Best Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgery in Jaipur

Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgery

Vaser liposuction is a procedure which is used to change the contours and shape of the body by removing persistent fat deposits. ALCS offers the best Vaser Liposuction Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Vaper liposuction, also called Lipo Choice, is an alternative to the standard liposuction. Patients avail the remedy to enhance the aesthetics of a specific body area and this is carried out by eliminating the fatty acid residue from beneath the epidermis.

    It differs from liposuction from the manner that liposuction is a procedure by which individuals have a tendency to get rid of weight while vaser therapy is usually undergone by someone in good physical state and are searching for contouring or body sculpting.

    Vaser Liposuction in Jaipur uses ultrasound energy to melt fat and this fat is eliminated via a thin tube called cannula. This procedure, therefore, makes it effortless to eliminate fat and is useful to be utilized in regions that have bigger amounts and thicker fats. This procedure utilizes a lesser competitive strategy and so makes it effortless for an individual to recuperate. It’s not critical to shed fat but to tackle fat that’s resistant to exercise and fat.

    What is Laser Liposuction Surgery?

    Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which laser energy is used for fat reduction. Also called laser lipo or laser lipolysis, laser liposuction is one of the safest and most efficient methods of removing excess amounts of fats from various body parts such as your:


    • Thighs
    • Stomach (Belly)
    • Arms 
    • Back
    • Chin
    • Abdomen
    • Buttocks
    • Hips
    • Knees
    • Neck
    • Flanks  Or “Love Handles”

    The cosmetic procedure works by melting away all the extra fat from underneath your skin to give you a more contoured and well-shaped body structure. 


    Laser liposuction works faster than traditional liposuction methods because of the use of laser energy. Therefore, it produces immediate and noticeable results.


    Key features of laser liposuction include—


    • People of different skin types can opt for it as it is highly safe. 
    • It does not require general anaesthesia.
    • It is a minimally invasive surgery that causes a very small amount of pain, swelling and bruising. 
    • Results become visible within the first 7 days itself.
    • The recovery period is shorter when compared with other body sculpting techniques such as CoolSculpting.
    • A typical session requires only around 60 minutes for each area. 
    • It results in the permanent removal of fat cells.

    Since the use of lasers stimulates the production of collagen in your body, your skin becomes tighter and looks healthier. At the same time, laser liposuction also reduces the risk of the skin loosening after a while.

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      Who are the Best Candidates for Laser Liposuction?

      Laser liposuction is not the ideal treatment option for people who are looking for extreme weight loss as it does not help you get rid of excessively high amounts of body fat. However, it can play a significant role in helping you to improve the overall shape of your body by knocking out deposited fat pockets from specific areas of your body. 


      Here are the criteria that you must meet in order to become the best candidate for laser liposuction:


      • You should have a healthy body weight. It means that you should be within a range of 20 pounds from the ideal body weight that you are targeting through laser liposuction surgery. 
      • You should have good skin elasticity.
      • You should not have an excessive amount of loose and saggy skin.
      • You should be free from all types of medical conditions and underlying health issues as ultrasonic liposuction surgery can increase the chances of producing some side effects if you are suffering from a disease when you have it. 
      • You should have good muscle tone
      • You should be devoted towards adopting healthy lifestyle habits post-surgery to maintain the results of liposuction surgery. Examples include performing regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. 

      Apart from these, it is essential to set clearly defined goals and have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment and achieve the best results.

      Preoperative Preparation for Laser Liposuction

      Laser liposuction is an excellent way to eliminate excessive fatty deposits that don’t get easily removed by following a strict diet or even by exercise. But the process needs some preparation measures which you must take care of prior to your surgery. These include—


      • A medical evaluation that includes discussing your expectations and goals along with reviewing your entire medical history. 
      • If you are taking any type of medicines or over-the-counter supplements such as anti-inflammatory agents, herbal pills, blood thinners, etc., you must inform your doctor because it is essential to adjust their doses and temporarily stop their intake (in some cases) to support the liposuction surgery. 
      • One of the most important preoperative steps you can take is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that gives you enough vitamins and minerals to support faster recovery. You must also stay well hydrated and maintain a healthy body weight. 
      • Smoking increases the risk of the development of complications after the liposuction surgery. That is why you must stop smoking for at least some weeks before undergoing laser liposuction surgery. Limiting alcohol intake is also equally important. 
      • Even though compression garments are required after the surgery, you must get them in advance so that your plastic surgeon can evaluate if they are the right fit and suitable for your needs.

      These measures increase the longevity of liposuction outcomes and ensure that you have a smooth and pain-free recovery after the surgery.

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        What Are the Benefits of Laser Liposuction?

        In comparison with traditional liposuction techniques, laser liposuction offers a lot more benefits such as–


        Targeted Fat Removal: One of the key features of laser liposuction is its ability to provide targeted results with minimal invasion. It makes sure that fat is removed only from those areas which you desire. 


        Minimal Scarring: Unlike traditional liposuction techniques, laser liposuction leads to the formation of only small cuts or incisions having a size range of only some millimetres. As a result, the scars that are formed are hardly noticeable.


