of HT (Hair transplant) with the readers and shouldn’t be taken as a recommendation. Do little research and gather information and you will automatically narrow down to the best place for undergoing HT, which may be different for different people....I approached ALCS in the 2nd week of June 2020. Since, its pandemic time, most of my queries related to HT was answered digitally/telephonically by clinic manager Mr. Tarun and other competent staff of ALCS. Though, my doubts were already cleared (I already had done basic research on the matter and I would advise others also to do the same before going HT to make an informed decision), I still wished to consult Dr Sunil in person and he was kind enough to agree to it. After examining my scalp, he explained in detail about different procedures I could opt for HT, their pros/cons, no. of grafts required for good density etc. He was quite straightforward and didn’t mince his words at all. I was in touch with one other reputed clinic too who specializes in HT but after weighing in all the information I had gathered, I decided to undergo HT surgery at ALCS. My HT was done on 15th June 2020. I am elaborately writing the events happened on the surgery day to help readers to understand the procedure. I reached the clinic at 11:00 AM. By noon, all the HT pre-surgery basic formalities which include filling few forms, photography session of the scalp (which would be handy for comparison in future) taking 1-2 painkillers, outlining hairline on the scalp with marker, trimming of hair was done. Thereafter, I was taken to the surgery room wherein I was given some fluid (maybe saline/glucose) through IV and test for allergies was also done. Dr Sunil after ensuring that I was comfortable started the main procedure by administering local anaesthesia on the backside of my scalp from where extraction/harvest of hair had to be done. It took 2-3 assistants about 70-80 minutes for extracting the required amount of grafts. Once, the extraction part was over, I was asked if I was good to go for the transplanting part immediately or needed a break. Since I was in full comfort; I nodded to go for the transplantation immediately. This time local anaesthesia was administered on the front part of my scalp and under complete supervision and vigilance of Dr Sunil, assistants started implanting grafts on the bald area. The procedure lasted for around 2 hours. In the meanwhile, some blood was also drawn for segregating Plasma (PRP) which was injected in my scalp after completion of the procedure. The whole procedure was conducted with utmost professionalism yet in a very amicable ambience. Except for the time when anaesthesia was administered, there was no sense of uneasiness or pain during the procedure. Events in the surgery room ended with a photography session. I had a casual conversation with Dr Sunil after the procedure where he asked me about my well-being, the experience I had at ALCS, shortcomings if any observed by me so that they might work to eliminate it. He also gave me a few instructions/directions. From there I was taken by the staff of the ALCS who provided me with thorough instructions/directions on what to be done and how to be done in next few days and was also handed over medicines. I drove back home on my own (important to mention here since most people believe that there will be drowsiness or effect of anaesthesia after the procedure). It’s being more than 10 days I underwent HT, and so far I have not faced any post-surgery issue. Everything is just as fine as was before. In these 10 days, ALCS has voluntarily contacted me several times and is constantly keeping a check on progress; inquiring about my well-being and also providing me instructions wherever required. Read more

Shiv Kumar

Hi i am shiv kumar yadav mene 23 jun ko hair transplant karwaya h jaipur se jo best hair transplant center ALCS se Dr Sunil arora ji se jo best hair transplant sarjan h mere ko bhut acha leg reha h ALCS mai Jane se pahale pura sanitizer karke hospital mai in keya jata h mere ko bhut best lega and mai unke pura staff ko thanks bolta hu

Rahul Kumar Das

My name is Rahul and i underwent the HT procedure on 13th of June in ALCS.
The procedure:-
The procedure was performed nicely and safely. It went perfectly fine as expected.
I was worried about the pain but after the local anaesthesia was applied i hardly felt any movement in my head, it was completely numb until the procedure was completed.

