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    His specialties

    He has been fervently servicing the society in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery since 2001. His clinical interest and particular expertise (as plastic surgeon, skin specialist) include Cleft Lip and Palate, Craniofacial Anomalies, Microvascular Reconstruction, Burn, Reconstruction & Aesthetics. Dr. Arora is also zealous in the research field, and his interests for the same include Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering, Fat Grafting, Transplant. Its no doubt that everyone refers to him as their plastic surgeon from the best plastic surgeon in Delhi.


    He was awarded the Ethicon Cosmetic Surgery Travelling Fellowship (2010), by The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. In 2008, he was bestowed with APSI sponsorship by The Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.

    Dr. Sunil Arora has earned his MCH (Plastic Surgery) degree from C.S.M Medical University (Upgraded KGMU), Lucknow (2009). He did MS (Gen. Surgery) from SMS Medical College, Jaipur in 2005. Dr. Arora did his MBBS studies at SMS Medical College, Jaipur in 2000 and also, completed his internship from SMS Medical College, Jaipur in 2001. But as of now he resides in Jaipur as a plastic surgery doctor in Jaipur.

    Well renowned & experienced, Dr. Sunil Arora has served as Junior Resident in Dept. of General Surgery, SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He has also worked as a Senior Resident in Dept. of General Surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi and as Senior Resident in Dept. of Plastic Surgery, CSM Medical University (Upgraded KGMU), Lucknow. He has been the Organizing Secretary for many CMEs. Aesthetic Body Contouring`, Jaipur (2011), AOCMF Workshop on Management of Facial Fractures, Jaipur (2012), Instructional Course on Wound Management, Jaipur (2012) are just a few of the many names of CMEs where Dr. Arora has rendered his services as an Organizing Secretary.

    Dr. Sunil Arora firmly believes that learning is an ongoing process, and research is the best way to keep discovering facts that aid human race worldwide. Following the same philosophy, Dr. Arora has always been avidly participating in various researches and teaching programs. He has always shown his interest and participation in a plethora of Journal Clubs, Seminars, and Operative Chats. It is worth mentioning that he has also performed various techniques of microvascular anastomosis in rat models in the microvascular lab, KGMU at Lucknow. Apart from this, Dr. Arora has also enthusiastically participated in many UG & PG training programs including lectures, tutorials, and operative procedures.

    Dr. Sunil Arora is a bundle of talents! That’s the simple reason why he has been bestowed upon with numerous awards and honors. His continued endeavors of delivering honest and dedicated services are indeed a blessing for the society. He has been awarded as “Best Plastic Surgeon In jaipur”, Rajasthan in a survey, based entirely on patient feedback, for receiving 100% positive patient feedback.

    Dr. Arora is also recently awarded as “Visionaries of Rajasthan “, by India Today Group on 27th May 2016.


    Also, he was felicitated by Australian cricketer Shane Watson and South African cricket team coach, Paddy Upton, during the inaugural function of Project Smile (free services to cleft patients). In addition to this, he was also honored for significant contribution as Plastic Surgeon at the Lifeline Express Project – a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.


    His active research interest and unstoppable caring behavior for his patients have led Dr. Sunil Arora to be an active participant in many civic and community activities, scientific meetings, thesis, and presentations. His achievement speaks volumes of his competency that has led his name among the top plastic surgeons in Indore. And also, has placed him a role model for any aspiring candidates to become a cosmetic surgeon in Indore.


    What is Plastic Surgery?

    Plastic surgery is an appearance-centric branch of medicine that aims at improving the shape, size, structure, functioning and overall looks of your body with the help of a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.


    The surgical procedures which are carried out during plastic surgery can be broadly categorized into the following two categories: 


    1. Cosmetic Surgery

    Also called aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery specifically focuses on enhancing the outward show of your body parts such as skin, hair, etc. to boost confidence and increase your self-esteem. 


    Examples of cosmetic surgical procedures include—-


    • Facelifts
    • Breast Augmentation (Breast Implantation Surgery)
    • Liposuction
    • Rhinoplasty or Nose Job
    • Tummy Tucks
    • Botox Injections, etc


    Cosmetic surgical procedures are completely optional and they don’t call for a medical necessity. However, they are an excellent option for anyone conscious of problems like excessive weight around specific areas, uneven skin tone, severe hair loss, etc.