        Shorter Recovery Time: Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery that does not give you large open wounds. Therefore, since only small cuts are made, the healing time is comparatively faster and less painful than traditional liposuction methods. 


        Skin Tightening Effects: The use of laser technology enhances the production of collagen in your skin. The main function of collagen is to maintain the skin’s elasticity and keep it firm for an extended duration. So, it is beneficial for people who have small portions of saggy skin. 


        Improved Precision: When a laser is used for the liquefaction of fat cells, the process becomes easier and highly precise enabling your surgeon to provide customized results. Laser technology also provides better control over the liposuction process decreasing trauma to the target site and resulting in smoother contouring. 


        Minimum Bleeding And Bruising: The thermal energy of the laser causes instant coagulation of the blood vessels ultimately decreasing blood loss from your body. It increases the comfort level and ensures that you have a faster and smoother recovery. 

        Procedure of Laser Liposuction Surgery

        The surgical steps involved in the process of laser liposuction surgery include:


        Administration Of Anaesthesia: The targeted location is administered with local anaesthesia to minimise discomfort during the surgery. In highly complicated cases where multiple areas require fat reduction, general anaesthesia or sedation is given.


        Creating Small Incisions: Once the anaesthesia numbs the targeted location completely, your surgeon will make small cuts called incisions strategically at the target site. These cuts provide easier access to the fat deposits. 


        Inserting A Cannula Equipped With Laser: A Cannula is a hollow and thin tube which is equipped with laser fibre. It passes through the incisions to deliver the laser energy to fat cells. 


        Liquefaction Of Fat Cells: Laser emissions directly reach the tissues containing fat. When the fat cells absorb the laser energy, they start rupturing and ultimately melt and turn into a liquid state. 


        Sucking Out The Liquefied Fat: The liquefied fat is then gently sucked out from the skin with the help of the cannula. The small size of the cannula makes it easier to pull and suck out the liquified fat. 


        Contouring And Sculpting: The laser allows a precise control which enables the surgeon to carefully sculpt out the desired body shape.


        Closing The Incisions: After removing all the extra fat from the desired areas, the incisions are finally closed with the help of surgical tapes, adhesive strips or sutures.

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          After Surgery Care for Laser Liposuction

          Strictly adhering to the guidelines given by your surgeon for post-operative care is essential for a quick and safe recovery after laser liposuction surgery. 


          Post-operative care instructions generally include:


          Wound Care: Keeping your incisions clean, regular application of the prescribed antibiotic ointments, covering your incisions properly and changing their dressing as per the guidelines given by a surgeon is essential. Never rub or scrub the incisions.


          Pain Management: You can ask your surgeon to prescribe you suitable pain-relieving medications to manage pain that happens after the surgery. Using ice packs that consist of ice covered in a cloth is also an excellent home remedy to reduce swelling and minimise pain to some extent.


          Compression Garments: Compression garments provide improved blood circulation, encourage the healing process and reduce swelling. You have to be consistent in wearing the compression garments.


          Gradual Resumption Of Activities: The initial recovery time demands enough rest.  You must restrict your physical activity and particularly avoid getting involved in heavy weight lifting and vigorous exercise. However, you can opt for gentle walking as it promotes blood circulation and decreases the chance of the formation of blood clots. 


          Things To Avoid: Certain medications and supplements may not work well with the effects of your surgery. These can include dietary supplements, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory agents, herbal supplements etc. as they can interfere with the healing process. Do not smoke or take alcohol post-surgery because they can result in complications.


          Apart from these, you must also make regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress and address any underlying issues if they occur. 

          Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgery Cost In Jaipur

          The cost of Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction in Jaipur starts from 80,000 INR, providing an advanced and effective option for targeted fat removal and body contouring. The overall cost may vary based on factors such as the clinic’s reputation, surgeon expertise, and the specific areas being treated. For personalized details on factors influencing the final price, schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and determine the comprehensive cost of Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction.


          Factors That Influence the Cost of Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgery In Jaipur

          The cost of laser liposuction surgery in Jaipur varies for every individual depending on factors like—


          Surgeon’s Expertise: The skill set, qualifications, reputation and experience level of the surgeon performing the laser liposuction surgery decides their charges. A surgeon who is more experienced and possesses certifications from the board is likely to charge higher than others.


          The Number Of Areas That Require Treatment: The cost of laser liposuction surgery increases with the number of body parts that require fat removal. Eg. A person who is aiming for fat reduction from only their hip area will have to spend less money than someone who needs treatment on multiple areas like arms, thighs, chin, abdomen etc. 


          Complexity Of The Procedure: Some locations of your body might be easier to access than others. In such situations, the process becomes simplified and the cost is less. However, for fat-filled areas that are challenging to access and larger in size, more effort, time, energy and a higher level of precision are needed for successful outcomes. Such complicated procedures are usually more expensive. 


          Anaesthesia Charges: Each type of anaesthesia has a different cost. Local anaesthesia is generally less expensive than sedation or general anaesthesia. The cost of anaesthesia is added to the overall expense of the liposuction surgery. 


