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Platelet-rich plasma, also known as autologous conditioned plasma, is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. ALCS offers the best PRP in Delhi.

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    The problem of hair fall has become a widespread and prevalent issue in both men and women, which is a result of many factors like stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution, low diet, trauma, etc. Now to get rid of hair fall problems, many surgical procedures are very expensive and inaccessible for most of the people. In this picture, PRP Hair Treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatment is a very effective method to say goodbye to your hair fall problems. It is a treatment for hair that is developed by several years of research of stem cell theory and is a solution for the future. 


    The therapy is a very natural process and requires significantly less time to perform the whole procedure. In this method, your body’s growth factors help in restoring the desired hair growth. The ideal place to get a PRP treatment from is Delhi, as it has the most topnotch clinics as well as surgeons to perform the task. If you are worried about the PRP hair treatment cost in Delhi, rest assured that you can experience the best PRP treatment in Delhi as the PRP price in Delhi at a very affordable price with effective and efficient results.


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      Types of Hair transplant


      This latest technique is the newest and a variation of the FUE technique. There are a number of clinics providing BIO FUE hair transplant in Jaipur.

      Bio-Direct hair Transplant is one of the most cutting edge and favored hair rebuilding technique. The Bio-Direct Hair Transplant is a mix of two hair rebuilding methodology.
      FUT is performed in a way which impersonates the natural growth of characteristic hair and is a perfect option for individuals who have evident bald regions on their head.
      FUE differs from FUT in the fact that no strip is extracted. Instead the follicles are extracted one by one from the donor site and are grafted on to the recipient area.


      The procedure of a PRP treatment is not a complicated process but must be performed by the best surgeon under good precision and supervision. It involves the extraction of one’s blood and further centrifuging it so that the plasma and platelets can collect in the tube. The richness of plasma in platelets is essential in tissue regeneration and healing. It also involves the elimination of granulocytes, which is responsible for the damage in tissue regeneration and wound healing. Now the rich concentration of platelets is applied to the scalp where hair loss has taken place. The next step is to prepare the scalp for receiving the PRP by activating the wound healing process. Local anaesthesia is also applied to the scalp where the PRP will have to be injected. The further step is to inject the PRP to the bald areas of the head, after which the hair is washed, and the patient can leave the clinic without any danger. 

      PRP contains several growth factors that lead to the stimulation of your hair follicles growth. Now PRP can vary among preoperative, intra-operative or post-operative. To stimulate normal or semiannual hair growth, most people prefer to have PRP treatment every three to four months. If you also want to take PRP treatment to stimulate your hair growth, then choose the city of Delhi as it can give the best and most worthy experience of your life. The PRP in Delhi is famous all over the world as the PRP therapy cost in Delhi is very reasonable with the benefit of undergoing the topmost PRP hair treatment in Delhi.

      All those people who are experiencing severe hair loss can surely be the right candidates for PRP treatment. However, the ideal candidates to undergo this treatment are those with androgenic alopecia, which is a patterned form of hair thinning. This type of hair loss typically occurs on the top area of the head in men, whereas in women, it looks more like a widening partition in the back areas of their heads.

      Whatever reasons you might have for hair transplant, consider seeking an opinion and consultation at  ALCS in Delhi to witness the best PRP treatment in Delhi, and that too at a very feasible PRP hair treatment cost in Delhi.

      After the procedure is performed, the injected areas may have mild swelling, which will go away in a few hours. The areas may also be tender to touch, where the tenderness will vanish in a day or two. For all those patients who claim PRP treatment as an uncomfortable and painful process, the option to choose your procedure to be carried out under general anaesthesia and intravenous sleep sedation can also be performed, where you’ll be asleep and won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

      PRP cost in Delhi varies from person to person as it majorly depends on the number of sessions a person takes and the total package he chooses. PRP therapy in Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most effective treatments for people who want to undergo this procedure but are struggling with the choice of place. Delhi is the ideal option for you as there; the most topnotch surgeons use the best effective ways to perform PRP therapy in Delhi with the benefit of low and affordable PRP cost in Delhi.


      Factors affecting the PRP cost in Delhi are discussed in detail.

      • No of sessions – During a single session, only a certain amount of injections can be given to patients. Depending on the hair loss, the number of sessions is scheduled and decided which ultimately affect the cost of the treatment.
      • Equipment used – In the case of additional equipment and tools used in your procedure like Derma Roller, Laser caps, etc., additional charges may take place.
      • Expertise of the doctor – If your doctor is very popular, demanding and experienced in his field, then he might charge a higher rate of fee from you. However, the results will be worth each and every penny.
      • Reputation and Goodwill of the Clinic – The topnotch clinics charge a higher rate of fee from their clients as the equipment and services are of high cost and quality.
      • Level of Hair Loss – If your hair loss is extreme, then PRP will be performed in multiple sessions. With every added session, the cost will also be higher.
      You must understand PRP hair treatment cost in Delhi is getting competitive and many clinics offers various payment schemes but it is up to the candidate to choose best best PRP treatment in Delhi.

      If you want to experience the best treatment and enjoy a complete closure to your hair loss problems, then PRP therapy in Delhi is your definite call. At ALCS in Delhi, we provide safe treatment to our clients which ensure hair growth in time. The treatment is performed by Dr. Sunil Arora, who is a highly experienced and well-renowned practitioner. At ALCS, you will witness the best PRP in Delhi with cost-effectiveness and guaranteed results.

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