FUT Hair Transplant – 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know

Hair loss is a common problem seen in both males and females. People suffering from hair loss try several remedies for the treatment of hair loss. One of the most effective solutions for the treatment of hair loss is the hair transplant procedure. FUT hair transplant is one of the oldest techniques used for hair transplants. Although several new techniques for hair transplants have been developed since then, the FUT technique remains quite popular.

Here we discuss the three most important things you need to know about FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) hair transplant before undergoing the procedure.

How is the FUT hair transplant procedure performed?

The first step is a consultation and thorough examination by the surgeon. 

During the FUT procedure, the surgeon will first determine the number of available hair grafts, create a front hairline, and frame the face. This is done to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

The donor site hairs are then cut by 2 to 3mm. The donor hair strands are not cut beyond that as they are useful to hide the incision.

Local anesthesia is then administered to the donor site to make the procedure pain-free. Once the donor site is numb, two incisions are made on the backside of the scalp. A linear strip is then extracted and placed in a saline mixture. The incisions are then closed by sutures.

The hair follicles are then meticulously extracted from the strip of hair. If done with precision, the survival rate of hair follicles is known to be as high as 98%. A higher survival rate ensures a successful recovery.

The recipient area is then prepared and the hair grafts are transplanted. Tiny incisions are made on the bald area in the direction of natural hair growth to obtain a natural-looking result. The harvested hair follicles are now transplanted to the tiny incisions made on the recipient site.

Pros of the FUT hair transplant

There are several advantages of the FUT technique over the other methods for hair transplants. 

-The FUT hair transplant procedure produces more hair grafts (up to 4000 hair follicles) than the other hair transplant procedures.

-The survival rate of the hair follicles is higher in the FUT technique.

-The quality of hair grafts is better in the FUT technique.

-The FUT technique does not require shaving of the head completely.

-The FUT technique is less time consuming than the other hair transplant procedures.

-If additional sessions are required, the new scars will be incorporated into the old scars. Therefore, there will be no additional scar marks.

-The cost of the FUT technique is generally less as compared to the other techniques.

-With proper precision, this technique gives better results than other hair transplant techniques.

Cons of the FUT hair transplant

As with other surgical procedures, FUT hair transplant surgery also has a few disadvantages and side-effects. The various cons of the FUT technique are:

-The biggest disadvantage of the FUT technique is the visible scar mark that is left behind at the donor site. This linear scar mark seen at the backside of the scalp can be hidden by long hair, but, cannot be hidden in cases of shorter haircuts.

-A common side effect of the FUT technique is swelling. The swelling usually subsides on its own in a few days.

-Some bleeding may be seen after the completion of the procedure.

-Once the effect of local anesthesia wears off, the patient may experience pain on the incision site and sometimes the entire head. The surgeon will prescribe medications to take care of this pain.

-After the procedure, some patients may experience numbness and loss of all sensation on the scalp for a while.

-Other side effects of the FUT technique include infection, cysts, itching, and a patchy appearance.

The side-effects of the FUT technique are mild and usually disappear in a few days. However, any serious complication that persists for more than a week, or any kind of abnormal side-effect post-surgery should be reported to the doctor immediately.

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