7 Quick Facts To Understand Gynecomastia And Gynecomastia Surgery

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the development of mammary glands in males due to an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It can occur on one or both breasts of the person.

The primary reason behind gynecomastia is the disturbance of the hormonal balance between estrogen and testosterone. It can also be due to certain medications and diseases leading to breast development. One of the gynecomastia facts is that, in most cases, it subsides on its own. However, you may consider undergoing gynecomastia surgery if you feel self-conscious about it.

What is the cause of gynecomastia?

The imbalance in the levels of the hormones estrogen and testosterone is the common cause of gynecomastia. In males, a small quantity of estrogen is produced, which controls breast growth. In case of an imbalance, the estrogen level goes up, or the testosterone level goes down, and you may get gynecomastia.

Also, one of the gynecomastia facts is that it is commonly seen in obese people. It is because the deposition of fat in the breast causes pseudo-gynecomastia.

Some of the conditions which cause gynecomastia are:

  • Adrenal tumour 
  • Alcoholism 
  • Liver disorders
  • Thyroid
  • Kidney problems 
  • Klinflinters diseases (a genetic disorder)

Here are some gynecomastia facts which you should know more about:

  • The primary cause of gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance. It is generally observed in obese patients. Breast development can be due to the overdevelopment of ductal or glandular tissues and high body fat levels. Also, if the level of testosterone falls compared to the level of oestrogen, it can result in the dominance of female characteristics like breast development.
  • Alcoholism: Many people are in the grey area about these gynecomastia facts. Drinking alcohol results in an increase in the levels of oestrogen in the blood. The hormonal imbalance is not the sole reason, but for someone who’s overindulging in alcohol can result in weight gain and then subsequent risks of gynecomastia surgery.
  • Weight gain: In most cases, people confuse gynecomastia and weight gain. Weight gain results in fat formation and accumulation in the chest. Through gynecomastia surgery, it is possible to remove the overdeveloped breast tissue and excess skin, restoring the natural look. In males, the breast tissue is a mixture of glandular and greasy tissue. Thus, weight gain would further cause hormonal imbalance and hence gynecomastia.
  • Lack of awareness: Today’s medical science has advanced so much that there is a treatment for almost every ailment. Some patients keep suffering and do not have any knowledge about gynecomastia surgery. With time the surgery has become less invasive. Now with the availability of ultrasound liposuction, the surgeries have become less invasive and leave minimal to no scar in the operated area. Opt for a hospital with the latest technology, services and tools to give you the perfect chest.
  • Irreversible procedure: In nearly all cases, gynecomastia does not occur once the area is operated. However, if you wish to enhance your chest and do further corrections, it is better to consult with the specialist whether it is suitable. Each person is unique, and how their body responds to a medical procedure also varies. The kind of reaction the body shows entirely depends upon the individual’s physiological state of the body. Before deciding upon any surgery, it is better to have a consultation session with your specialist to have a clear view of the surgery and its drawbacks and possible complications.
  • Medications: If you have checked your hormone levels and find no imbalance in them, then the culprit for your newly developed mammary glands might be one of the medications you are consuming. Thus, certain medications can be the cause of gynecomastia. It is primarily due to the medications used to control prostate gland disorders, depression, anxiety, liver disorders and heart problems. The diseases of the endocrine gland can result in the development of breasts in males. Hence make sure to have a direct conversation with the doctor for a thorough discussion and give all the details about your existing chronic conditions and the medicines you are following. A transparent discussion about all your conditions would help the doctor figure out the actual problem and work on it accordingly.
  • The doctor’s expertise: The better you opt for your gynecomastia, the higher the chances of getting the desired results. The surgeon’s experience plays a crucial role in handling moments of complications and severity. It ensures you get the best treatment from well-qualified plastic surgeons trained and accredited nationally. How the doctor proceeds and does the surgery is the determining factor in the procedure’s outcome.

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