FUE & FUT: The 2 Most Effective Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair fall can become one of the most significant issues of your life. Extreme hair fall can not only lead you in reducing the hair density but it also additionally brings down the confidence level among individuals pushing individuals towards stress and depression.

But the real question is, what can be done to stop the male pattern baldness and restore hair in your scalp?

Well, the good news is, several choices can be utilized, like using some medicines, creams, oils, undergoing Mesotherapy, PRP therapy, and a lot of other hair transplant techniques.

But deciding the most suitable procedure is tough, and you may need to consult with an experienced surgeon to know what’s perfect for you.

For instance, some people experience extreme hair fall due to climatic changes. This is a temporary hair loss condition, and it can be resolved with some oils and creams for assistance.

However, you may also choose to visit a hair specialist and start taking medications that may help to recharge your body with all the vital supplements required for hair growth.

But anyone suffering from male pattern baldness is a permanent hair loss condition and requires serious medical attention to resolve this condition.  

But thanks to the latest technology of this era that is currently offering the latest hair transplant methods like FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant.

These procedures are capable of rectifying hair thinning or balding condition by involving a minimally invasive surgical procedure. FUE technique and the FUT hair transplant are the most effective procedures that provide the best natural appearing result.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE technique is the least invasive surgical hair procedure where the hair follicles are extracted from the side and back of the scalp with the help of a powerful microscope and preserved for later use.

Once the recipient area is ready, the hair follicles are very carefully implanted into the balding site. To do that, the surgeons make small incisions to the donor and recipient area after administering a local anesthetic solution so that the patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during the FUE method hair transplant. 

However, this procedure does not involve any significant scarring or injuries and also includes the least downtime. But the best part is,  FUE hair transplant can also be used to treat areas like eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache, beard, sideburn, and even to get a goatee because of the number of hair grafts required is quite moderate. 

Immediately after undergoing an FUE method, hair transplant people can resume normal activities within a week. Sometimes you may find that the original hair in the recipient site can fall out, and this is called shock loss. But thankfully, this is nothing permanent and the hair will start growing back.

The FUE technique involves some amount of pain, discomfort, and swelling in the treatment area. But on following the instructions provided by your surgeon, you will be able to get rid of this condition soon.

Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT hair transplant is another quite popular hair transplant procedure, which is quite a lengthy and invasive procedure. Unlike the FUE hair transplant procedure, in this procedure, a portion of the skin is extracted from the back of the patient’s scalp.

This skin strip consists of numerous hair follicles that are separated by any experienced technician under a powerful microscope. The hair follicles are all segregated and finally transplanted to the balding area to provide a natural hair density.

The FUT hair transplant is a quicker method since a considerable number of hair follicles can be transplanted just in one session in comparison to an FUE hair transplant. 

Also, The recovery period involved in this process is the same as that of the FUE hair transplant. Usually, people can resume some light to normal activities within 1 to 2 days of undergoing the procedure.

The sutures used on the incisions are adsorbable, so there is no need to remove them. The recovery period lasts for about 7 to 10 days. Still, strenuous physical activities can only be resumed within 10 to 15 days of the procedure or as per the instruction provided by your surgeon.

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