Dangers Of A Cheap Hair Transplant

Do you know why most of the people choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure? It is not only because hair transplant is one of the most effective methods that provide natural-appearing results, but also because it is now available at quite an affordable price range. A few years ago, the hair transplant procedure was only meant for celebrities, sports stars, and other privileged sections of society. But at this current time, anyone can choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure to resolve blading and hair thinning issues.

This automatically gave rise to the popularity of the hair transplant procedure. Numerous clinics grew like mushrooms across various cities, and they started offering you thick, luscious hair even at the age of 60 at a little cost. You might feel tempted to accept this offer and compromise your desire by undergoing a hair restoration process from an experienced medical practitioner. But the bitter reality is such cheap hair transplants can be terrible as that may give rise to some unexpected complications and the most unnatural appearance.

Before digging on to the danger that is associated with such hair transplants, we need to understand the psychology of a person who is losing hair. Let’s assume that you are experiencing extreme hair loss, and day by day, it is becoming noticeable. Suddenly you have started to feel very conscious about your appearance, and you are suffering from low confidence. Within a short time, you experience an extreme hair loss that can create a significant impact on your mental health, which is quite evident and understandable. Under such circumstances, it is easy to fall prey to some flashy advertisements that promise cheap hair transplants.

List of things that can go wrong

Some online researches on hair transplants can lead you to a fatal result. The most important thing that must be considered while choosing a cheap clinic is that they will never be able to provide you the best services. Most importantly, the person claiming to be a qualified hair surgeon may also not have a proper degree. They are often cosmetic surgeons who are just trying out their hands at hair transplant or even worse; their assistants are conducting the actual procedure or a large part of it. Following are the things that can go wrong when you choose to undergo a cheap hair transplant-

  • Often patients may experience some post-surgery complications like severe infection, excessive bleeding, extreme pain, and swelling.
  • Improper hair transplant can also give rise to excessive scarring. The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction usually leaves behind tiny dots like scars, and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant includes a linear scar. But both these scars eventually start vanishing over time if performed by an experienced surgeon. However, a poorly performed surgery can leave behind excessive scarring, which will not disappear with time. In such cases, people may need to undergo a corrective procedure to fix the condition.
  • Sparse hair growths are also one of the potential factors that can go wrong. Often, some inexperienced hair surgeons may over-harvest the donor areas or distribute the grafts unevenly over the recipient area. Under such circumstances, the patients may also have to undergo a corrective procedure.
  • Some people may also suffer from some severe infection after undergoing hair restoration surgery. Usually, cheap clinics lack cleanliness and hygiene of the clinic, and the instruments are not appropriately sterilized.
  • Inexperienced surgeons tend to harvest the donor areas excessively, which results in accomplishing the most undesirable result.

Be aware and follow some basic instructions.

After deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure, the patients need to choose an expert, experienced hair surgeon without compromising with the quality of the treatment. It would help if you always did proper research before finally selecting a surgeon.

As the next step, you must seek an initial consultation and talk to the concerned expert before making the decision. In this consultation session, you are free to ask any questions related to the procedure that you are not aware of. You can also ask them to show their certifications and milestones that he has achieved throughout his life. Any experienced hair surgeon will not hesitate to show his life’s achievements.

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