It was the season of ‘Corona’, and i was highly concerned about the situation like anybody else would have.
They are following proper protocol to ensure all aspects of senitiations, social distancing and keeping the outside worms behind the doors
1. Each patient is required to submit proof of Covid(-ve) result before they can consider the procedure.
2. Each staff member is well equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), etc
3. The clinic is properly kept clean and sanitised.
4. Well-maintained social distancing
5. they will clean each person properly entering into the clinic with the water spray gun.
6. provide them separate slippers and keeping their own shoes outside the clinic.

The treatment:-
The team was already prepared and ready to go for the procedure.
All the members had their task list ready and well prepared.
I was supposed to to undergo FUT for 3500 grafts to cover my frontline but the doctors put extra 300-350 grafts using FUE to cover more bald area, i was happy overall, 🙂

The recovery:- still in progress
The team has provided me with the necessary prescription and steps i should follow, they would contact me on regular basis to make sure the recovery is going fine. will post more on this after 10-15 days…

The result:- Awaited….
I guess this is the most excited part for everyone, and would alt-east take 4 months to share something on this…will keep updated

Thanks to the ALCS team.

Daulat raj Pareek

A huge thanks to ALCS for providing the best service in the time of pandemic!

At ALCS, all staff members are following social distancing very seriously.

Overall staff along with the Dr. Sunil Arora are well equipped with proper PPE gears, face shields.On every step Dr. Sunil makes sure the safety of the patients and follows all mandatory measures to deliver the finest services.

First step before the procedure is covid-19 diagnostic test to make sure the absolute safety for both patient and staff members. They do sanitize the clinic regularly to maintain the proper hygiene.

Excellent service by ALCS team especially Tarun Pamar even in the difficult time of COVID-19

sandhya bhadauria

I got my HT from ALCS last week. It was an amazing procedure and absolutely painless. I got the FUT procedure done for my front area. Dr. Sunil is very cooperative and answered all my queries. Additionally at this situation of Covid-19, they have taken all precautionary measures for that. after HT, I was provided detailed instructions for scalp care. Overall it was an good experience and would definitely recommend my friends as well.

Vicky Saini

My hair transplant was done with FUT Technique on 25 may2020.Doctor dr sunil sir other staff were very friendly. i hope results will also be very satisfactory..😊

Nish Meena

Best clinic for hair treatment

Ankit Sain

I had done my hair transplant HUT surgery yesterday i.e 6 March 2020. The staff here is very friendly and polite.. they give priority to customer safety, meal and comfortable.. This treatment is completely safe and pain free… The head docter is very polite and friendly and encourage their patient.

Niraj Meena

I have been done my hair transplant in lockdown period since 28 May 2020. ALCS provided Covid-19 test before hair transplant. This is beneficial for me and Clinic staff. They done proper senitization process at the time of entry. after that they start next process. Staff maintain proper social distancing. Staff using PPE kit At the time of surgery. Dr. Sunil Arora and their team are guiding properly. Staff and Dr. Sunil Arora are very frank Behavior. Thank you

avinash jangid

Not good please hair graft quantity pahale se confirm karke paisa de baadme 4000 hair graft ka bolke 1000 se 1500 graft laga diye jayenge look karab ho jayega

Himanshu Sinha

I had wonderful experience at ALCS. I underwent Hair transplant surgery yesterday and had painless procedure.

They are providing safe service in the difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. I had visited by medical team at home for CORONA and other required tests before the procedure. On the day of procedure, it was amazing to see that there was proper and regular sanitisation of clinic, PPE gears, social distancing norms and all other measures were being followed.

During the procedure, I made to understand each and every step that shows total transparency on their part. Procedure was very smooth and now waiting for amazing result with fingers crossed.

Dr. Sunil Arora Sir is very experienced and perfectionist in his work. He is very caring and has superb team of doctors to support.
Nursing staff is also very good, caring and responsive.I recommend ALCS to everyone who is looking for hair transplant or related problems or any other cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Sunil Arora is a pioneer in this field.

