Can You Get Your Breast Implants Resized?

Deciding to undergo a breast augmentation procedure is no doubt a big one. Even though the thought of undergoing this procedure to improve the body appearance is worth every penny, but the word surgery seems scary. It is even scarier when you do not have an idea about the procedure and the longevity of the process. 

The good news is now you can exchange your implant size to get a smaller or a larger size after undergoing your first breast augmentation procedure. 

According to the records of the National Breast Implant Registry (NBIR), in the year 2019, in 84% of cases, women choose to undergo a reoperation after undergoing their initial augmentation procedure to change the shape, size, or style of their existing breast implants.

Why Women Consider Breast Revision Surgery?

Women choose to undergo a breast augmentation procedure to accomplish a better breast appearance that compliments their overall body. But sometimes situations may arise when they are not contemplated with the breast appearance they accomplish and as a result, they may choose to undergo revision surgery. Some women may also choose to undergo revision surgery due to aging, changes in body weight, pregnancy, etc.

The only aim to undergo revision surgery is to resize the breasts and achieve the desired appearance. There are several other reasons why a woman might need to go for revision surgery. Some of them are listed below-

  • To address various complications like swelling, implant rupture, asymmetrical appearance, hardening of the capsule around the implant.
  • To rectify malposition, i.e., when the implant has shifted below the inframammary fold or side-wise towards the armpit
  • To repair issues with your existing implants like capsular contracture
  • To switch from earlier saline implants to modern silicone implants
  • To switch from smooth to textured breast implants, or vice versa
  • To rectify a saggy breast condition with a breast lift
  • To replace an older implant after 10-20 years as needed
  • To remove implants completely

Wait Before Breast Revision Surgery

If you decide to go for revision surgery after the initial one, your surgeon would advise you to wait for 3-6 months so that any tenderness, soreness, or swelling disappears. This gives the scar tissue enough time to form completely so that the revision surgery is successful. Moreover, this waiting period can be utilized in case you reconsider your decision of resizing and don’t regret it in the future.

What To Expect From A Breast Implant Exchange Consultation

The consultation is similar to the one you had before the initial implantation. You should utilize this consultation session to clarify your doubts and voice your concerns.

During this consultation, you have to provide details about the desired size you want to accomplish. The doctor will discuss whether a saline or silicone implant is more suitable, and also confirm if there are any additional concerns that you are facing from the previous procedure that needs to be rectified.

During this sizing process, as per your body structure, height, and weight, the surgeon will help you consider the realistic options available for you. This stops women from choosing an implant size too big or not fit for their body type.

To explain the revision surgery procedure in short; during the breast implant revision surgery, the existing breast implants are removed and then replaced with new implants to achieve an attractive body appearance. Usually, the surgeons utilize the existing breast incisions to perform the revision surgery. Since the implant revision surgery does not follow any specific routine so it needs to be tailored as per the patient’s desires. It is highly recommendable to choose an experienced and well-qualified board-certified plastic surgeon to analyze the patient desires and also address any other complications or rectifications required.

Is Revision Breast Surgery Right for You?

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