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A breast lift in Agra, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast. ALCS offers the best Breast Lift Surgery in Agra.

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    What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

    A breast lift in Agra, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that raises and reshapes sagging breasts. In this technique, excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissues are tightened to reshape the breast to obtain a more youthful appearance. For individuals in Agra looking to revive sagging breasts, ALCS offers the best Breast Lift Surgery

    While the outcomes of a breast lift are typically long-lasting, they can be impacted by factors such as aging, gravity, and lifestyle changes, including weight fluctuations. Maintaining a stable weight and practicing regular exercise helps attain optimal results after breast lift surgery.

    Who Is The Best Candidate For Breast Lift Surgery?

    The ideal candidate for a breast lift surgery is typically someone who:


    • Has sagging or drooping breasts as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging, etc, 
    • Has no underlying medical conditions and is in excellent health. 
    • Has appropriate expectations from the surgery and is aware of the limitations of the process. 
    • Has a strong desire to restore sagging breasts and improve their appearance and confidence. 
    • Has constant weight and does not fluctuate drastically during or after the surgery.
    • Has completely developed breasts and is not in their teens.

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      Types Of Breast Lifts

      Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation simultaneously addresses both sagging and insufficient volume concerns. Breast lifts, also known as mastopexy, can vary in technique depending on the degree of sagging and desired outcome. 


      The three common types of breast lifts in Agra include:


      • Peri-Areolar or Donut Lift: This technique is ideal for mild to moderate sagging. It involves making a circular incision around the edge of the areola to remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue. It results in minimal scarring but provides limited lift.
      • Vertical or Lollipop Lift: This is a more extensive breast lift suitable for moderate sagging. Two incisions are made: one around the edge of the areola and another vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold or the crease beneath the breast.

      This technique allows for reshaping the breast tissue and repositioning the nipple to a higher position.

      • Anchor or Wise Pattern Lift: This is the most comprehensive breast lift technique, suitable for significant sagging. It involves making three incisions: around the edge of the areola, vertically from the bottom to the inframammary fold, and horizontally along the inframammary fold.

      Anchor lift provides maximal reshaping of the breast tissue and repositioning of the nipple. This traditional breast lift is also known as the inverted T lift. 

      How Is A Breast Lift Surgery In Agra Performed?

      A breast lift surgery gives a more youthful breast contour. At ALCS, your surgeon will decide on the best type of breast lift depending on the degree of sagging and the desired results. However, the basic steps involved in breast lift surgery remain more or less the same. They include:


      • Inducing anasthesia for patient comfort as it reduces pain and discomfort. 
      • Making incisions in the chest area to remove excess skin.
      • Reshaping breast tissue for a lifted appearance. 
      • Repositioning the nipples to a higher position
      • Ultimately, the incisions are sealed using sutures or adhesive tapes.
      • Monitoring the progress and follow-ups as per the advice of your surgeon.

      Breast Lift Surgery Cost In Agra

      A Breast Lift in Agra costs around 65,000 INR, making it a feasible choice for those interested in breast rejuvenation. However, the total cost can fluctuate depending on factors such as: 

      • Surgeon Expertise: Experienced and highly skilled surgeons often charge higher fees due to their expertise and track record of delivering excellent results.
      • Clinic Reputation and Facilities: Established clinics with a strong reputation for quality, providing personalized amenities and care charge higher fees. 
      • Extent of the Lift: The degree of sagging and the complexity of the procedure can influence the cost.
      • Anchor breast lift surgery may cost around INR 90000 to 100000
      • Periareolar breast lift surgery may cost approximately INR 70000 to INR 85000
      • Vertical breast lift surgery may cost around INR 90000 to INR 95000
      • Additional Procedures: If additional procedures, such as breast augmentation or nipple correction, are performed, they can contribute to the overall cost.
      • Preoperative Tests and Consultations: The cost of medical tests and imaging studies required before the surgery may be included in the overall price.
      • Postoperative Care: Fees for postoperative care, including follow-up appointments, medications, and support garments, may also be added to the total cost.

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        What Is The Recovery Time For Breast Lift Surgery?

        Recovery time span after a breast lift surgery varies based on individual healing rates and the extent of the procedure. The recovery period is spread across several stages. 


        The first 24 hours:

        • Patients are observed carefully for stable vitals in the first 24 hours post-surgery. 
        • They may encounter sensations of drowsiness, slight discomfort, and pressure due to the anasthesia effect. 
        • There can be some amount of swelling, bruising, and minimal discharge from the site of incision.
        • Patients will receive compressive bandages or elastic bands to ensure adequate support for the breasts.


