At times, we generalise the effects of medical procedures, and this generalisation sometimes conceals the facts. Let us understand the absolute truth behind hair transplants and debunk the popular hair transplant myths.

1. Hair transplants give immediate results.

Hair transplants do not provide instant results, but you can observe full growth after 6-9 months. Some patients may experience a waiting period of 12 months. Additionally, you may experience fall-out of the transplanted hair due to shock. It is a natural occurrence. Once the shock or sleeping phase gets over, you can notice hair growth on your scalp. The hair growth matches the existing hair on your scalp and perfectly blends with them.

It is crucial to understand the hair transplant facts and myths before making a decision.

2. A hair transplant is painful.

You are given anaesthesia doses before starting the procedure to control pain and discomfort. Once anaesthesia stops showing its effects, you may experience pain at the surgery site. However, this pain is controlled through painkillers prescribed by your surgeon. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), your surgeon uses micro-puncture tools to carry out the procedure. These tools are effective to extract hair follicles and plant them in the desired area. As a result, the surgery site heals fast and reduces your dependency on painkillers. Moreover, you can resume your work in 2-3 days.

3. Only men are suitable to undergo hair transplants.

It is one of the prevalent hair transplant myths. People associate baldness and hair thinning to male pattern baldness. However, this is not true. Both men and women lose hair, but their hair loss pattern differs. Hair restoration techniques are suitable for men and women and effectively cover bald patches and diffuse hair thinning. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are effective hair transplant procedures. If you have been diagnosed with male or female pattern baldness, you can undergo these hair restorative procedures to fight hair loss.

Men generally lose hair from the back or front of their scalp, whereas women have diffuse thinning.

4. It is expensive, and only rich people can afford transplants.

Another common myth is that hair transplant is accessible only by the rich. People believe that hair transplant surgery is expensive and hence, unaffordable for everyone. However, the truth is hair transplant procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are affordable. It is a one-time expenditure that provides near-permanent results. Moreover, you can save your money by stopping the investment in alternative hair restoration procedures and topical medications. Therefore, it is cost-effective as compared to other hair restorative procedures.

5. Hair transplants provide temporary results.

It is generally believed that hair transplants do not provide permanent results. However, the hair transplant facts prove it wrong. These procedures offer near-permanent results with a natural-looking appearance. After 5-7 weeks of the hair transplant procedure, your hair may fall off temporarily, but it is a common phenomenon. After this, new hair will grow from the transplanted follicles in the next 5-6 weeks.

6. It is popular among young candidates.

Most mid and old age people believe that hair transplant is best suited for young people. However, this is not true as your age and gender are not linked to hair restoration procedures. Anyone between the age of 25-70 can undergo this procedure to get a fuller scalp. However, young adults in their early 20s are not considered eligible for hair transplants. It is because people in their early 20s do not have a fixed hair loss pattern. Therefore, it is challenging to determine the perfect procedure to suit their requirements. However, they can choose a preliminary transplant to enhance their hairline and get a fuller appearance.

7. It does not provide natural-looking results.

Hair transplant procedures provide a natural and subtle look as the grafted hair follicles match the texture of your existing hair. These hair grafts are prepared by extracting existing hair follicles from your scalp. If you have taken the services of an experienced and reputed surgeon, you must not worry about your looks. Before performing hair transplant surgery, your surgeon considers angles of the hair and grafts, follicle’s location, and targeted area to provide a natural look. Once your hair grows back, you can cut, wash, or colour them according to your choice.

There is a need to discuss hair transplant facts and myths to bust the prevalent thoughts on hair restoration surgeries. If you want a natural and long-lasting result from your hair transplant surgery, you may contact ALCS Clinic. At ALCS Clinic, we use the latest technology to prepare hair grafts and plant them in areas with low hair density. Our expert surgeons and medical professionals evaluate your suitability and then suggest the best hair restoration method for you. Moreover, you can walk through our doors to know more about hair transplant facts and debunk the myths.

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