Could We Get Back To The Gym After Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia is now a common condition in nearly half of the male population. It causes the development of male breast tissue. To treat gynecomastia and the resulting decline in self-confidence, you may opt for a male breast reduction surgery.

After the surgery, the body would need a recovery period during which you should avoid most physical activities. There is no fixed recovery period time, and it varies from person to person. The healing process develops on some factors:

  1. The healing rate of the body
  2. The extent of surgery (only liposuction or liposuction with surgical excision)

The recovery phase is short for some people, and they don’t have to wait for a long time to heal completely before working out after gyno surgery. Here are a few things to remember regarding gym after gynecomastia surgery:

1. Start with light physical activity

It is suggested to start walking as soon as you feel better after the surgery. It will help in proper blood circulation and avoid the formation of blood clots. Your surgeon would be the best person to discuss your recovery phase. In most cases, you can resume work after 1-2 weeks.

As you make progress in your recovery chart, your doctor will increase the level of physical activities. Be calm and patient as your body heals. If you try to hasten the process and start to work out after gyno surgery without sufficient rest, it can further complications and harm your health.

2. Resuming workout after gyno surgery

To avoid future fat accumulation in the area, it is best advised to maintain an active lifestyle and have a routine for working out after gyno surgery. Generally, most patients can resume gym after gynecomastia surgery after one month of rest.

In the initial days, keep the workout intensity low and do cardio and other activities which do not cause any muscle damage to interrupt or extend the duration of the recovery period after the surgery.

At the gym after gynecomastia surgery, try not to do chest and arm workouts with or without weights until you are completely healed from the surgery.

Thus. It is necessary for patients who have undergone gyno before and after working out to rest properly for the muscles to recover completely. It takes place nearly six weeks after the surgery.

After the doctor has allowed you to start with arms and chest workouts, you should always start with using the machines instead of lifting free weights in your gym after gynecomastia surgery.

It is because the chances of getting an injury are higher than before due to the surgery. With the use of machines, the body muscles are working out in a more controlled way, decreasing the chances of injury in the gym after gyno surgery.

When you have completely healed from gynecomastia after gym workouts, you will have the same energy level. After regaining your strength, you can add free weights to your workout.

Most of the patients who have consulted a surgeon have already tried to reduce it through workouts and diets. It is common for the patients to ask what would be the result of the surgery.

Most men are also curious about their gyno before and after working out changes required. Having an enlarged breast can cause a decrease in self-confidence. Even after having surgical options available, most patients consider gynecomastia after gym and workouts in their solutions list. 

3. Priority recovery

For so many people, the main task after having gynecomastia surgery is a gym session to get fit and recover properly. Healing cannot be hastened and would occur at its own pace. Workout after gyno surgery should be of low intensity to avoid straining the muscles.

Excessive movements can result in the opening of stitches and blood loss. Performing high-intensity exercises would increase the heart rate, resulting in inflammation and bruising, thus hampering the healing process. 

4.  Workout after gyno surgery

After you are fit to perform exercises in your gym after gyno surgery, try to increase the level slowly. It is common to feel a tight chest due to the stitches. The preferred way to resume a workout is by walking.

You can walk at a normal speed when you feel better after the surgery. Daily walking of 15-30 mins can be done in the first two weeks of recovery. In case you experience any pain, stop the activity immediately. Make sure to wear the compression garment while you take your casual walks. 

After walking, you can start with stretching exercises like arm and leg lifts. While stretching, slowly move your arms overhead and bend forward. Next, you can lift your legs 3-6 inches above the ground for 30 seconds. 

After following stretching and callisthenics, you can do light cardio exercises in your gym after gyno surgery. For instance: brisk walking and cycling are good to start with. After the surgery, go for a follow-up visit with your doctor to monitor progress. 

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