Caring for Your Skin Beneath Your Face Mask

Caring for your skin beneath your face mask

The COVID-19 pandemic created a significant impact on our day to day lives, and that has changed several perspectives in so many different ways. Now we not only need to practice social distancing for an infinite amount of time, but we always have to protect ourselves by wearing a face mask. Unfortunately, the later protective measure can lead to several skin issues like rashes, acne, or ‘maskne’. By now, you have all been familiar with images of painful marks of the healthcare workers after wearing N95 surgical masks for the most extended time. Even though it may seem that simple cotton masks are comfortable and less harmful, it may still irritate your area around your chin and nose. Now more than ever, it is incredibly crucial that you should take good care of your skin by following some easy tips so that you can avoid skin damage caused by your masks. 

1. Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water– One of the easiest ways to take care of your skin is by drinking plenty of water. Several studies have revealed that Americans who are walking around dehydrated with their masks are asked to keep drinking water continuously. Due to the extra damage that you are getting from the face mask friction, you must make sure that your body has enough water content to ensure a healthy tissue properly.

2. Keep your skin moisturized– It is obvious for you to feel some irritation over the skin immediately after opening your mask. But on using a good skin moisturizer on the surface of the skin, you can ensure that it is protected so that you can avoid painful irritation and breakouts in future. 

3. Choose the right moisturizer-But before using moisturizer on your skin. You must make sure that you have selected an excellent moisturizer that is ideal for your skin. It is incredibly essential that you choose the most suitable moisturizer for your skin that does not cause any skin irritation or rashes. According to some of the best dermatologists present around the globe, it is highly recommended to use the following-

  • Gel moisturizers are the best moisturizer especially in hot and humid climate for people with oily skin 
  • Moisturizing creams are best for people with dry skin
  • Lotions are best for all skin types

4. Wash your mask– Another most crucial task that you should always do is keep your mask clean, especially after returning from somewhere as it traps all types of dirt, grime, oil and even old makeup that can build up underneath your mask. So it would help if you washed our mask regularly to keep away irritants from causing unnecessary damage to the skin around your nose or mouth. 


5. Cleanse your face – Now this is something that should be practised regardless of time because it is essential to keep your face clean and dirt free. After returning from a journey, when you finally get rid of your mask, you must cleanse your face to get clear all the impurities that have accumulated during the entire day. But the next crucial thing that you must do is moisturize your skin properly so that it doesn’t dry out. 

6. Avoid using heavy makeup- You may feel the urge to put on heavy makeup for a particular day. Still, it is essential to understand that you must avoid heavy makeup as that does not allow proper airflow while you are wearing a mask. Now if you have put on heavy foundations and concealers, then there are chances that it may cause breakouts. So while wearing masks, make sure that you change your makeup routine and try using minimal makeup or at least use makeup on areas that are not covered. 

7.Always use SPF- Do not forget your sunscreen as wearing a mask does not mean you do not need your SPF. Your mask will not protect you from sun damage, but your sunscreen will help you to prevent sun damage. However, instead of using heavy cream-based sunscreen, you can now use gel-based sunscreen that won’t feel too gluey on your face. 

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