Sonu Suthar

Excellent team and great service

Puneet Yadav

its fabulous….staff and doctor sir are super……thank you alcs

Tarun Garg

After a lot research and enquiries, I decided to go for my hair transplant procedure from ALCS Jaipur under the expert hand- Dr.Sunil Arora who has extensive experience in this field.
Finally gone through my procedure on 06-June-2020 and satisfied with the treatment given yet. All the staff and doctor are very corporative and they have replied all my queries in a very patiene manner.
And yes they take care of all precautions to be followed up in this crucial time of COVID 19 and do everything with full safety and proper hygiene..
Will highly recommend the doctor for all who is thinking of hair transplant .

Gaurav Varlani

Staff is very professional and Dr sunil Arora is also very nice and understands the problem and provides details of the treatment he is going to provide.I just got my transplant done from ALCS and procedure was very smooth.anybody looking for hair transplant must try ALCS.

Asif Khan

Done hair transplant 7 month back, they charged plenty like 50k. I got hair but not satisfied with the result. I had front 3-4 inch baldness bit they only work on n first 2 inches and not rest 2 inches, now i have front hair and back hair but not much in middle. This is not expected at all when he charged good amount. Front hair also not manageable but growing straight only i cant make them left of right. Diagusting
I done transplant at Jaipur on 7th Oct-2019 and my doctor was Dr Sunil


som sharma date of procedure-17 may 2020,technique- fue+fut,no pain absolutely no,Overall Experience_ EXCELLENT.Highly recommended.staff’s behaviour is very cooperative.DOCTOR Sir is gentleman.

Sukhdev singh Ramana

My son hair transplant was done with FUT Technique on 14/05/2020, Doctor and other staff were very cooperative, process was very smooth, friendly environment, i hope results will also be very Good .

parveen Sam

Dr Sunil Arora is perfectionists in his cosmetic surgery as I had rhinoplasty and breast lift.
He is very responsible for his work and do follow up with his patients in his care.
I would recommend him for cosmetic surgeries.

Jeetram Jat

Love you sir

Varinder Bansal

editing my review after 3 months. really sad to say that they are good for nothing clinic who just take your money and leave you with bad scars.
i paid 1 lac for getting losing few hundred hairs on back of my head without gaining on any on front. there are visible big holes in front of my head. i cannot even go out now without wearing a cap.
and the stitches are still not healed. i am not able to comb or even touch back of my head. if you worry for your life don’t go to this doctor.

Adarsh Kumar

I hv done my surgery on 17/03/2020 , Dr. Sunil Arora is very knowledgeable, and answered all my questions with patience. His bedside manners are impeccable and he made sure all my concerns were taken care of.i was gone through both fut and fue technique. The surgery was performed very well. Overall it was a good experience.


I had fue and fut combo hair transplant on 16-march-2020. The facility is very good. I had very good experience in ALCS with completely painless surgery. The staff behaviour is very good n cooperative. Special thanks to ALCS. I highly recommend this clinic 👍👍

Virandra Shekhawat

Technical FUt Dr. 14/03/2020
Best and satisfied and good experience Dr. Present here …I also thanks all staff and Dr. Sunil Aroda

Alok Prassad

I’ve done my surgery on 13 March 2020, through FUT+FUE combined. All the staff members are professional. And the procedure is not as painful as I expected. And also Dr. Sunil Arora and the staff members are best at their job. I’ll recommend ALCS to persons who need hair transplant.

Maddy !!

Hello… i am madan suthar , i have done with my surgery on 12 march 2020. tequniqe by fue this is very painless procedure and alcs all staff behaviour is very good dr sunil arora and all staff clerifi to this surgery details and procedure very politely

Vijendar Singh

I am vijendar singh, I have got done with my surgery on 8 March 2020. Tequniqe by Fut-Fue (combination)Great experience, highly satisfied with the way doctors handled my case . Dr Sunil Arora and his all staff have a good experience and all of these are very soft Courner… thank s a lot allof u to give me a hope to increase my confidence..