        First few days:

        • In the initial days following surgery, patients may experience soreness, swelling, and mild discomfort. 
        • Prescription pain medications are provided to manage any discomfort.
        • A supportive surgical bra has to be worn to minimize swelling and promote healing.
        • Patients should rest and avoid strenuous activities. 
        • Most individuals can return to light activities within a few days. 
        • Swelling and bruising gradually subside over the first few weeks. 
        • Stitches are typically removed within one to two weeks.


        By the end of the first month:

        • Patients often notice improvements in breast shape and position.
        • Scars start diminishing, and initial results become evident.
        • Bruising and swelling have totally disappeared. 

        However, full recovery and final results may take several months. Attending follow-up appointments with the surgeon to monitor progress and address any concerns is crucial.

        What Are The Risks/Side Effects Of Breast Lift Surgery?

        All cosmetic surgeries may have some complications or risks associated with them. It is important to discuss these risks with your surgeon before the procedure. Some of the complications or side effects can be: 


          • Infection at the incision site
          • Bleeding during the procedure or after the surgery from the incision area
          • Changes in nipple sensation, 
          • Scarring due to incision and bruises
          • If not performed accurately, a breast lift surgery can result in asymmetry of the breasts and the possibility of needing revision surgery.

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          Why Choose ALCS Clinic For Breast Lift Treatment In Agra?

          Choosing a good hospital for breast lift surgery is an important decision. Here are ten valid reasons to consider ALCS Clinic for your procedure:


          • Expertise and Experience: ALCS Clinic has a team of skilled and experienced plastic surgeons specializing in breast procedures. These surgeons, led by Sunil Arora, a renowned plastic surgeon in Jaipur, ensure high-quality care and optimal outcomes for individuals planning to get breast lift surgery in Agra.
          • Accreditation and Safety: The clinic adheres to strict safety standards and protocols to ensure patient safety throughout the surgical journey.
          • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The ALCS clinic is equipped with modern surgical facilities and advanced technology, ensuring efficient results for breast lift surgery.
          • Patient-Centered Care: Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique anatomy and cosmetic goals. 
          • Positive Reputation: The hospital has a positive reputation within the community and among previous patients, with many successful breast lift surgeries and satisfied individuals.
          • Post-Surgical Care: The ALCS Clinic offers comprehensive post-surgical care and follow-up appointments to monitor recovery progress and address any concerns.
          • Transparent Pricing: The hospital provides transparent pricing for breast lift surgery and offers flexible financing options to make treatment more accessible.

          How To Reach ALCS Clinic Jaipur?

          You have two convenient options to reach the ALCS Clinic in Jaipur from Agra. You can take a bus from Idgah Bus Station to Sindhi Camp Bus Station in Jaipur. Alternatively, you can opt for a train from Agra Cantt to Jaipur Railway Station.


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          Dr. Sunil Arora


          Mastopexy is a surgical technique to lift and reshape sagging or drooping breasts. It is also called breast lift surgery and aims at restoring the firmness and volume of the breasts.

          No, both surgeries have different goals, and their procedures are also a bit different, although they can sometimes be performed together. A breast lift is done to achieve a more youthful and lifted appearance without much change to the breast size. On the other hand, the primary goal of breast augmentation is to enlarge the breasts and improve their symmetry.

          Breast lift surgery can impact breastfeeding ability by rearranging breast tissue and repositioning the nipples. Discussing future breastfeeding goals with your surgeon before undergoing the procedure is advisable.

          The breast lift procedure provides a long-lasting result, but many factors can affect its durability. Natural aging, gravity, and lifestyle factors such as weight fluctuations can impact the appearance of the lifted breasts over time. Maintaining a constant weight can help prolong the results.

          Scarring is a common issue associated with any surgical procedure. The incisions made in a breast lift surgery are small, so the scarring fades over time. Topical ointments to promote healing and fading of scars may be suggested. At ALCS, our proficient team of surgeons ensures minimal scarring and discomfort for our patients during and after a breast lift surgery in Agra.

          A breast lift targets sagging breasts that require lifting and reshaping to restore their firmness. The size does not change much. However, this procedure can be combined with a Breast Augmentation procedure that enhances the breast volume by inserting implants to achieve both a lifted and fuller appearance.

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