Considering A Hair Transplant Remember These Tips

Hair loss is a common problem seen in many people. It not only affects the appearance of a person, but also the overall personality and self-confidence of an individual. Moreover, it causes a negative psychological impact on the person.

Hair transplant has come a long way since its inception in terms of the technique and equipment used for the procedure. The chances of a successful hair transplant are higher when the procedure is performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon.

Tips for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is arguably the best treatment for male or female pattern baldness. Here are a few tips one needs to know before undergoing the procedure:

-What is the cause of hair loss?

It is essential to know the cause of your hair loss for the right treatment procedure for you. In cases of hormonal imbalances, thyroid-related disorders, or due to the intake of certain medications hair loss may take place. In such cases, the treatment of the medical condition can cure your hair loss problem.

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics. In the case of pattern baldness due to genetics, also known as Androgenic Alopecia, hair transplant surgery is the best form of treatment.

-Considering your need

Hair transplant surgery is an elective cosmetic procedure. Since hair loss is not a fatal condition or a medical emergency, it is an individual’s choice whether to opt for the surgery or not. You can discuss with your doctor about the various treatment options and choose the kind of procedure you want to undergo. 

-Consider the age factor

Age plays an important role in the determination of hair loss pattern. Patients under the age of 25 are usually given medical treatment and medications for the treatment of hair loss rather than a hair transplant surgery.

-Considering other alternative treatments

There are a few medications that may help in the treatment of hair loss. Many surgeons prescribe these medications to patients with hair loss and offer the invasive hair transplant surgery only as the last resort of treatment for hair loss when all the other methods fail.

-Cost of hair transplant surgery

The cost of hair transplant surgery is an important factor to consider, before opting for the procedure. The cost varies according to the expertise of the surgeon and the locality of the clinic. An experienced surgeon may charge more, but, is also more likely to deliver the desired results.

-Decide on the technique

A hair transplant can be performed using the FUE or FUT technique. The hybrid hair transplant technique has also become quite popular of late. One must discuss with his/her surgeon which type of technique is best suited for their case.

-Choice of surgeon

It is of utmost importance to choose an experienced and skilled surgeon. An experienced surgeon will discuss in detail the various treatment options viable for hair loss, and detailed after-care instructions and follow-ups. More importantly, an experienced surgeon is more likely to perform a successful hair transplant surgery and give promising results.

-Know about the risks

Like every surgical procedure, hair transplant surgery also has its risks and complications. One can inquire from their surgeon about the possible risks associated with the procedure. Likewise, you can search online or speak to people who have undergone the procedure before about the complications associated with the procedure to prepare yourself better for the surgery.

-Know about the recovery period and success rate

One should ask their surgeon about the safety of the hair transplant procedure, the recovery period of the procedure, and the pros and cons along with the success rate of the procedure chosen during the consultation.

-Following all the aftercare instructions

Your doctor will provide you with aftercare instructions after the hair transplant procedure. It is important to follow all the instructions well to prevent any complications, and for a smooth recovery in a short time. The instructions will include information about your exercise, diet, and lifestyle. 

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