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A dimpleplasty is a type of plastic surgery used to create dimples on the cheeks. They’re most often located on the bottoms of the cheeks. ALCS offers the best Dimple Creation in Jaipur.
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    Dimples on the face are mostly located on the cheeks; sometimes these may also be on the chin. Anatomically, dimples are formed due to insertion of fascial groups of zygomaticus major muscle to the dermal or dermis for tethering effect of the zygomaticus major bifid muscle.

    However, given that they make one look much more attractive and have a huge appeal amongst people, many patients request for artificial “dimple creation”.

    Dimple creation surgery in Jaipur is performed by skilled cosmetic surgeons, oral, and maxillofacial surgeons under local or general anaesthesia. Numerous surgical procedures exist for performing dimple production; e.g. transcutaneous sutures or by an open procedure that is done via the intraoral procedure and might demonstrate no scar post-surgery. Many of the procedures involve attachment of the buccinator muscles of the facial skin into the section of the skin.

    What Is A Dimple Creation Surgery?

    Dimples play an important role in giving your facial features a unique and attractive appearance. Dimples are naturally formed when there is a defect in the cheek muscle. The skin overlying this defect is attached to the deeper soft tissue of the cheek, making a dent when you smile or change your facial expression.


    Many people may have multiple dimples right from birth. Since it enhances facial aesthetics, creating dimples surgically on the cheek or chin is nowadays one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in Jaipur. 


    Dimple creation surgery, also called Dimpleplasty, is a relatively minor cosmetic procedure requiring high precision. At ALCS, we have experienced cosmetic surgeons perform the procedure, ensuring an impactful change in an individual’s facial appearance. 

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      Who Is A Good Candidate?

      Dimpleplasty can be done on any person’s cheek or chin, whether chubby or skinny. The size and number of the dimples can be decided based on what suits your face best. A good candidate for Dimplepasty is someone who desires to have natural-looking dimples. 


      Although Dimpleplasty can be done on any cheek, the outcome of dimple creation is more evident in candidates having adequate facial fat and muscle structure. Having more facial fat gives a natural dimple effect. 


      Candidates should be in overall good health to ensure a smooth and safe recovery process. Also, an ideal candidate for dimple creation surgery is someone with excellent dental hygiene and low susceptibility to mouth infections.

      What Are The Benefits Of Dimple Creation Surgery?

      Creating dimples artificially through surgery enhances facial aesthetics. Dimples on the chin or face are considered to create a more youthful and cute look. It adds a touch of unique charm to the individual’s face. 


      Another benefit of Dimpleplasty is that having dimples can elevate your self-confidence, as people with dimples are considered attractive. The increased satisfaction and contentment in a person who has had a Dimpleplasty provides a positive self-perception.

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      Types Of Dimples

      Dimples come in various shapes and sizes, and the person can choose the best based on their desired facial aesthetics. The most common type is the cheek dimples, which appear when individuals smile, creating a charming depression on the cheek. Cheek dimples are often associated with a youthful and engaging appearance.


      The other type is the chin dimples, which many people like, show up as a small dent on the chin, making the lower part of the face look special. Like cheek dimples, chin dimples make a person’s face stand out and are often seen as appealing.


      The dimples’ size, depth, and location can be customized in a dimple creation surgery. The thickness of your cheeks, the amount of fat present, your face shape, and the balance between your facial muscles play an important role in determining your dimples’ size, shape, and location. Based on these factors, your doctor will suggest the most suitable dimple for your face. 


      Depending on what looks best on your face, you can choose the dimple location, either chin or cheeks. Some people opt for smaller dimples for a subtle and natural look, while others prefer larger, more evident ones to create a bolder look. You can also choose whether you need the dimples on just one cheek or both. 


      At ALCS, we tailor the creation of dimples according to your requirements most safely and hygienically.

      The Procedure Of Dimple Creation Treatment In Jaipur

      Dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure generally under local anasthesia by skilled cosmetic surgeons. The entire procedure will be completed in about 30 minutes. The basic steps involved in Dimpleplasty are discussed below: 


      • First, the site for creating the dimple is marked on the cheeks or chin. Anesthesia is then administered to the marked area. 
      • A small incision is then created using a biopsy instrument inside the cheek underneath the site that is marked. 
      • The instrument removes a small amount of fat and muscles to create a hole 2-3 millimeters long. 
      • Next, a sling is positioned from one side of the cheek muscle to the other to permanently set the dimple in place. 
      • The incision of the cheek is then closed with dissolvable stitches. Antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent any infection in the surgical area. 

