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Women are gifted with a wonder of giving birth to a child. But during this process, her body undergoes many changes that are irreversible. The complete process of childbirth and pregnancy leads to physical changes like the breasts get enlarged or they are deflated, the layer of fatty tissue increases, and there are stretch marks on her abdomen. The phase from being conceived to giving birth to her child is on the most beautiful experience for a woman, but on the contrary, he is underwhelmed with her post-pregnancy body. Even after doing a lot of exercises and following a strict diet plan it is not possible for her to get back to the same body shape she had before pregnancy. Moreover, when she starts breastfeeding her child because of the gravitational force as well as the latch-on force by the child her breasts appear saggy and with wrinkles. Women will think that she does not look attractive anymore because the striae on the abdomen give way to stretch marks and loose skin. Motherhood is a phase of extreme joy and beautiful experience, but it also makes young mothers worried because they lose their shape and figure that they had before pregnancy.  So, to get back the same body shape and boost your self-esteem here is the Mommy Makeover cosmetic surgery procedure.

Here is what mommy makeover surgery can do!

Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing have a different impact on different women but most of the time the breasts and tummy are affected. According to the need of the patient, body contouring and breast enhancement can be done to get back the youthful body shape.

In case of patients with deflated breasts, breast augmentation surgery can be done. In this process silicone or saline implants are used to add volume to the deflated breasts.

In case the patient wants to raise and reshape their natural breast without any implant, breast lift procedure can be performed. For a youthful breast, breast lift and breast augmentation are combined together to increase the cup size.

In women with one or more pregnancies, the abdominal muscles often separate. So, tummy tuck surgery can be performed to repair the abdominal muscles, it also removes the excess skin and fatty tissue for the waistline.

For permanent removal of excess fat deposits, liposuction can be performed. In case you need more impressive body contour, then liposuction and tummy tuck can be performed together.

Liposuction can also be performed under the chin or the inner thigh. A nonsurgical medical spa is also available instead of mommy makeover surgery. As each woman’s body is different, various options are available for them to look young and fresh again even after the pregnancy.

Mommy makeover surgery by Specialist Dr. Sunil Arora in Jaipur

Dr. Sunil Arora runs his plastic surgery in ALCS Clinic in Jaipur. Dr. Sunil Arora believes that every patient is different, and It is important to understand the cosmetic goals for each patient. Dr. Sunil Arora takes time and evaluates the patient in all possible manner. Dr. Sunil Arora is certified in general surgery as well as in plastic surgery. Dr. Sunil Arora is one of the best mommy makeover surgeons because this is his signature surgery. With the help of mommy makeover surgery, he has helped a lot of women in getting back their pre-pregnancy figure. He also believes in the patient-first approach so that the patient is comfortable from the beginning of the consultation to undergo mommy makeover surgery until the time of recovery. With great experience, guidance, consultation, supervision and a combination of procedures done by Dr. Sunil Arora mommy makeover surgery can resolve the concern of the patient. After the surgery appearance becomes an important aspect for which he also helps in consultation about appearance goals. And then the patient can decide the best approach to reach their appearance goals. As not all the patients are the same, many of them require a surgical as well as a non-surgical procedure to get the best contour of their face and body.

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