Deepak Samotra

Dr.Sunil arora is knowledgeable highly qualified & capable doctor. My hair Transplanted was on 7th March 2020 is combo pack with fue & fue.Every thing was briefly before taking the Transplanted surgery .The whole team was well experienced, cooperative and soft spoken to his patient.overall the procedure was too good & very much painless.And I am excited and waiting for results. I hoping best result in the future..

sachin meena

My hair transplant was done with FUT Technique on 07/03/2020, Doctor and other staff were very cooperative, process was very smooth, friendly environment, i hope results will also be very satisfactory..😊


Overall Satisfied. Had my hair transplant on 5 march 2020 by FUT technique. Everything was explained in detail before and after the surgery by Dr. Sunil Arora and Mr. Tarun. Staff was very cooperative. Procedure was very much painless. Hoping for best results.

mohammed Feroz

I would like to inform that after extensive search about Hair transplant (HT) and onlline and f2f discussion with many dermatologists surgeons major cities in India..Ultimately I found ALCS based in jaipur rajasthan.. after a long discussion with Dr. Sunil Arora I found him very informative,understanding the need of patient, very polite and positive too.

Dr Sunil always provide positive feedback to their patient without any false promises. Furthermore complete management and staff of ALCS are cooperative and supportive..

My heartfelt thanks to ALCS team😀😀😀😀😀

shitanshu bhargava

I visited the place for hair transplant and it was combination of FUT and FUE on 3rd March 2020. After a lots of research with similar kind of clinic available in NCR and Jaipur I choose this . Every one is extremely cooperative ,very well versed with their job and best part is Dr. Sunil Arora will himself ensure everything is going as per standard guidelines. I must mention cleaning and hygiene is world class. Dr. Sunil Arora is great human being and his personal involvement makes it great. Will update more post result after few month.

Manish Lalwani

Hello friends,

I am manish lalwani from palanpur gujarat.

My surgery ( hair transplant) done on 02/03/2020 with combined method ( FUE & FUT).
It was wonderful experience regarding the hair transplant treatment. All the staff are very cooperative.
Specially thanx to Anil Methwani sir because whenever am calling him they always give positive response to me.

I was scared but the way Dr Sunil Arora and his assistant explained me it was very useful and if any one is planning to go for any surgery then this is the best place to dealt with with affordable price.

Happy to take treatment from ALCS…❣️

And also thanx to all team for increasing my confidence ☺️

Now no more bala 😜

Doulat Tepan

My name ie amit tepan my surgery is performed by Dr sunil arora on 1 march 2020 ,The ambiance and the management is delightful hair transplant surgery is performed by FUT+FUE Combination of surgery.all sergical Services are at very low cost,
staff behaviour was very good.

Ankit Shrivastava

I had FUT hairtransplant done on 20th February 2020
I reached clinic one day before I.e. on 19th February 2020
I had my investigation done on 19th they took blood sample and gave some medicine before the procedure, and also me and Dr. Sunil arora discussed about my hair line, Next day I reached to the clnicj at 11 AM and then they started the procedure as follows

1. They book a nice Hotel for me near to the clinic which including food breakfast and Dinner
I had my breakfast in the morning and then I washed my hair with liquid which they provided and I was advised to not to put any oil or lotion in my head.

2. I reached clinic at 11 Am and then they trim my donor area (not completely) only the area from where they are going to take the strip for FUT

3. Then they took me to the surgical room and me and dr. sunil arora dicuss my hairline he drew hair line with a marker according to my need and suggestion after finalising the hairline Dr. Sunil arora gave me some injection which includes local anaesthesia in my donar area
it was just a pain of a niddle for 1 minute and then complete donar area was numb and there was no pain i could just feel something happening thats it

4. They started the surgery they took a strip from my safe donar area they harvested around 3100 grafts (as told by dr.) and stitched back my donar area compelte process took around 40 minutes which was done by Dr. Sunil Arora himself and again it was painless surgery.

