Can liposuction be done without surgery?

Is Liposuction Without Surgery Possible?

Obesity has become a growing cause of concern in India. The rate of increase of obesity in India is higher than the world average. But it is not like people are not trying to get through this condition. Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise and control your diet, you cannot seem to lose weight. But there are other ways to lose weight by removing the excess fat from your body, like liposuction. But there are some who are scared of needles. So they want liposuction without anesthesia or surgery. A significant advantage of having a lipo without tummy tuck is that you won’t have days and even weeks of discomfort and agonising pain during recovery. But the big question is, can liposuction be done without anesthesia and surgery? The answer to this question is YES. There are some minimally invasive liposuction procedures, and we are here to tell you about them.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

A minimally invasive medical procedure that destroys the excess fat from your body with the help of heat, ultrasound, lasers, cooling and radiofrequency, is called non-surgical liposuction or non-surgical fat reduction. Unlike the conventional procedure, in this type of liposuction, you would require little to no time to recover and get on with your daily routine. The doctor will remove fat from every body part with excess fat with the non-surgical liposuction. But the most common parts of the body that are usually treated with this type of liposuction are the waistline, arms, abdomen, under the chin and thighs.

A few types of non-surgical liposuction procedures are as follows:

  • Cryolipolysis: It is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that uses controlled cooling to cause damage to the excess fat cells. In this procedure, the doctors use a suction device to pull the skin and then deliver extremely cold temperatures to induce damage onto the excess fat cells underneath.
  • Ultrasound Energy: In this minimally invasive liposuction technique, the doctors use ultrasound energy to dissolve the excess fat with the help of mechanical vibrations. The ultrasound energy is used for liposuction only in the abdomen.
  • Laser Treatment: As the name suggests, this minimally invasive liposuction technique uses laser energy to induce extreme heat on the excess fat cells, causing damage to the fat structure. The laser treatment is used for liposuction only on the thighs and stomach, as the device has a flat surface and won’t work on the curved body parts.
  • Radiofrequency Energy: This non-surgical liposuction procedure uses radiofrequency to induce extreme heat, causing damage to the excess fat cells. The doctor will suggest you be hydrated before the process as it decreases water and dehydrates the fat cells to remove them.

With the help of these minimally invasive procedures, you can now undergo the treatment to achieve your desired physique. May it be tummy tuck without lipo or lipo without a tummy tuck, depending upon your requirements, the doctor will treat your obesity with a suitable type of non-surgical liposuction procedure.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Liposuction

According to a recent study in India, non-surgical liposuction procedures are being opted over five times as much as conventional surgical liposuction. It might be because the minimally-invasive techniques are as effective, if not more than traditional methods, but without the downsides of the latter. Additionally, there are several benefits to the former.

The benefits of these minimally invasive methods are as follows:

  • It is liposuction without general anesthesia.
  • Long-term solution
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Almost no side effects
  • No scarring issues

In addition to these benefits, if you are scared of needles, the non-surgical procedures are perfect for you.

Procedure Of Non-Surgical Liposuction Treatment

Like any medical procedure, the first step is a thorough consultation with a doctor. In this session, the doctor will analyse the body part where the fat is to be removed. Next, they will take pictures of the concentrated area and measure it to compare with the final outcome. Then, the doctor will ask you about your treatment expectations and suggest a suitable minimally invasive liposuction technique. After that, they will provide you with all the relevant information about the procedure, its preparation and recovery. Usually, the treatment duration on average for different non-surgical procedures is around 30 minutes. Although anaesthesia is not required for the procedure, if it is necessary, local anaesthesia will be administered.

For the total duration of the procedure, you will be on a surgical bed. You can also opt for massage and aromatherapy to relax your body and mind for the procedure. After you are relaxed, the doctor will make contact between the machine and the area of your skin to be treated. Then, depending upon the technique, cold, heat, laser or ultrasound energy will pass through your skin to the fatty layer underneath. The heat from the laser melts the fatty cells through the pores of your skin, which is then expelled from your body over time.


As the techniques mentioned earlier are minimally invasive, the recovery is quicker as compared to the conventional treatment. In addition, although you might encounter bruising, swelling and redness, you can resume your daily routine right after the procedure. So there is no real recovery period for the non-surgical liposuction without a tummy tuck.

Before And After

These new liposuction procedures without surgery are performed by board-certified plastic surgeons at the top of their field. They can provide you with your desired physique with the help of minimally invasive procedures. From having an irregular body shape, you will go to having excellent contours and a firm shape after the procedure.

Almost anyone of the age 18 and above can go for liposuction. The only requirements are that you should be in your peak physical health and have an ideal weight. For the treatment to be effective, you will have to visit the clinic or hospital for multiple sessions, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours each. If you are not a fan of needles and surgical procedures, the minimally-invasive liposuction techniques are just right for you.

Like the conventional treatment, these non-surgical techniques produce permanent results as well. But you will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly afterwards.

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