          Facility Charges: Facility charges involve the fees of the nursing staff, equipment charges, cost of the operating room, etc. that get added to the final surgery bill.


          Post-Operative Medications And Garments: These include the cost of the prescription medications and specialised compression garments that are given during the recovery period after the surgery.


          Additional Services: Sometimes, the surgeon might give you additional products and services including skin care products and post-operative consultations that assist in faster recovery. The cost of these will also be included in the overall expense.

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          Risks and General Side Effects of Laser Liposuction

          Here is an overview of the common side effects and risks of the laser liposuction surgery:


          • Bruising And Swelling: It is common to observe bruising and swelling in the areas that are treated. These are very normal and usually go away within several weeks after your surgery.
          • Numbness: the effect of anaesthesia on the treated area usually takes some days to go away completely. In more complicated cases, numbness can persist for months.
          • Temporary Skin Irregularities: after the surgery your skin might have visible skin irregularities and changes such as waviness or lumpiness. It is a rare side effect that resolves slowly as your healing process proceeds.
          • Contour Irregularities: Laser liposuction does not guarantee perfect contouring and symmetry in the results obtained after the surgery all the time. Therefore, there are some chances of contour irregularities which require treatment with additional touch-ups.
          • Fluid Accumulation: In some cases, the fluid might build up into your skin leading to the formation of a substance called seroma. Seroma requires drainage with the help of additional treatments. That is why it is crucial to be regular in wearing compression garments and following post-operative care instructions strictly to avoid this. 
          • Infection: infection occurs in extremely rare situations. 

          It is advisable to discuss all the potential risks and side effects of your surgery before getting the treatment to stay informed and prepared for them. Contacting your surgeon immediately after observing the appearance of any of the above conditions is essential for their timely elimination. 


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            • Quick recovery of our Customers
            • Reduced demand for painkillers
            • Reduced blood loss
            • Reduced demand for repeated treatments
            • Predictable outcomes without problems
            • Skin tightening
            • Increased precision
            • Reduced bodily tiring
            • Fat residue Acceptable for injecting into body or face

            Vaser Liposuction in Jaipur is usually utilized to enhance the aesthetics of a specific portion of a human body rather than to only eliminate weight. This therapy is undertaken by those who are less healthy and are searching for contouring or body sculpting. Individuals that wish to take care of fibrous areas such as the upper abdomen and spine can obtain this therapy. Individuals that wish to extract large quantities of fat will also be eligible for this therapy since the ultrasound waves may divide and liquefy even large regions of fat.

            • Vaser Liposuction in Jaipur is a surgical procedure where a surgeon removes the unwanted deposits of fat tissue out of particular body parts, for example, neck, upper arms, upper and lower spine, stomach, thighs and hips, buttocks, with the objective of body contouring.
            • The process isn’t a substitute for weight reduction, it’s a procedure of eliminating the unwanted deposits of fat tissue.
            • The vibration loosens the fat cells and emulsifies the tumescent liquid that’s been injected in the region of the body that has been treated.
            • Since the emulsification procedure begins, a little cannula can be used to eliminate the liquid along with the cells.
            • The local anesthetic which stays in the area can help to take care of the post-procedural pain.
            • The procedure delivers the cosmetic surgeon better control and an individual can acquire the smooth and contoured look he desires.
            • Vaser liposuction employs the saline solution which causes less bleeding and swelling and protects and keeps other cells.

            The Vaser Liposuction cost in Jaipur depends upon where you’re getting the treatment. No matter how the approximate prices for this process in various areas of the body. These are however, very broad guidelines and for the correct cost, patient should go through specific conditions, change required etc with the treating surgeon and obtain the right pricing.

            The swelling which occurs because of vaper incisions generally recedes in approximately 24 days. The standard time period needed for the bruising to deteriorate is normally 16 days. Again, about 16 times are needed for individuals to become within the numbness in locations where the treatment was done. This therapy doesn’t have any harsh implications however an individual requires about a time to get on the first side-effects.

            Vaser Liposuction in Jaipur can help to get rid of genetic fat deposits that can’t be readily eliminated by exercising. The most important advantage of this therapy is that will help you to get in great shape by removing extra fat. But you have to lead a wholesome lifestyle so as to stop your body from moving back to its old self. Someone ought to exercise regularly and avoid having sweets and fast foods in order to keep the sculpted appearance that the treatment has supplied him/her.

            Vaser Lipo in Jaipur is a minimally invasive procedure accepted by the FDA. It causes no or minimal physical injury of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. Like any surgical procedure, Vaser Lipo has a few dangers, but Vaser technology considerably reduces the risks in contrast with conventional liposuction methods.
            The most frequent risks are swelling bruising and postoperative unease. With inexperienced surgeons, the dangers are more severe. Too much tumescent fluid may damage the lungs, and in the event, the ultrasonic probe isn’t used properly there might be burnt. The dangers are greatly mitigated by selecting a skilled and experienced surgeon.

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