Can a Hair Transplant Really Look Natural?

Can a hair transplant look natural?

The essential aspect of a hair transplant that is intriguing to most people out there is the results after getting one – can it make the hair look natural? The answer is quite apparent. Yes, the transplant technique used ensures natural looks.

A hair transplant that provides you with natural-looking results hinges on several factors, which comprise the donor’s hair condition, quality of the transplant technique, the surgeon and others. Nobody would want to spend bucks for a life-altering hair transplant, only to be disheartened with the aftermath.

In this article, we will get you through some of the methods you can make sure you get flawless, natural-looking hair and what questions you can consider asking to guarantee you get top-notch care.

Choosing the best clinic and surgeon

Aforesaid, your results will solely depend on the quality of the professional surgeon and the procedure. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the best clinic and surgeon. Many hair transplant surgeries are performed by unqualified surgeons that end up with disasters. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, run a background check of the surgeon you are opting for – his schooling, his medical degree, or any sort of malpractice.

To obtain the favourable outcomes possible, selecting the right clinic is all the more critical. You need experienced hands and quality care without which you won’t get the results you want. Research about the clinic as well. Get an all-encompassed idea about the quality of service, read patient reviews and testimonials. Hair transplants (just like skin transplants and others) is a medical procedure only to be performed by qualified doctors. AHRS (Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons) in India is the official association of doctors who can perform hair transplant surgeries.

Membership of AHRS is significant for the doctors in the surgery line. Only qualified doctors can be members of the association. It enforces specific regulations that the doctors have to obey to ensure strict ethical and safety measures are being followed. Once you are done with all the research, ask the doctor if s(he) has the above qualifications. Aforementioned is one of the most critical issues a patient should inquire of the doctor. A doctor with the above-mentioned medical degree is only legitimate enough to perform hair transplant surgeries.

Making sure you have the right donor area.

It’s your doctor’s responsibility to get  you through all the surgery aspects – whether or not you have a suitable donor area. This plays an extremely crucial role when you are attaining a hair transplant surgery. Without proper knowledge and consultation, you won’t receive the outcomes that you are wanting. And so, make sure you retain a nice contributor area.

Ask your surgeon about the results you’d get given the quality of the donor.  Ask about the quality of the donor hair follicles and how they are transplanted. The fundamental facet in hair transplants of MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) is the donor area’s supervision, appropriate estimation, the planning and plotting of the recipient area by contemplating long-term improvement.

Ask whether you can expect to have permanent coverage after the transplant. A safe donor area is when you can expect the hair would last a lifetime when transplanted to the recipient area. For that, you need an adequate supply of healthy hair follicles and thicker hair strands. Ensure the doctor is skilled enough to transfer hair to the affected area from one area in the scalp. These are some little things you expect to preserve in your mind.

However, your doctor can only give you an accurate description of how your hair will look at the end. They will not be able to scrutinise the exact results whatsoever. But they can inform you about your likelihoods of getting that final hairline.

Aftercare and Styling

Once you are done with the surgery, it is on you – how you maintain and take care of your hair. Aftercare is essential to make the hair look as natural as ever. Use subtle and organic shampoo. Use the right hair care products and deter from using chemicals onto your new hair, and you are good to enjoy natural hair for lifetime!

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