6 Common Nose Shape Concerns That Rhinoplasty Can Resolve

Rhinoplasty or Nose job is a nose reshaping procedure that enhances the overall facial features and brings your nose in proportion. This surgical procedure can rectify nasal elements and bring your nose in the right balance. However, this is a surgical method and can also improve your reduced breathing that is caused by structural deformities in the nose. But before deciding to undergo a Rhinoplasty procedure, make sure that you choose to undergo this elective process very wisely to reshape or resize your nose. However, Rhinoplasty can correct the following nose concerns-

When the bridge of the nose is exceedingly wide or flat- 

  • Many ethnicities possess a wide nose or flat nose across the bridge, which can be repaired by a Rhinoplasty procedure. 
  • Asian Rhinoplasty surgery is capable of reducing the width of the nasal bridge by modifying the tip of the nose or improving the base of the nose.
  • This procedure is most frequently used for a flat or low bridge that is popular as Augmentation Rhinoplasty and may even involve bridge implants.
  • After the nose bridge augmentation surgery, most of the patients usually notice a significant improvement in the overall nasal contour and experiences an altered facial appearance.
  • But you must be aware of the entire healing process that may take up to a year or more before the related swelling will disappear completely.

When a nose has a sizeable Bulbous Tip

  • Some patients often complain about having a rounded and bulbous nose tip that occurs due to the shape of the lower lateral cartilages.
  • In case you have a bulbous nose tip, it can make your nose look extremely big and full.
  • A bulbous or rounded nasal tip can be enhanced by improving the shape of the side-lower cartilage and will help you to accomplish a triangular nasal appearance.

When the nose is too big or too long

  • When a person has a huge and long nose, then it can become the focus the unwanted attention or even bullying.
  • A large or a long nose can give rise to extreme self-consciousness and may cover up the other facial features.
  • Often people suffering from such conditions may choose to undergo a complicated Rhinoplasty procedure that involves reducing the nasal tip to make it a compact and smaller one.

When the nose is too pointy for the patient

  • A pointy nose is often the result of projecting nasal septum cartilage or excess cartilage at the tip of the nose.
  • The reduction of this cartilage through nose reshaping surgery is usually quite active over the longer term once the swelling resolves.
  • Rhinoplasty can effectively improve a pointy nose by diminishing the size of the nose. Often the round tip of the nose is also refined to produce the best appearance and improves the overall facial symmetry.
  • The downtime involved is not very long.

When the nose is crooked

  • A crooked nose can be the result of injury or facial trauma during the birth
  • It may also stem from some heredity factors, including a potential overgrowth of cartilages and bones that ends up pulling the nose apart.
  • Nasal asymmetry is another problem that needs to be solved.
  • The nasal bones are tweaked proficiently to repair a crooked nose.
  • This is a relatively complex and invasive procedure in comparison to Tip Rhinoplasty or Bridge Augmentation.

When the nose has a prominent hump of nose-bridge bump

  • The nasal humps can significantly vary in size, detract from the rest of the face, and draw attention from eyes.
  • When consulting with your specialist Plastic surgeon, it is essential to communicate the amount of reduction you want in the hump.
  • Some patients may also prefer to eliminate the hump to make the bridge of the nose completely straight.

How to prepare before going ahead with Nose Surgery?

Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, it is essential to keep a realistic expectation from the procedure. You must also make sure the reason you are choosing to under this procedure, and you must be confident about selecting the surgery for yourself. It is also extremely crucial to find a plastic surgeon who is qualified and holds several years of experience in his field.

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