      Post the surgery, the dimples will be visible at all times for the first few days. Later, they will be noticeable only when you smile.

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        What Are The Pre-Operative Preparations?

        The first step in Dimpleplasty is to choose a skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeon, preferably a facial plastic surgeon. During your consultation with your surgeon, a review of your medical history and an examination will determine whether you are fit for a Dimpleplasty. 


        Questions and concerns about the procedure should be clarified with your surgeon for a smooth and worry-free process. 


        Stop the use of any medications as recommended by your consulting doctor. Good oral hygiene must be maintained, and you must quit smoking a few weeks before the procedure.

        Is There A Risk Of Dimple Creation Surgery?

        Usually, Dimpleplasty is an extremely safe procedure, but like any other cosmetic procedure, there are some potential risks associated with the procedure, too. Some complications that can arise are pain or swelling in the surgical site. Rarely bleeding and infections are reported after surgery.


        Infections can lead to complications that can affect the healing and recovery process. Hence, proper oral hygiene must be diligently followed post the procedure to minimize the risk of infection and other complications. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and take follow-up to ensure everything goes smoothly.


        The skin texture and type varies from person to person. Similarly, the healing period varies across individuals, and the scars can be more visible than expected. 


        Rarely, dimple creation surgery may not make both dimples look the same, and it can result in mild asymmetry of the facial features. 


        Choosing an experienced surgeon is paramount to reducing the risks associated with Dimpleplasty. At ALCS, we have 12,000 plus happy and satisfied customers under the treatment of our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora.

        Cost Of Dimpleplasty or Dimple Creation Surgery In Jaipur

        The cost of Dimple Creation Surgery in Jaipur starts from 30,000 INR, offering an affordable option for those desiring facial enhancement. The overall cost may vary based on factors such as the clinic’s reputation, surgeon expertise, and the specific details of the dimple creation. For personalized details on factors influencing the final price, schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and determine the comprehensive cost of your Dimple Creation Surgery.


        Factors That Influence Dimple Creation Surgery Cost In Jaipur

        The cost of dimple creation surgery in Jaipur can vary based on several factors, such as : 

        • The number of dimples- on a single cheek or both. 
        • The experience and expertise of the surgeon performing Dimpleplasty. 
        • The location of the surgical facility and the infrastructure in use there. 
        • Anasthesia fees and post-operative care, including follow-up appointments and medications prescribed for healing. 

        As Dimpleplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, the cost of the procedure may not be covered under medical insurance. At ALCS, we provide affordable yet customized treatment procedures after understanding our patients’ preferences and budgets.

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        Why Choose The Alcs Clinic In Jaipur For Dimple Creation Surgery?

        ALCS is your destination for Dimpleplasty, as it is the best clinic for dimple creation treatment in Jaipur. Excellence meets experience in our clinic, and we boast of providing a patient-centric approach to cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here are some reasons why people love choosing ALCS Clinic for Dimpleplasty. 


        Extensive Experience: ALCS Clinic in Jaipur has been doing cosmetic surgery for an impressive 19 years.


        Proven Satisfaction: we have served over 12,000 satisfied customers.  The clinic has received 100 percent positive feedback from our customers who have undergone various cosmetic procedures. It is proof of our excellent service and the contentment of the patients. 


        Modern Infrastructure: ALCS Clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art facility featuring modern infrastructure on par with global standards. 


        Skilled Surgeon: The clinic is led by Dr. Sunil Arora, a highly skilled and experienced surgeon with a career spanning over two decades. He is well-versed in modern treatment procedures and effectively explains the procedure, risks, and expected results to the patients. 


        Competent Medical Team: Dr. Sunil Arora is assisted by a compassionate and competent medical team, enhancing the overall quality of treatment. 


        Hassle-Free and Affordable Treatment: ALCS Clinic offers a hassle-free treatment process within an affordable budget without compromising on the quality of the procedure. We ensure a patient-centric treatment approach. 


