Bollywood Celebrity Hair Transplant


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    Bollywood, as the Indian Hindi movie industry is called, is all about grandeur and bringing alive fantasies. And for the actors that bring these fantasies alive, appearances mean the world. Which is why there are so many discussions around Bollywood celebrity hair transplants. As you go through the lists of the celebs with hair transplants, you start realizing how important it is for them to keep looking good. Not just for their own pleasure, but also to keep continuous work coming to them.


    Losing a lot of hair can make a person look much older than their normal age, and in an industry as competitive as the movies, this can be a serious problem. Thus, the news of Bollywood stars hair transplant will keep growing, even though rarely any of them will accept the same openly. Some of the best celebrity hair transplants are actually well-kept secrets. It is only the extremely observant people who can identify the celebrities that have had hair transplants.


    Here is a list of some of the most famous celebrity hair transplants before and after stories. Some of these were spoken of openly, whereas in other cases, it is only speculation. But the images and the experts have a different story to tell. Most of the celebrity hair transplants in this list may come as a surprise, yet it is true.

    Salman Khan - Hair Transplant

    Age: 54 Years

    Born: Indore, MP.


    One of the most prominent examples of celebrity hair transplant stories is that of Salman Khan. The actor’s images, especially with those having stitches, confirm that he has undergone hair transplant treatment. Experts even claim that Salman Khan has undergone the treatment not just once but multiple times. And to avoid the prying eyes that come with the actor’s hair transplant, he got it done in Dubai, instead of India.

    Rohit Shetty - Hair Transplant

    Age: 47 Years

    Born: Mumbai, Maharashtra.


    Even though not an actor, Rohit Shetty enjoys a tremendous following as a director and TV show host. This is why he needs to keep up his appearance as well. Many people question if Rohit Shetty hair transplant is a myth or reality.  Thus, Rohit Shetty’s hair transplant is as much a reality as that of any other celebrity. The before and after pictures of the dynamic director tell the story themselves.

    Ranbir Kapoor - Hair Transplant

    Age: 37 Years

    Born: Mumbai, Maharashtra.


    Many don’t believe that Ranbir Kapoor hair transplant is a reality. He is heartthrob of millions, there is no doubt about this young actor’s following but he is human first. Hence, Ranbir Kapoor hair loss does make for a compelling headline. As an actor at the peak of his career, he needs to ensure that his looks remain as good as ever. Thus, many believe that to fight the untimely hair loss; he underwent surgery. And sure enough, Ranbir Kapoor hair transplant became as big a news as his hair loss.

    Govind - Hair Transplant

    Age: 56 Years

    Born: Virar, Maharashtra.


    Another actor to have faced the problem of hair loss at the peak of his career was Govinda. The well-loved comedian, who was a favourite of the masses had to undergo a surgery to restore his receding hairline. Govinda hair transplant was a big story at the time and was accompanied by a lot of before and after images that gave credibility to the claim.

    Kapil Sharma - Hair Transplant

    Age: 38 Years

    Born: Amritsar, Punjab.


    While the movie stars are an obvious choice for hair transplant surgeries, TV has also become a big and powerful medium. Thus, not only Bollywood actor hair transplant is a reality, but the same is also true for TV show hosts like Kapil Sharma. He underwent a transplant surgery as he was facing a receding hairline, right at the start of his career. The later images are proof of the fact that the host underwent the procedure to restore his natural look.

    Himesh Reshammiya - Hair Transplant

    Age: 46 Years

    Born: Mahuva, Gujrat.


    Another celebrity who took the surgical route to maintain his looks is Himesh Reshammiya. He started off as a music director. But his fast receding hairline, which he covered with a cap during TV shows, was a big hindrance to his launch as an actor in movies. Thus, Himesh underwent hair transplant surgery and joined the long list of hair transplant actors in Bollywood.

    Akshay Kumar - Hair Transplant

    Age: 52 Years

    Born: Amritsar, Punjab.


    When it comes to stunts and dares, nobody can beat Akshay Kumar in Bollywood. With his charming good looks, he is a favourite of the audiences. Thus, to maintain his looks and place in the industry, he opted to go for a hair transplant, when the hair loss started to affect his appearance.

    Sanjay Dutt - Hair Transplant

    Age: 60 Years

    Born: Mumbai, Maharashtra.


    A veteran in the industry and loved by all, Sanjay Dutt is one actor who has experimented a lot with his looks, including his head. From long shoulder length hair to a completely bald look, he has done it all. And his hair has its own fan following. Thus, to counter the effects of hair loss, Sanjay underwent a hair transplant and restored his natural mane. The images from the sets and the hairstyles in the later movies are proof that Sanjay Dutt’s famous hair is back and flourishing. This is the magic of good hair transplant surgery. Sanjay Dutt hair transplant is a trendsetter in the industry as he took the leap when other hesitated.

    Amitabh Bachchan - Hair Transplant

    Age: 77 Years

    Born: Allahabad, UP.


    When it comes to Amitabh Bachchan, there is hardly any adjective that can describe his larger than life persona. However, even that couldn’t have stopped his age-related hair loss. In particular, an image from the sets of the quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati where he was the host, started doing the rounds, which showed his apparent hair loss. Taking stock of the situation, Mr. Bachchan underwent the hair transplant procedure. It is quite evident from his later pictures that his natural locks are back, post the successful procedure.

    Vivek Oberoi - Hair Transplant

    Age: 43 Years

    Born: ‎Hyderabad, Telangana. 

    Another actor, who is often in the news is Vivek Oberoi. His personal life is as much in the news as his professional one. Thus, whether it is his hair loss or Vivek Oberoi hair transplant, everything is a piece of news. It is clear from different images that Vivek did face severe hair loss at one stage, and he did get the hair transplant surgery done to cover up the loss. Now, his natural hair is back, and so are his dashing good looks.