Common Misconceptions About Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is also famous as Abdominoplasty, which is a surgical procedure used to address some of the common concerns of people who want to accomplish a flat toned tummy.

Women who have recently undergone pregnancy or men dealing with the consequences of age and weight fluctuations can choose to undergo this procedure.

Some reports say that Tummy Tuck treatment is considered as one of the topmost trending surgeries across the world.

In a tummy tuck procedure, a cosmetic surgeon usually tightens the abdominal muscles and eliminates the presence of excess skin and fat from the belly area.

Many patients prefer adding a cosmetic procedure such as Liposuction or a Breast Augmentation procedure to enhance the final tummy tuck result.

Misconceptions about Tummy Tuck

Even though the Tummy Tuck procedure is popular, but it includes some misunderstandings. Following are some myths related to this treatment procedure-

Vigorous dieting and exercising can help to get rid of a flat tummy- As people start aging, their body goes through a variety of changes like losing or gaining weight, losing skin elasticity, their ability to burn stored fat, etc.

It is essential to maintain a healthy diet and a fitness regimen if you want to age gracefully. Exercises help to tone the abdominal muscle.

But when a woman has one or more babies, the muscles get separated in such a way that it almost becomes impossible to restore the condition. This is when people choose to undergo a Tummy Tuck treatment.

Only women can get a tummy tuck- Well the name tummy tuck may seem ideal for a post-pregnancy woman. But that is not true. Tummy Tuck for men is also quite a popular procedure so that men can also feel more confident.

We have always imagined men with a perfectly toned flawless body. Many men inherit a stubborn belly as they start aging without even gaining fat in other parts of the body.

In such cases, it is the best idea for men to undergo the best tummy tuck procedure and keep following a healthy regime to maintain the results obtained.

Abdominoplasty will help to lose weight– Even the best tummy tuck procedure will not help you to lose weight. This is a surgical procedure where patients with a well-toned nearly perfect body want to get rid of the stubborn fat cells within a target area.

It is only under such circumstances that you can achieve the best results by undergoing this procedure. The ultimate goal of the tummy tuck procedure is to improve the overall body contour, the shape, and the abdominal region.

No specialization required to perform a tummy tuck procedure- Even though there is no such rule or laws about who can deliver the best tummy tuck procedure.

But if you intend to undergo the best cosmetic process, it is essential to get in touch with a best board-certified cosmetic surgeon who holds several years of experience in performing tummy tuck for men and women.

This is because it is only a qualified surgeon who will be able to ensure you a completely safe and complication-free result.

There is only one type of Tummy Tuck surgery-No; this is not true. Following mentioned are the different types of tummy tuck procedures that are most commonly performed-

  1. The mini tummy tuck- This is the least invasive procedure in comparison to that standard tummy tuck, as this method mainly addresses the belly button region.
  2. Standard tummy tuck- This is also referred to as a full tummy tuck procedure, which is ideal for people who want to accomplish a flat abdomen both above and below the belly button region.
  3. Extended tummy tuck- Extend tummy tuck is a different type of tummy tuck procedure that targets the circumferential lower part of the body. But this is again a bit more invasive procedure that mainly focuses on the hips and the lower back region.

However, it is only a cosmetic surgeon who can advise you on the best procedure after analyzing the muscle laxity you have, the amount of loose skin you have, and your overall health condition.

So now that you have no misconceptions about this cosmetic procedure contact us today and get in touch with our most experienced professional.

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