5. After the strip harvesting they gave me a break for 30 minutes i had my lunch provided in the clinic (Lunch was good and more than sufficient)

6. After my lunch again they started the implantation process
they again gave me local anaesthesia on my front forehead
this was also just a pain of niddle for 40 seconds and then my frontal forehead went numb
Dr. sunil Arora made the hair line himself and made the holes where hair are to be implanted

7. After the Hair line design and hole making process the well trained technician started implanting the Grafts this process took around 2 hour in between we had a tea break of 15 minute

8. At around 5:30 PM my surgery was done and Dr. instructed me what to do for next 10 days and gave me all the medicine which in have to take for next week !! they called me next day at 12 Am for my head wash

9. i went to the Hotel which was on walkable distance from the clinic i walked to the Hotel wiyh a surgical cap on my head and i was as good as normal days, I had my dinner at Hotel and then i slept well for 9 hour and next day i went clinic for my Head wash

overall experience was very Good Dr. and staff was very friendly and very we trained which gave me so much confidence.
i highly recommend Dr. Sunil arora for hair transplant he is expert in FUT and FUR technique. its been around 10 days of my hair transplant and i am still in touch with dr. and team on whats app group they are calling me on every alternate days and asking me how i am feeling and also instructing me what to do !!

i will post anothrer review of my result after 6 months
i am hoping for the best

Amit Meena

I have hair transplantation at Alcs jaipur by fue &fut technic on 29th Fed 2020 …. Dr.sunil arora and his all staff have a good experiance and all of these are very soft courner …thank s alot allof u to give me a new hope to increase my confidance


Dr.sunil Arora and his all staff good experience and polite nature.after surgery I feel very confidential. I suggest if you r gyno problem plz don’t go anywhere meet alcs and 100percent solution. Cost bearable

Prahlad Rathore

Hi i am pralad rathore my hair transplant done in Alcs by dr sunil arora he use in fut teqnique in my surgery in date 26 feb 2020
My all experiance is very good dr sunil arora and all are staff beheviour is very good and
very helpfull thanks for alcs.


It was wonderful experience regarding the hair treatment. All the staff are very cooperative. Initially i was little scared but the way Dr Sunil Arora and his assistant explained me it was very useful. Its a fact that you will have to pass through with small pain but it is bearable. If any one is planning to go for any surgery then this is the best place to dealt with with affordable price.

2nd Session : after having first session in 2018 I went through for second session in 25 Feb 2020 and everything went well and flawlessly. I took combination of fut and fue and done perfectly. Would recommend if anyone planning for hair transplant

manoj bansal

Here the doctors and staff are very good and the surgery here is very good, 100% satisfied with the treatment here.

Manoj kumar

I am manoj from Jaunpur up
I have done my hair transplant on 20 feb 2020 from ALCS clinic Jaipur
I am fully satisfied with the clinic
Dr sunil arora ( ms , mch ) and his alcs team is very very good

In future I will recommend all my friends and relatives to go in alcs for hair transplant and such other cosmetic surgery
Thanks very much to dr Sunil arora and his ALCS team

Narendra Panchal

Good experience
19 February 2020 but we wait for final approval after some days

kamla singh

I am prateek singh from alwar .i lately done my hair transplant by fut process on 18 feb 2020 .it was good and doc.all team behavior are very humble and I am happily recommend to this clinic to any one who think to transplantation in future.

ramkumar saharan

I pankaj done my ht on 15 feb with fut and fue techniques. Nice experience with alcs. Dr and his team well skilled and experienced. I fully satisfied with this Clinic.

dinesh gajraj

14 feb 2020 i have done my hair teransplat . Doctor sir and all staff are very helpful . Thanku so much all

gadhwal. ashok

Date of my transplant – 13/02/2020
I opt for FUE technique of hair transplant, firstly the doctor was very polite and he explained me in brief about the procedure , the treatment goes all very well and the staff was very supportive , I didnot felt even a single pain during the transplant procedure and it’s all because of the doctor and his team with lots of years of experience… because experience really matters.