    2. Reconstructive Surgery

    Unlike cosmetic surgical procedures, reconstructive surgery aims at restoring the functioning as well as the structure of various body parts that are negatively impacted by external as well as internal problems like—


    • Hereditary disorders
    • Acquired diseases
    • Accidents that cause trauma 
    • Deformities which occur as a result of some adverse effect due to some other medical surgery

    Who should opt for Plastic Surgery?

    Right from people who are concerned about the excessive fat around specific areas of their body to those desiring a larger breast size, plastic surgery offers a lot of benefits to anyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing body shape and improved functioning of certain body parts.


    Therefore, if you are considering to undergo a cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedure, here are some ways in which you can benefit from it:


    1. Physical And Aesthetic Concerns

    Plastic surgery can help you combat the irregular and uneven appearance of your body shape and correct the deformities related to your facial features including nose and lips with the help of procedures like body contouring, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty etc.


    Surgeries like eyelid surgery, face lifting procedures and dermal fillers encourage graceful ageing by addressing matured skin-related problems such as:


    • Wrinkles
    • Loose or saggy skin
    • Volume loss

    2. Reconstructive Surgery Post Trauma Or Illness

    Reconstructive surgical procedures are great for people who have:


    • Undergone extensive tissue damage
    • Lost the volume and appearance of their breasts because of health issues like breast cancer
    • And, those who want to fade out the scars that appear after the healing of the superficial and deep wounds. 

    3. Congenital Abnormalities

    Congenital abnormalities refer to the bodily disorders that occur as a result of hereditary factors that interfere with the normal functioning of certain body parts. 


    Examples of such disorders and deformities include:


    • Webbed Fingers 
    • Cleft Lip
    • Abnormal Skull Shape
    • Microtia 
    • Improperly developed or underdeveloped ears

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      Pre Operative Preparation for Plastic Surgery

      Once you have decided to undergo plastic surgery, the next step is to start preparing for it. 


      Here is a list of preoperative preparation steps which are crucial to ensure that the surgery proceeds with maximum safety, and minimum discomfort and can generate expected and successful outcomes. 


      1. Medical Evaluations After An Initial Consultation

      After discussing your major concerns, goals and expectations from the surgery, your plastic surgeon will conduct a detailed evaluation to collect information about your current health status. 


      They consist of analyzing your medical history, the presence of allergies and other factors that might impact your surgery. 


      These evaluations consist of diagnostic tests like ECG (Electrocardiogram), blood tests etc. These are important because if you are found suffering from diseases like diabetes or hypertension, management tips need to be provided before the surgery. 


      2. Cessation Of Medicines And Supplements

      Specific supplements and medicines might interfere with your surgery and create adverse effects. These include the risk of development of complications and increased bleeding during or after the surgery. 


      For this reason, your surgeon might recommend you to temporarily stop the usage of substances like:


      • Certain Herbal Supplements
      • Blood Thinners
      • NSAIDs 
      • Some Over-The-Counter Medicines

      3. Lifestyle Modifications

      If you are planning to take on cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, it is strictly recommended to quit smoking and minimize alcohol intake at least 1 to 2 months before your surgery. 


      Apart from these, your surgeon might also provide you with additional instructions related to diet and cleansing of the body part which has to undergo the surgery. 


      You must follow these instructions carefully to extract out the maximum benefits from your plastic surgery. 


      What Are the Benefits of Plastic Surgery?

      Apart from correcting your physical flaws and imperfections, plastic surgery also plays a crucial role in improving the way you see yourself and appreciate your body. 


      Successful results not only guarantee a positive outlook externally but also bring about drastic changes in your emotional, social and psychological well-being. 


      Therefore if you are considering plastic surgery then here is a list of benefits that it offers—


      1. Boosting Self-Confidence By Enhancing Your Physical Features

      Have you ever changed your dressing sense to hide the extra fat that bulges out from your belly? Do you also hate answering questions about your decreasing hair density? 


      Well, nobody has a perfect body. And it is just human to feel bad about such critical comments. However, opting for cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, hair transplantation etc. can help to eliminate your worries regarding such issues. 


