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We all have certain standards of beauty that we wish to achieve. Sadly, most of these beauty standards cannot be attained with the help of the right kind of diet and exercise. And even if they were attainable through proper diet and exercise still it would be hard to achieve those standards as nobody has that kind of time. This is why cosmetic surgical procedures are the perfect key to achieve all our beauty standards in an effective, efficient, and safe manner.

The Benefits of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

There are many benefits that an individual can receive with the help of some sort of cosmetic surgical procedure. For example, a cosmetic surgery procedure can help in tightening the skin, improving the appearance of the skin, remove unwanted hairs from different parts of the body, adjust facial features to fit the desired form, and enhance multiple other features of an individual. All this, eventually, helps the individual in gaining a higher level of confidence and self-assurance. This can help the individual in achieving new goals, aims, and heights both in the personal and professional world.

It is also important to remember that plastic surgery does not always have to serve aesthetic purposes. Cosmetic surgical procedures can also have a medical purpose. For example, there are many individuals who suffer from deformities that have been caused due to some accident. These deformities can be corrected with the help of a cosmetic surgical procedure. These procedures can also be used to restore the functions of certain body parts and to also repairs scars that one might have acquired due to a variety of reasons. This is why it is always a good idea to learn about the different cosmetic surgical procedures. In this article, we will be listing some of the most popular and effective cosmetic surgery procedures.

The Different Types of Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

A list has been prepared for some of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. And that list is mentioned below.

  • Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is undoubtedly the most popular plastic surgery procedure that many individuals from all across the globe get every single year. Breast augmentation is primarily aimed at increasing the size of the breasts of a woman or to change the shape of the breasts of a woman.

It is important to remember that breast augmentation surgery is also known as breast implant surgery when the aim of the surgery is to increase the size of the breasts. One should also be aware of the fact that breast augmentation surgery is different from a breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction and breast lift are technically different types of procedures.

  • Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed by using a specialized tool to get rid of the top layer of the skin. This top layer of the skin is sanded down through the use of that specialized tool. After the top layer of the skin is removed then that area of the skin is allowed to naturally heal.

This means that new skin eventually replaced the old skin which gives the individual a better and smoother looking skin. There can be various skin conditions that the dermabrasion treatment can be used for. And some of those skin conditions include age spots, acne scars, and lesions on the skin, abnormal growths on the skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, and many other unwanted skin conditions.

  • Facelift

A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure that can help an individual in repairing drooping, loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin present on the face. This procedure is performed with the main aim of lifting the facial tissues to remove the extra skin that might be present. After that, the skin is allowed to reposition over the contours of the face naturally.

It is also a common practice for individuals to opt for neck lifts along with facelifts. There are also other procedures that are performed along with a facelift. And some of those procedures include forehead lifts, nose reshaping, and eyelid surgery.

  • Hair Transplantation

A hair transplantation procedure is also known as hair restoration. This cosmetic surgical procedure is performed to help individuals who might be suffering from excessive hair loss or the appearance of baldness. To state in simpler terms, this procedure is performed by moving hair follicles from the area of thick growth to the area of thinner growth on the scalp. One of the positive points of this procedure is that thousands of hair follicles can be moved in a single session!

However, if the condition of an individual is rather excessive then he or she might require more than one session of hair transplantation. Further, this procedure is permanent. This means that the people who get this procedure done do not require any kind of major cumbersome long-term care. Once the hair transplantation is done then, the hairs are able to regrow successfully without any kind of issue!

  • Rhinoplasty

There are many people who are not happy with the shapes of their noses. This is why the plastic surgery that is performed to reshape or repair the nose of an individual is known as rhinoplasty. There can be many reasons why an individual might wish to get a rhinoplasty done. 

Some of those reasons could be cosmetics while other reasons could include different medical reasons like facing trouble in breathing or suffering from difficulties due to some birth defects. There are many potential uses of a rhinoplasty procedure. And some of those uses are mentioned below.

    • It can be performed to increase or decrease the size of the nose
    • If an individual is suffering from some sort of problem after an injury in his or her nose then that problem can be corrected through rhinoplasty
    • Birth defects can be corrected
    • Rhinoplasty can help in improving or relieving an individual of different breathing problems
    • The shape of the nostrils can be narrowed through rhinoplasty
    • The shape of the bridge of the nose can be altered
    • The angle of the nose can be changed
  • Lip Augmentation

If an individual wishes to achieve fuller and better-looking lips than ever then a lip augmentation procedure is the way to go. Lip augmentation is usually performed by injecting specific types of derma fillers. These injectable derma fillers serve the purpose of increasing the volume of the lips. These fillers also help in enhancing the shape and structure of the lips.

It is important to remember that lip augmentation procedures are not permanent. Usually, the effects of this procedure can last for around 6 months before the individual would again have to get those injectable derma fillers to keep up the enhanced shape, structure, and volume of the lips. This is why it is suggested that before getting this procedure done, it is a good idea for an individual to learn about the plastic surgery cost of lip augmentation.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can help in enhancing the shape of the body of an individual by getting rid of various extra fat deposits. It is vital for an individual to remember that this procedure should not be used as a method for weight loss. Medical experts can use various techniques to get rid of the extra fat deposits.

For example, ultrasound can be used to break up the fat deposits before using a vacuum-suction canula by placing it underneath the skin and sucking the extra and unwanted fat deposits from there. The vacuum-suction canula is a pen-shaped instrument that plays a vital role in this process.

Liposuction can be performed in different parts of the body including the thighs, arms, hips, stomach, back, face, and buttocks. In the case of men, liposuction can be used to reduce the size of their breasts if a man is suffering from gynecomastia and it can also be used to remove fat tumors that are also known as lipomas. According to experts, this cosmetic procedure can be used to remove unwanted fat deposits from more than one area on the same day!

  • Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck procedure is also known as Abdominoplasty. As the name indicates, this cosmetic procedure is used to enhance the shape of the abdomen of an individual. According to medical experts, a tummy tuck procedure can help in restoring weak or separated muscles in the abdomen and it can also be used to remove the extra amount of fat and skin present on the abdomen. All this helps in improving the overall profile of the individual. A tummy tuck can also help an individual in getting rid of loose and sagging skin.

Sadly, a tummy tuck cannot remove stretch marks. It is vital for an individual to remember that this cosmetic procedure should not be treated as a replacement for the role that proper exercise and diet plays in losing weight. Usually, the results of a tummy tuck are permanent. However, one must maintain his or her weight if he or she wants those results to stay the same.

How Can We at ALCS Clinic in Jaipur Help You?

We at ALCS Clinic understand that every individual wishes to look at his or her best. And this is exactly what we help all our patients to achieve. We provide all our patients with only the best quality cosmetic surgical procedures. This does not just help our patients to feel better about them but it also helps the patients to feel happier and more confident than ever before! 

Our medical experts are extremely dedicated and qualified. This is why we at ALCS Clinic are always there to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and learn about how we can help you achieve all your cosmetic dreams!

ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic, under the leadership of the internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora, specializes in hair restoration and cosmetic procedures. With a focus on quality, ALCS Clinic offers a range of Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Services under one roof.

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