ravi kumar

My name is Ravi Kumar. I am from Jammu.
my hair transplantation date was 12 feb 2020 and the technique was FUE . The whole ALCS staff is very well and cooperative . I purchase the package for hair transplantation with FUE technique with including two night stays in Hawa Mahal Hotel which is very elegant and provided Breakfast and dinner as well. In my opinion Dr. Sunil Arora sir is the best .
Now i am very eagerly waiting for my result . I hope it will be the what i want.

Himanshu Meena

I got my lip reduction and beard transplant surgery on 10.02.2020 . I must say Dr. Sunil Arora and team are very humble and experienced . Both were almost painless processes. Till now feeling good and hoping for good results and yes clinic ambience was awesome, staff was very cooperative and polite.

Nadeem Ansari

I have done my hair transplant at alcs jaipur on . 11.02.2020. I went for combination fue and fut technique. It was very good experience with Dr. Sunil Arora sir and his team . Recommendable alcs staff behaviour. I’ll suggest the same to everyone whomever want’s to take such procedures.

Pawan Mehra

This is my second session here…as i have done my 1st session here about 2 years ago…I’m feeling very delited as all the staff and the faculty is very kond and helping as in my 1st session i have absorbed the same here so i come up again…this time we have planned FUE technique dated on 10-03-2020 the same procedure take about 6 hours and I’m perfectly fine there’s no sign of any pain or anything unwanted….I’ll suggest the same to everyone whomever want’s to take such procedure…
#best hair transplant in jaipur

Asadullah wouria

Hello everyone.

I wanted to go for hair transplant and after searching on the Internet then I was able to find a good surgeon by name of Dr.Sunil Arora which is ISHRS has done my transplant and then choosen method was Bio FUE on 8 Feb 2020.

I am really thank full of Dr. Sunil and his experienced team for their great efforts and friendly behaviour during the surgery.

I highly recommand ALCS for those who wants to do any kind of hair transplant.

Jitendra Sharma

Mera naam jitender sharma me sikar se belong krta hu mera procedure 9 april ko hua h mene ynha se hair transplant me fut krwaya mera procedure painless rha he dr.sunil arora nature is so good aur staff bhi bahut coperative rha mujhe yahan aakar comfortable feel hua i will recommend for dr sunil arora
Thanks to Alcs
And i am aditing this review after 9 month
Results are so satisfactory thanks to dr arora

Ahmad Zubair Safi

I am from Afghanistan and I was suffering from hair fall and baldness of some areas and after many searchings I found out Dr. Sunil Arora who is an experienced doctor in Jaipur.

I got to Delhi India and wanted to experience train for the first time so I got to Jaipur by train and is was an amazing 6 hours of journey to Jaipur.

I had Bio FUE hair transplant on 7 February 2020 at the ALCS clinic with Dr. Sunil Arora who is an experienced with a wonderful, professional, and a friendly team and it was a great surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Sunil Arora who want to do any kind of hair transplantation. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and approaches his patients with great care and takes great efforts to ensure a smooth, caring experience.

I am satisfied with my transplantation and many thanks to Dr. Sunil and his team.

Mohan Gurjar

My Hair transplanted on the date of 05/02/2020 with Bio – FUE procedure. Dr. Sunil arora and their entire team fully experienced and authentic in hair transplant . all procedure was painless and comfortable for me. Behaviour of ALCS staff was too 😍good. In my view Alcs is complete solution for hair problems and other cosmetic problems.i enjoyed tha day of procedure.👍👍

Suresh Gurudas

My hair transplant (FUT+FUE) done by Dr. Sunil aroro at 4 -Feb -2020, my feel better after process.Dr Sunil is very knowledgeable, and and answered all my questions with patience. Smooth and pain free procedure. Really happy with everything. Thank you all the team of alcs. and there are affordable cost of hair transplantation . So heartily Thnx so much for all ALCS team.

