7 Things You May Not Know About Rhinoplasty

We have always characterised the nose based on the appearance rather than its functionality. 

Born with it so got to carry on with it our whole lives! But in today’s age with the growth of technology and medical procedures if we have the option of alteration to bolster our confidence or simply have a beautiful nose, then why not?

Rhinoplasty is one such surgical procedure to change the nose’s appearance for beauty reasons or improve the breathing issues. Here, we briefly discuss the whys the whats and the hows of Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is more than aesthetics:

Surprise: approximately 88% of people have a deviated septum. Not all 88% want the most beautiful nose,  but the need arises for rhinoplasty to improve breathing functionality.

Apart from appearance rhinoplasty is opted for an injury, a congenital disability, or specific breathing problems. Deviated Septum occurs when one of the nasal passages is smaller than the other and causes nasal congestion and shortness of breath.

It’s advisable to opt for Rhinoplasty at an age when the nose bone is fully grown in cases related to appearance. Although in cases of breathing problems, it can be performed in young children as well.

No two noses are the same:

Your nose is your own as it balances and blends with the features of your face. A sort of harmony exists which is unique to every face. The encircling features also influence the way your nose looks.

The noses are structurally identical but appear differently on people due to their other features. Dr Sunil Arora always asks his patients to bring pictures of noses they would like during consultation.

It helps me understand what to replicate and what are the problem areas. Using images, he then creates the appearance that works in the best interest of the patient. 

There is more to rhinoplasty: 

There are two types of procedures in Rhinoplasty. Dr Sunil Arora examines the ratio of bone to cartilage and the areas of concern to determine which method would work best for you.

The shape of your nose and desired results would play a key role in finalising the procedure. Following are two procedures: –

Closed Rhinoplasty: – In this procedure, incisions and modifications are performed inside the nose. It is mainly conducted on patients who need minor changes in the size and shape of the nose.

There are no visible scars in this procedure, takes lesser time to perform, and has a shorter recovery time. Limited access to the nose and visibility into nasal structures can make it challenging for the surgeon to perform accurate modifications.

Open Rhinoplasty: – This procedure is done on patients with a significant change in size and shape of the nose, patients with a previous rhinoplasty and or corrections in the nasal or middle part of the nose.

An in-depth view of the nasal structure helps the surgeon identify the abnormalities, ensuring the usage of advanced cartilage grafting techniques. A more extended healing period with a visible scar is the major drawback of this procedure.

Beauty takes time:

Dr Sunil Arora, from ALCS clinic, always asserts that it will take time for swelling to heal, skin to contract and the final appearance to come through. A few patients might notice immediate results, but for some, it takes time.

Also, patients needn’t hide away for a month, as the subtle improvements are noticeable. They can move around in public and socialise as the changes are very modest and they needn’t worry about being the talk of the town.

Experience counts:

Be it rhinoplasty or any surgery; the doctor’s experience is vital. Verify the credentials of the doctor before going under the knife. Also, ask for additional proofs like before and after images, patient testimonials and licensing.

Dr Sunil Arora is an established plastic surgeon with years of positive track record,which asserts how well his surgeries have been. 

Best of both the worlds:

Did you know you can undergo other cosmetic procedures along with rhinoplasty? Cosmetic surgeries like refining the cheeks or chin or even lips can be carried out with rhinoplasty as they heal around the same time or sooner. Book a consultation with Dr Sunil Arora to understand and know more about it.

ALCS patients should know that their appearance is in Dr Sunill Arora’s skilful hands and support, guidance, and motivation will be given every step of the way. If you are not happy with how your nose wriggles or looks, Dr Sunil Arora is just a consultation away. 

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