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Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora and the labia majora, the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. ALCS offers the best Labiaplasty Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Labia surgery also called labia reduction operation that targets to reduce the size of labia in females. Many women opt for this operation to manage the distress related to the dimensions of labia or in case there is any tear in it during child birth. The size becomes more evident whilst wearing tight clothing or swimsuits.


    Labiaplasty surgery in Jaipur reduces the size of labia, generally labia minora, to help reduce the size and manage distress in addition to providing aesthetic look to the intimate area of the body. It is a kind of cosmetic genital surgery which may be achieved together with vaginal rejuvenation.

    As labiaplasty is done for an intimate part of the body, it is important to know what regions are causing trouble, and could be improved.


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    The most suitable candidates are either for those whose labia has torn or stretched during childbirth, or the girls that suffer from labia minora hypertrophy.


    Types of Labiaplasty Surgery:

    All these labiaplasty in Jaipur have been done as outpatient procedures with just local anesthesia, and healing just takes about a few days.

    The 3 types of labiaplasty are as follows

    • The Edge Technique – This labiaplasty technique concentrates on optimizing the borders of the inner and outer labia. It eliminates any irregular or dark borders and “cuts” the labia so that they’re smaller. Many women choose to cut on the internal labia so it is smaller than the outer labia and doesn’t protrude. Other women prefer to cut the excess skin off the outer labia to stop them from “hanging” or being enlarged, particularly after childbirth.
    • The Wedge Technique – This labiaplasty technique eliminates a “wedge” (aka a triangular section) of the center third of their inner labia and then reconnects the top and lower labia. This technique reduces the period of the labia that stretches out of the clitoral hood into the vagina and reduces distress.
    • The V-Wedge Technique – This labiaplasty technique is done on the outer labia, and like using the wedge procedure, the V-Wedge procedure eliminates a “wedge” part of the center third of their outer labia. The top and lower portion of the outer labia are subsequently reconnected, which shortens the period of the outer labia. This technique is particularly useful for women who believe that their outer labia” hangs” a lot of or are expanded. Reducing the size of the outer labia reduces excess rubbing against clothes which can result in skin irritation and leaves sporting tight dresses easier.

    This operation is usually performed using a straight edge technique below the impact of local anesthesia. The surgeon will conduct an incision over the length of labia by the darker pigmentation, located on the borders of labia, will be taken off. This assists in discovering and producing the new form of the labia as wanted by the individual. The use of laser in this procedure provides better accuracy and cutting without thermal injury. This produces the wound heal quicker and less painful.

    A labiaplasty cost in Jaipur will depend on the amount of reduction, patient condition, state where surgery is being performed, clinic type, reusable, drugs used in addition to the price of any consultations or follow up maintenance which might not be included in the purchase price.

    Normally, a labiaplasty in Jaipur could possibly be performed when the lips are clearly abnormal and inducing the girl distress or damaging her health or wellbeing.

    Normally, girls return to their busy lifestyle and physical fitness routines 2-4 weeks following the operation. It may take 6-8 weeks prior to the consequences are powerful enough for them to resume sexual intercourse, but it is better to check with health care provider first.


    A labiaplasty surgery in Jaipur is a gratifying and efficient process with lasting results. If one believes that a labiaplasty might be perfect, make sure to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

    But one needs to keep the following points in mind for a secure and quick recovery.

    • One is not permitted to drive right after the operation for at least 3-4 days. Thus, arrange for a drop home.
    • To stop blood flow, walk whenever possible following the operation
    • Refrain from smoking because it might delay recovery
    • Don’t participate in strenuous exercises and heavy lifting for 2-3 months
    • No swimming and sensual activity for minimal 6 months following the operation.

    One must confirm with the physician before restarting one of these actions.

    The dangers connected with labiaplasty surgery in Jaipur contain those of all surgical procedures, such as bleeding, hematoma, and disease. The most frequent complication is over-resection. When some women desire a competitive decrease, this could lead to chronic dryness, scarring at or close to the vaginal opening and pain with sex. Repairing problems are more likely to happen with a wedge process, especially if the individual is exposed to chemicals which cause blood vessels to shrink.

    It is typical following a labiaplasty to get nausea, bruising and swelling for up to fourteen days.

    Peeing and sitting throughout this age will most likely be uncomfortable, though ‘d be given painkillers to aid with this.

    A labiaplasty can sometimes lead to

    • Infection, scarring of tissue, diminished sensitivity of the genitals
    • Any Kind of surgery carries a small risk of creating a blood clot in a vein
    • An allergic reaction to the anesthetic

    The physician must explain how probable these complications and risks include, and how they should be treated should they happened.

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