Mukesh Lochib

My name Suresh Kumar… I have got done my surgery on 3 – Feb- 2020. Dr. Sunil has a great setup and a wonderful team . Staff was extremely helpful, professional and caring towards me. Dr Suni Arora sir is very experienced and very good surgeon… Thank you too the team of alcs
I am very happy with my hair transplant..

lucky Saini

I had great experience at Alcs clinic. Dr Sunil Arora has a great person. I have got done with my surgery on 25 th Jan. Great staff , they were very polite and understanding. Thank you all.

Sudip Das

Came here for HT on 28th Jan 2020. Doc is superb, cool and very supportive. Actually i had a rigorous research on da subject and had a long questionnaire which they resolved one by one very patienty. Clean and hygienic atmosphere inside the clinic. Recommendable staff behaviour. I went for combination FUE and FUE technique. Let’s c how the results coming out..😊😊

gurucharan singh

Hi am Gurucharan and My hair transplant have done on 27 January in my case Both process of FUT AND FUE USED, dr Arora ji have done there job with godd professionals skill and well manners and we there staff also very supportive and frankly nature.. now transplant is looking good.. in process is painless… thanks and congratulate all alcs team.. I will share my result review after some days… again thanks for dr Arora and Teams.

Anjali Joshi

Gr8 experience!!!… most trustworthy 👍👍

Mdsabir Ali

Mara name md sabir kolkata sa aya hu alcs clinic ma hair transplant karna.dr ka name ha dr sunil arora.but accha huya ha mara transplant26.01.20 tarik ma fut ar fue dono method sa mara hair transplant huya mara staf ka bat bahut accha laga na .pura ghar jai sa ha.kohe problem nahe huya.or hotel ma kohe problem nahe huya.

pramod Bhataia

My hair transplant (FUT) done by dr. Sunil aroro at 24-01-2020
. My entire process is painless. My feel better after process . My experience with alcs r excellent . Thank you alcs team.


Received FUT and FUE combination treatment for my hair transplant. Looks good till now. Dr. Sunil Arora is experienced and genuinely authentic in hair transplant. His team and he, himself made sure that I got the best care even after the procedure. Now awaiting visible results, but looks very good as of now.

Rajeev Bhalerao

I traveled from he US to Jaipur for my HT. Initially Dr Sunil Arora and myself exchanged few emails and then we decided to speak over phone. I found him trustworthy and knowledgeable but equally important he offered most number of grafts at reasonable price quote. Dr Arora, his technicians and admin staff all are helpful, courteous and readily available. My overall HT (combination of FUE + FUT) experience turned out to be great. Now am looking forward to get expected results in coming months and will share further review in few months. Thanks

sercan yilmaz

professional, clean, warm wellcome, dont seek much for a good clinic. highly recommended


I done my hair transplant surgery on 16-JAN-2020.I have a great experience with the most well experience and professional team in jaipur. All staff are good and cooperative. I feel good after surgery. Dr Sunil Aurora sir very experienced and very good surgeon .. thank you all the team of alcs ..

Ultimax Gaming

I underwent hair transplant by fut and fue combination technique at ALCS. I chose Dr Sunil Arora over others as he is a plastic surgeon who is doing the hair transplant in jaipur and not a cosmetologist. At the first meeting on opd consultation I found him very postitive and encouraging. His team also is very professional and soft spoken. the procedure went off very smooth the the very evening I was at my home. Fulls marks to the team ALCS. Will update you about my results subsequently if which I am very hopeful will be good with backing of best team of Dr Sunil Arora

Izzu Gamer

Mohammad vasim ijust got hair transplant ALCs doctor & team good experienced and nice behaviour I am fully satisfied thanks ALCS

