4 Reasons that decides Hair Transplant Success Rate

You can consider getting a hair transplant if you notice bald patches and hair thinning and feel extremely worried about it. Compared to other hair restoration methods, such as over-the-counter products, the success rate of hair transplant is much higher. In three to four months, around 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair would grow back to normal length.

Here are some of how you get a hair transplant successful:

  • Choice of the clinic: Several factors determine the hair transplant success rate, and opting for a high-end clinic is one of them. The procedure’s success also depends on the type of procedure and the extent of hair damage and loss. 
  • Skilled surgeons: It is always safer to get your hair transplant done by an experienced doctor with specific training in the field. Make sure to see the reviews of the patients they have treated to understand their extent of expertise. Doctors with advanced knowledge and training who are introduced to the field would be the better choice. Also, ensure they have sufficient experience with the type of problem you are suffering from. 
  • Kind of procedure: There are several types of procedures, and each hair transplant success rate is different. The most trusted and safest option is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE); the hair transplant success rate is high and everyone’s top option. The procedure is done by taking hair from one part of the hair, known as the donor site, and grafting it on the bald and thinning regions of the head, known as the recipient site. The healthy hair follicles are extracted and grafted one by one. It is the distinguishing factor making FUE hair transplants successful. In other techniques, the common approach is to extract the entire strip of skin containing healthy, strong hair follicles and divide them into sections which are then transplanted on the recipient area. FUE is a more precise and technical method, making the hair transplant successful. 

The high degree of precision of FUE is the reason why it is the preferred choice by most doctors for treatment. Also, many patients prefer FUE because it gives natural-looking hair growth afterward. It seems so natural that anyone who has not seen you before would never believe you had hair fall issues. Finally, in terms of pain, FUE is much less painful compared to other procedures.

  • Professional advice: The only way to understand the reason for hair fall and how to treat it is to have a consultation with an experienced doctor. As per your condition, they would examine and suggest a treatment plan. They would suggest all the options available and also the outcomes of each procedure. It would be a complete mistake if you just decided on getting a hair transplant without understanding your condition, the reason for hair loss, the techniques available, the success rate of hair transplant, recovery, etc. 

After undergoing a hair transplant surgery, the scalp is extremely tender. Pain medications are prescribed for some days after the surgery. You would have to wear bandages on your head to cover your scalp for one or two days. The doctor would also prescribe antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs for several days. It would be best if you had a break of 2 to 5 days from your office to recover and heal.

Within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, you will notice that your hair has started falling out. It is entirely normal, and new hair will start growing in a few months. It would take around 6 to 9 months to see the success of a hair transplant. The doctors can also prescribe hair-growing drugs such as minoxidil to boost hair growth after trepanation. However, there are backed-up studies showing hair growth drugs’ efficiency.  

How long does a hair transplant last?

The success rate of hair transplants is high; thus, patients need not worry about it. After the procedure, the patient would have thicker hair and feel confident. However, in some cases, it can result in hair thinning and hair fall, which would give an unnatural patchy appearance. Therefore, subsequent sessions are required for the long-term success of hair transplants. 

Touch up procedure may also be required, which is done to fill in any gaps or thinning patches to give an overall natural hair appearance.

The hair transplant success rate also depends on postoperative care. Make sure to follow all the instructions of the doctor. Avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks, and start with the persimmon of the doctor. You would have to wait for some days even to wash your hair.

Most of the patients undergoing surgery are worried about the success rate of hair transplants and the longevity of the new hair. However, the vital thing to remember is that the results can vary from person to person.

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