Do tummy tuck scars Go Away?

Many people experience tummy tuck scars after plastic surgery. They result from skin removed from a particular area. The primary goal of the surgeon is to provide the best results and minimise the visibility of scars. Patients can sometimes settle for procedures that have small or almost invisible scars, but those surgical procedures are not beneficial in the long term.

How do plastic surgeons minimise scars?

Surgeons carefully perform the procedures to give you the best results. They delicately handle the tissues and allow the closure of the incisions. Patients follow the guidelines and tips provided by the doctors or the health professionals after the surgery to minimise the tummy tuck scars. Your doctor may recommend using special garments, massage creams, and topical agents to minimise the scars. Surgeons prefer minimally invasive techniques on the face, but organs such as the breast require proper skin removal and tightening of the tissues for the desired look. Patients have questions in their mind, such as do tummy tuck scars go away, so you should carefully gather information about it.

Tummy tuck surgery can improve the appearance of the stomach. It is also known as abdominoplasty. Surgeons use this process to remove excessive skin and fat deposits from the body. After the completion of the surgery, the connective tissue is tightened with sutures.

You can choose the tummy tuck procedure if you have excess fat or skin deposition around your stomach or belly button. It can give a beautiful look to your body image, but adequately enquire about the questions such as do tummy tuck scars go away?

How do you prepare?

During your first meet with the surgeon, they can ask you questions about:

  • Your medical history:

You should provide all the required information about your medications, allergies to any substance and past medical problems. Your doctor may ask you about your weight loss or gain history.

  • Physical examination:

Your doctor can check you physically to plan the treatment. They will maintain records such as taking pictures of your abdomen for better results.

  • Your doctor may ask you about your expectations:

You should be able to communicate freely with your doctor. Tell your doctor why you want the tummy tuck surgery, what you expect from it, and the other related questions such as do tummy tuck scars go away. Communication is required for avoiding any confusions between you and your surgeon.

Additionally, you should answer any questions asked by your doctor for smooth treatment.

Before initiating the procedure, your doctor can advise you:

  • Avoid smoking:

If you smoke, your doctor will ask you to avoid it as it can decrease the blood flow and may affect the healing process. Smoking can also contribute to tissue damage.

  • Avoid certain medications:

After inquiring about your medical history, the doctor can ask to avoid medicines such as aspirin, any herbal suppliers and anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications may increase the bleeding.

  • Maintain a stable weight:

Your doctor will recommend you to maintain a stable weight before the surgery. You should maintain your weight for at least twelve months before initiating the process.

  • Consume medicines to prevent complications:

Your doctors can ask you to consume anticoagulants shortly before the procedure to avoid excessive bleeding.

  • Arrange for help during recovery:

You should make proper arrangements before initiating the process of surgery. You will need someone to drive you home after the surgery.

What can you expect?

Your doctors will perform the surgery in the hospital or in an outpatient facility, depending upon the conditions. You will be given general anaesthesia, which can make you completely unconscious before the surgery. Health professionals can also advise the usage of certain pain-relieving medications after the surgery. Get more clarity regarding the doubts and questions, such as do tummy tuck scars go away before the procedure.

Before the procedure:

During the surgery, incisions will be made to eliminate excess skin and fat. The incisions can be elliptical or horizontal oval form between the pubic hair and the belly button. Connective tissue is then tightened with the sutures. During abdominoplasty, doctors prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections.

After the procedure:

The incisions made during surgery will be covered using surgical dressing. You will experience pain and swelling. You can take care of the drains that usually develop after the surgery. Your physician may prescribe blood-thinning medicine for a short period after the surgery.

You should wear an abdominal garment known as an abdominal binder for at least six weeks after the surgery. The binder prevents fluid accumulation and gives support.

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