Kanupriya Marwah

One of the best destinations for all your cosmetic issues. Dr. Sunil Arora is utmost caring and super booster for your morale with an excellent surgical acumen.

sunil kumar

Behavior of Dr.sunil Arora and his team is very good
Working process is very comfortable

Singh टीवी

I had a great experience at alcs jaipur
I am thankful to Dr Sunil Arora and alcs team

Parveen Upadhyay

Staff is good. Dr. Sunil Aroda nature so soft and so humble. I am satisfied to clinic. I am very happy to all

mastan ali

Staffs are very care full ,, they take care of patients awesome iddnt feel that’s an hospital it’s like home like they behave with me ,,,, my treatment went good ,,, and Dr sunil Arora is experience person ,,, and tdy on 4 Jan 20 my transplant completed ,,, now wait will see for result ,,, thank u alcs

Sumit Singh

This was my second transplant with Dr Arora as I am facing grade 6 baldness, I am waiting for best results and Dr has assured me to give the best assistance even free treatment if the results doesn’t show up good. So I believe in the integrity of ALCS family. The surgery is very clean and 200% safe. Will update the results in 6 months with pictures if possible.

Aditya Mishra

It was a nice experience ,staff members were also corporating . At the starting i was worried about the transplant and pain but afterwards whole surgery was painless .
I want to appreciate every member of ALCS Jaipur and
Dr Sunil Arora is best doctor in this field , also he is very friendly with his patients


I am very Glad to my hair transplant by Dr sunil arora .l am rajesh sharma I have done my transplant dated on 22/10/2019
With FUT and FUE techniques. my transplant is successful.
Thanks to all alcs staff.

salaam India

Great experience at ALCS. Procedure team was friendly and professional.
Dr. Sunil Arora, mr. Anil sir and miss samrin are patient friendly and caring.
I have chosen the best.

aftab khan

I have got done with my surgery on 1 Jun 2020 . Great experience, highly satisfied with the way doctor handles my case. Dr. Arora is very knowledgeable, and thank you too all team of alcs i am very happy with my hair transplant


Staff is very corporative
Doctor sunil arora is so humble and soft nature
Facility is too good
I am satisfied to this clinic😊😊😊😊

Nitesh Bhat

Do not go for FUT method full of side effects.

Amit Tiwadi

I heard about Dr Sunil Arora from one of my friend who is cosmetic surgeon. So I was little nervous before approaching the team, when I was here in Jaipur and met Dr and his team and undergone consultancy session I was very happy. I must say Dr Sunil has got very gentle hand and a Midas touch. He and his team mates are also good to handle nervous patients like me! Thank you Dr Sunil and ALCS team, hope our paths cross again! You are doing wonderful work, keep it up!! Thanks again for restoring confidence and transforming tons of lives!!!

saurabh meena

Saurabh meena my surgery date – 25/12/2019 technic = FUE
Dr. Sunil arora behaviour and knowledge is very good. thanks alcs all staff.

Nafees Khan

ALCS CENTER के यहां पर डाक्टर सुनिल अरोड़ा द्वारा बहुत अच्छा ट्रीटमेंट दिया गया ओर स्टाफ का पूरा सहयोग रहा और इनका व्यवहार भी सराहनीय रहा में इनके ट्रीटमेंट से बहुत खुश हूं।

Govind Pandey

Hiii..this is film and TV Actor Dr. Govind Pandey from Mumbai…I got to know about ALCS through my friend Mr. Soneer Vadhera and i travelled to jaipur for my hair treatment.I got my hair treatment on 19.12.2019 and for that..I would like to thank Dr. Sunil Arora who have done tremendous job in treating my hair. The staff here are very professional and polite. The machines that were used were new and the hospital was hygienic and properly maintained. Since my treatment Dr. Sunil and the staff is constantly in contact with me ..through vedio calls and whatsapp and they are constantly taking care of me and giving me instructions for my treatment. I am very satisfied with my treatment by Dr. Sunil Arora and the staff.