      As a result, not only your self-esteem but also your self-confidence gets boosted to make you feel more comfortable in personal, professional and social settings by enhancing the way you look. 


      2. Correction Of Deformities


      Having structural deformities that occur due to reasons like hereditary disorders or external trauma can hamper your body’s typical day-to-day functioning. 


      In such situations, reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgeries can be used to correct and bring back the impacted body part’s normal functioning. 


      3. Enhancement Of Your Body Shape

      Weight fluctuations that result from any underlying disease or as a postpartum aftereffect can result in the disfiguration of your body. Some kinds of medical procedures can also lead to the accumulation of fats in particular areas of the body. 


      Surgeries like body lifts, tummy tucks, etc. help restore a youthful appearance and give your body a more balanced shape. 

      Procedure of Plastic Surgery in Jaipur

      While the exact steps depend on factors like the type of plastic surgery you are opting for, the body part which you want to be treated, and your personal goals and preferences, there are some steps which are common to every procedure like:


      • Breast Augmentation
      • Rhinoplasty
      • Facelift
      • Liposuction
      • Tummy Tuck, etc.

      Here is an outline of the typical steps involved in plastic surgery—


      • Consultation: The first step involves the discussion of your primary concerns along with understanding your goals and expectations from the surgery. 
      •  Medical Evaluation: The surgeon analyzes factors like your medical history and asks you whether you are taking any kind of medicines or supplements. After understanding your situation, they will recommend suitable options along with providing detailed information about the associated advantages and possible risks.
      • Preoperative Preparation: after the selection of the suitable surgery type, you will be given preoperative preparation tips and instructions that you need to follow before the actual surgery takes place. 
      • Anaesthesia: on the day of your surgery, based on individual factors, Anesthesia is administered to the targeted operation site. 
      • Surgical Procedure: When the anaesthesia starts showing its effects, the actual surgery is carried out by making incisions (small cuts) on the target location as the first step. This step involves processes like reshaping the tissues, extracting out excessive fats, etc. 
      • Closing The Incisions: after making necessary surgical modifications, the incisions are closed followed by the application of bandages and other dressing materials on them. 
      • Follow-Up Care Instructions: Lastly, once you get discharged, you will be given post-operative instructions to follow during the recovery time. 

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        After Surgery Care for Plastic Surgery

        Post-operative care instructions refer to the care and maintenance tips that your surgeon gives to make sure that you heal and recover properly after the surgery.


        For a hassle-free and comfortable recovery, following the post-operative care instructions given by your plastic surgeon is essential. 


        Even though the measures and the lifestyle and dietary changes which your surgeon will suggest to adopt after your surgery differ for every individual there are certain tips and steps which are common to every type of procedure. 


        These generally include:


        1. Wound Care

        Your surgeon will advise you to take care of your wounds by:


        • Keeping the surgical site clean and dry
        • Avoiding activities that overexpose your incisions to water. Examples include hot water baths in a tub and swimming. 
        • Application of prescribed ointments

        2. Pain Management

        • Scheduled intake of prescribed pain-relieving medications
        • Avoidance of home remedies, over-the-counter drugs and non-prescription medications.

        3. Medication Usage

        You have to be regular in taking the medicines which your surgeon has prescribed as they help to prevent infection around the incision sites and encourage faster healing of the wounds.


        4. Avoidance Of Certain Physical Activities

        Depending on the site of the operation, your plastic surgeon might recommend you avoid heavy physical exercises and other activities like:


        • Lifting heavyweights
        • Exercises that put excessive strain on the muscles of the area which is treated
        • Doing vigorous exercise for an extended duration

        Other instructions might include certain dietary changes, increased water intake, avoidance of alcohol and smoking and wearing compression garments. 


        Apart from these, it is equally important to schedule regular appointments with your surgeon for constant monitoring during the healing period to avoid any complications.

        Plastic Surgery Cost in Jaipur

        The cost of plastic surgery in Jaipur Varies for every individual depending on the type of surgery you choose, the complexity of your case and the time and energy needed to complete the procedure. 


