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Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty is any surgical procedure that results in the construction or reconstruction of the vagina. ALCS offers the best Vaginal Rejuvenation in Jaipur.

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    Vaginal rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty in Jaipur is a plastic surgery for the vagina. A surgeon removes part of the vaginal lining and sews together muscles in the rear of the vagina with the objective of making it tighter.

    Additionally, vaginoplasty entails perineoplasty (tightening the region which encircles the vagina and buttocks), or labiaplasty, in which the labia are reduced on both sides.

    The expression of vaginal rejuvenation covers many distinct procedures. It’s sometimes known as female vaginal plastic surgery, female vaginal cosmetic surgery, vulvovaginal plastic surgery, and designer vagina operation, amongst others and includes one / few of the procedures

    • Labiaplasty – Labia Majoraplasty, Labia Minoraplasty
    • Clitoral hood decrease
    • Perineoplasty

    It is very important to understand patient anatomy before any process can be decided upon.


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      Feminine rejuvenation could offer a welcome boost for self-esteem. Vaginal rejuvenation procedure frequently helps with the following

      • Restore the stability of vaginal walls in order to enhance & enjoy increased sensations
      • Restore the young look and sleek contours of body
      • Heal bladder incontinence.
      • Fix the injury and discoloration of interior vaginal walls due to numerous natural childbirths, or operation.
      • Remove painful intercourse that could happen when the walls of the vagina become overly thin because of a hormone imbalance
      • Repair wear and tear caused during childbirth

      Those that are through with creating babies and believe vaginal muscles have gotten stretched and loose and affecting sex and most suitable candidates.

      One may also consider a Vaginoplasty in Jaipur, even in the event of unfinished childbirth but a concern regarding reduced vaginal tightness impacting sex life,

      • The anxious patient will be asked to stop smoking a month prior to the scheduled operation date because smoking reduces oxygenation. This hampers blood circulation resulting in reduction and slows down the human body’s capacity to heal itself.
      • The operation can’t be performed in the time a female is having her phases and must be scheduled in a manner it happens post completion of bleeding during menstrual cycle so that the operation area cures in time in order to not cause distress during next cycle.
      • A complete physical exam will be completed by the physician to confirm wellbeing and one will also receive counseling around probable complications and risks.
      • Before undergoing surgery, patients bowels will be cleared.
      • A check is carried out by the physician to ascertain the correct quantity of rebuilding that must be carried out.
      • The operation is generally performed under general anesthesia.
      • It may also be performed under consciousness where a medication named Diprovan is used. This medicine keeps the individual in a state of sleep.

      The vaginal rejuvenation cost in Jaipur varies with the sort of surgeon, center, and town of the operation and the treating doctor would need to study in detail and provide costing options.

      • Most sufferers are awake and normal on the same day as operation once the anesthesia wears off.
      • Through the first 24 – 48 hours following surgery, patients must put ice packs on incisions to minimize swelling and swelling.
      • Routine activities are encouraged if there isn’t any irritation or pressure at the incision sites and heavy lifting has to be avoided.
      • Cotton panties / ” granny panties” are suitable post surgery and within 72 hours patient can resume normal activities, making certain that there is minimal friction to the incisions.
      • Patients can drive after two days and return to work post 4 days provided rigorous physical action is avoided, even though a week away is best.
      • During the week post recovery, patients are on pelvic rest (no sex or tampons) and ought to prevent tub tubs/hot tubs or swimming at the lake or sea.
      • Rigorous exercise, biking, horseback riding, jet skis, bikes, and four-wheelers must be avoided throughout the recovery interval.
      • The frequent side effects after vaginoplasty surgery in Jaipur are nausea and dizziness because of the anesthesia administered.
      • Difficulty urinating, abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge, hematoma, experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, loss of sensitivity or pleasure during sexual actions, infection at the website of the operation or inflammation and additionally leaking in the region between the uterus and bladder may happen in case of a ineffective surgery. Hence it is imperative that a patient chooses surgeon and the clinic carefully.
      • Patient should discuss with experienced treating doctor on how all the above-mentioned complications can be avoided.

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