        Safety and Hygiene: The clinic follows the highest standards of safety and hygiene, ensuring ethical procedures adhere to medical guidelines.


        Consult our expert medical team today to know more about Dimpleplasty and other cosmetic services provided. We can help you enhance your beautiful smile!


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          Dimpleplasty in Jaipur is a plastic surgery used to create dimples on cheeks artificially. They are mostly often found on the side of cheeks and for a few individuals, these are found on chin.

          Not everybody is born with this facial attribute. In certain individuals, dimples are naturally occurring from indentations from the dermis brought on by the facial muscles and maybe genetics. Others could be brought about by injury.

          Irrespective of their triggers, dimples are considered by some cultures as an indication of beauty and luck, Because of these perceived advantages, the amount of dimple operations has increased appreciably in the past few decades.

          Prior to the operation, the physician will ask to keep away from taking blood-thinning drugs, alcohol and smoking; Since these will only raise the dangers of swelling and swelling.

          Dimple creation surgery in Jaipur takes 20 to 30 minutes for completion and the individual can go back home shortly after the operation. Some swelling could be experienced after the operation, but this should go away in a couple of days. The physician will prescribe antibiotic and pain drugs and anti – inflammatory face washes to cope up with the pain and redness.

          The daily activities can be resumed in a day or two following the operation and the final desired result should be visible within 2-3 months following the operation. Even though the process is secure and also the complications are largely rare, because it is an operation, there are dangers associated with it. Several common dangers of a dimple production surgery include bleeding, infections as well as the possibilities for dimple asymmetry.

          Aside from these dangers, a dimple production surgery also has some wonderful advantages and they are for the formation of permanent beautiful dimples, increase in self-confidence and immediate results.

          A dimpleplasty in Jaipur is done in an outpatient basis. Therefore, that you be able to get the process performed in the physician’s clinic without needing to visit the hospital. One might also not be required to be placed under general anaesthesia.

          First, the doctor will use a topical aesthetic, such as lidocaine, on the skin. This helps to make certain no discomfort or pain is experienced during the operation. It takes approximately ten minutes for the aesthetic to take effect.

          The physician then uses a little biopsy tool to create a hole into the skin to create a dimple. A little bit of fat and muscle is removed to help in this production for a region roughly 2-3 millimetres in length.

          When the physician creates the space for the upcoming dimple, then they place a suture (sling) out of 1 side of the cheek muscle into another. The sling is then tied to place the dimple permanently set up.

          Recovering from dimpleplasty is comparatively simple. There is no need to remain in the clinic. Normally, the patient can go home immediately following operation. Shortly after the process, a mild swelling may be experienced. It is possible to apply cold packs to reduce swelling, otherwise it will go away by itself in a couple of days.

          Most people can go back to work, college, and other routine activities two – three days after a dimpleplasty. The physician will probably see the patient a couple of weeks following the procedure to estimate the outcomes.

          • Dimple creation surgery cost in Jaipur depends on the number of dimples – Viz one cheek or two.
          • The doctor probably will prescribe antibiotics for healing. Antibiotics may costs much and the cost will depend on the antibiotic prescribed.
          • Pain medication may also be prescribed, but many patients use Tylenol or some other over-the-counter drugs
          • Betadine mouthwash, utilized during retrieval also has to be factored
          • Dimple creation in Jaipur is considered a cosmetic procedure; therefore it wouldn’t be covered by medical insurance.

          A relatively safe process, dimpleplasty like another surgical procedure is related to certain complications like mild postoperative swelling, postoperative haemorrhage, a buccal branch of facial nerve injury, scar formation in a controlled place, abscess formation, and foreign body granuloma.

          Should patient encounter any oozing or bleeding at the site of this process, s/he should visit the physician straight away.

          Apart from a minor swelling and swelling, you will find minimal complications associated with this operation. A solidly made dimple is notable for its first couple of weeks but afterwards acts like a pure dimple, when it’s visible only on grinning. Patient is going to be on antibiotics for just a few days following the operation. But, he/she should be able to resume regular activities the next day. Dimple creation surgery in Jaipur is effective, safe and can also be potentially reversible.

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