        The primary factors which influence the overall cost of your plastic surgery in Jaipur  include:


        • Complexity Of The Procedure: If your case is complicated and requires the usage of highly advanced tools, increased precision, high-quality and expensive products, and more time for the surgeon, the charges would be higher when compared with simpler surgeries.
        • Surgeon’s Experience And Expertise: Plastic surgeons who have years of experience in performing successful plastic surgeries are more likely to have a well-established reputation. Therefore, plastic surgeons with an excellent reputation and a high level of experience and skills usually charge more for their services. 
        • Anaesthesia Fees: While simple surgeries need only local anaesthesia, complex cases call for the need for sedation or general anaesthesia. General Anesthesia and sedation are more expensive than local anaesthesia and therefore cause an increase in the overall surgery charges. 
        • Facility Charges: Facility charges involve the fees of the nursing staff and the total cost of the operating rooms and the equipment used for your surgery. These will be added to your final bill after the surgery. 
        • Post-Operative Medications And Garments: After the surgery, the surgeon will give you prescription medications and specialised garments to ensure a smooth recovery. the cost of these also influences the overall cost of your plastic surgery
        • Additional Services Or Products: In some cases, your surgeon might also offer additional products and services which can include extra follow-up appointments or some types of skin care products that assist in wound healing. The cost of these decides the final cost of your plastic surgery. 

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        Risks And General Side Effects Of Plastic Surgery

        Before undergoing plastic surgery, it is essential to discuss with your surgeon the potential risks, side effects and complications that might occur during or after the surgery to make a well-informed decision. 


        Here is a list of the commonly observed side effects of plastic surgery:


        • Bleeding: bleeding is the most common side effect seen during and after the surgery. Sometimes small pockets of blood called hematomas, may develop underneath your skin. In such situations, You might need another surgical procedure to drain the hematomas.
        • Infection: Since plastic surgery involves making incisions or small cuts in the target site of operation, there are chances of the development of an infection around those areas. Even though every plastic surgeon takes essential precautions to avoid it, a small risk of complication still remains. 
        • Scarring: Every surgical procedure produces scars. The size and severity of your scars vary according to the type of surgery you have taken. Scarring can only be minimised and cannot be avoided completely at all times.
        • Adverse Reaction Towards Anastasia: if your body does not cooperate with the effects of anaesthesia, the chances of the development of an allergic reaction increase. 
        • Asymmetry: No plastic surgeon, regardless of their experience and qualifications can guarantee perfect symmetry in all cases. 
        • Dissatisfaction With The Results: plastic surgery is not a magic trick that can generate results that match exactly up to your expectations at all times. In some cases, you might not be satisfied completely with your surgery. 

        Therefore, to avoid disappointment after the surgery, you must always tell your surgeon what you expect from the procedure and ask him questions about all the associated side effects and complications that may occur. 


        Make your goals clear in the first appointment itself to ensure maximum satisfaction.

        How to Choose the Best Doctor for Plastic Surgery in Jaipur?

        Selecting the best plastic surgeon is essential to ensure that you have a pleasant experience throughout the surgery. 


        Factors like the skill set of your surgeon, the technology he uses and the techniques he applies play a crucial role in deciding the ultimate result of your plastic surgery.


        Therefore, here are some factors which you must take into consideration while selecting a doctor for plastic surgery:


        1. Credentials And Certifications

        You must always choose a plastic surgeon who has board certifications because it is proof that they have undergone extensive training and will likely be able to match your expectations from the surgery.


        2. Patient Testimonials, Reputation And Experience Level

        You can do online research to find out what is the experience level of your selected plastic surgeon. Reading their online reviews and patient testimonials can give you an idea about their reputation which can simplify your decision-making process. 


        Plastic surgeons with a great reputation and years of surgical experience are always a better option.


        3. Before-And-After Photos

        Asking your doctor to show before-and-after pictures of their successful surgeries is the most important step you can take to choose the best clinic for plastic surgery. 


        Checking out these pictures can give you an idea about what you can expect and you can make the decision accordingly. 


        Apart from these, to make the best choice while selecting a good plastic surgeon for yourself you must always schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals, preferences and expectations from the surgery. 


        It not only helps you to walk in and examine the facilities available at the clinic but also gives you an idea about the way of communication adopted at the clinic. 

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