8 Lifestyle Changes That Cause Hair Loss

Hair fall is a natural phenomenon, and in general, it is estimated that losing 100 hair strands a day is considered as something common.

But if you experience more than the average hair fall limit a day, then that might be an indication of something serious, and you need to take a look at the underlying causes.

Now there are tons of factors that can contribute to hair falls like hormonal imbalances, hereditary issues, the side effect of medications, stress and unhealthy lifestyle. 

Yes, an unhealthy lifestyle can be one of the primary reasons that can result in excessive hair fall. Now that you already know who the real culprit is, it’s time that you start doing things that can help to resolve your hair fall condition.

Here in this article, we will be discussing some easy lifestyle changes that can help to reduce hair fall. 

  1. Hot water showers– Most of us love taking a hot water bath especially in winters, but least did we know that taking a shower in hot water can actually dehydrate your hair strands and might even make them dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. This happens because frequent showers generally wipe out the natural oils from the scalp and washing with hot water speeds up this entire process. 
  2. Tight hairstyles- Ever heard of the word traction alopecia? Well, this happens when people frequently wear tight hairstyles like ponytails, braids and weaves for a long time. The excessive hair pulling caused ultimately damages the hair roots. So the more the stress applied on your hair, higher is the possibility for you to lose more hair strands. 
  3. Skipping meals- Well, skipping meals is exceptionally harmful to your hair health because when you are skipping meals, your body lacks some of the vital nutrients and minerals, which is essential for healthy hair growth. Additionally, it is also necessary to maintain a balanced diet because even a deficiency of a single nutrient or mineral is enough to trigger untimely hair fall. 
  4. Using the wrong shampoo- Did you know your shampoo can take a toll of your hair? All types of chemical-based shampoos must be avoided entirely, and that must be substituted with some herbal or organic products. Use of harsh chemical-based shampoos on your hair can wash off all the oily substances from your scalp and can make your scalp dry, which is considered essential for healthy hair growth. So, you must be very careful while choosing a shampoo.  
  5. Physical exercise- You will be happy to know that regular exercise will help in regulating an everyday body task and will maintain an average blood circulation that, in turn, plays a vital role in hair growth. Some specific head exercises are suggested to promote better blood circulation so that people can relish better hair growth. 
  6. Extreme stress- Every other individual has to deal with stress at some point in their lives, and you probably know how stress can adversely impact your health and hair. A person who has been dealing with a lot of stress might experience an increase in the level of stress hormones which leads to hair loss condition. 
  7. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption– We all know smoking cigarettes, and excessive alcohol consumption can be injurious to your health. But these can also affect the blood circulation and prevents the flow of oxygen to different parts of the body that results in hair loss. 
  8. Hair oiling– An excellent oil massage on the scalp can noticeably improve blood circulation and will also help to nourish the roots. So to promote significant hair growth, it is important to massage your scalp with oil and then cover it with a shower cap. After a few hours, you can wash off your hair thoroughly with some mild organic shampoo. 

Now that you are already aware of the possible lifestyle changes to improve your hair health try them out. If you find noticeable changes with your hair loss condition, then you are good to go.

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