All You Need To Know About Hair Transplant Success Rate

There are numerous reasons that you might consider before undergoing hair transplant surgery. If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, you must keep reading this article to get a clear idea of the success rate and the types of transplant surgeries that are most commonly performed.

More about a hair transplant procedure

A hair transplant is also popular as a hair restoration method is a surgical procedure and involves harvesting hair follicles from one part of the body to the affected area of the scalp.

The part of the body from where the hair follicles are collected is called the donor site. While the area where the hair is implanted is known as the recipient site.

There are different methods of hair transplant that are available, but the most advanced and the most common procedures are-

  • Follicular Unit Extract (FUE)  In the FUE hair transplant procedure, the surgeons collect individual hair follicles from the donor area by utilizing some minimally invasive, pain-free technique.
  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) In this hair restoration procedure, the surgeon extracts a piece of skin from the scalp’s back. This skin consists of numerous hair follicles that are extracted and preserved for implanting into the recipient area.

Who can undergo a hair transplant procedure?

Different people choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure for various reasons like-

  • Both men and women choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure to eliminate baldness.
  • Not only people who are suffering from baldness may choose to undergo this hair restoration procedure, but people who are not satisfied with their hair volume can also choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure.
  • Smaller or bigger scale accidents are unavoidable, and that may give rise to some unexpected hair damage conditions. So such people can also experience a hair transplant procedure to restore hair in the affected areas.
  • Cosmetic surgeries are high on trend now, and many people desire to have an increasing hair volume of their lashes, eyebrows, or even beard. They, too, can decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure to accomplish the desired outcome.

The hair transplant success rate

The success rate of a hair transplant procedure is one of the most crucial things about which you must have a clear idea before undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Well, according to some stat report, it has been seen that about 80 percent of all transplanted hair follicles always grow back within three to four months, provided you have strictly followed all the post-op instructions.

This number is quite encouraging and proves that hair transplant is one of the most effective hair-restoring methods compared to any other natural remedies or medications.

  • However, the success rate of the FUE highly depends on a few factors like if anyone experiences hair loss as a result of chemotherapy or severe injury to the scalp, then the chances that FUE will be slightly lower than usual. However, in other cases, FUE hair transplants are usually very successful in providing the most desirable result.
  • Now speaking about the FUT hair transplant procedure’s success rate, it has a slightly higher success rate compared to that of the FUE hair transplant procedure. However, this is a very complicated and sophisticated procedure.

Precautions that must be taken both before and after undergoing a hair transplant procedure

As with all medical procedures, it is essential to stick to the pre- and post-surgery instructions provided by your hair surgeon to guarantee the most desirable outcome.

So before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the patients must be in an overall good health condition and must avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, having spicy foods, taking some blood-thinning medications, and even participating in some strenuous activities.

During the treatment procedure, most of the patients are asked to wear some disposable clothing and keep communicating with the hair surgeon in case they experience any difficulty.

Immediately after undergoing a hair transplant procedure, the patients will feel some amount of pain and swelling, which is normal.

In this time, it is essential to follow instructions provided by your surgeons, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, avoiding smoking, consuming alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin-type medications. The surgeons may also impose some restrictions regarding activities like shampooing, brushing hair, or even scratching hair.

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