Hair Transplant – Some Facts You Need to Know

Hair loss is a common problem seen in several people. Hair transplant surgery has become hugely popular to treat hair loss. There are several myths about hair transplants and here we will be discussing certain facts about the hair transplant procedure before you decide to undergo the same.

Facts about hair transplant

Hair transplant is the last resort of treatment for hair loss

It is a myth that hair transplant is the only form of treatment for hair loss. However, the fact is that your dermatologist will recommend hair transplant as the last resort of treatment for hair loss when other non-surgical methods fail to give the desired results.

Hair loss in the initial stages can be treated by making some lifestyle changes. In cases of more severe hair loss, medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil may be used for hair loss treatment under the prescription of your doctor. PRP hair treatment also yields excellent results in many patients.

Keep the cost factor in mind

The hair transplant procedure cost is an important factor of consideration before opting for the procedure. The cost will vary depending on the expertise of the surgeon, the locality of the clinic, and the severity of hair loss. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure requiring precision and expertise, and one must inquire about the cost before undergoing the procedure. Also, some clinics charge the patient on a per graft basis, while others charge the patient on a per hair follicle basis. Each graft consists of 1 to 3 hair follicles. It is important to ask the doctor specifically on what basis he/she is charging.

A single hair transplant will never be enough

Any individual opting for a hair transplant needs to have at least 3 to 4 follow up sessions during their life. Even though the transplanted hair will stay throughout your life, natural hair loss will continue to occur. Therefore, a single hair transplant does not imply a head full of hair throughout life. One needs to go for follow-up sessions after the completion of the hair transplant procedure.

Scarring is a part of hair transplants

Scars are an inevitable part of the hair transplant procedure. The severity and the level of scars differ in every individual and different circumstances. The scar marks vary according to the different type of techniques used, and the expertise of the surgeon. The FUT technique leaves behind a linear scar mark at the back of the scalp, whereas, the FUE technique leaves behind inconspicuous tiny scar marks on the whole scalp. 

You are your donor

To avoid any kind of complications, the surgeon will be using your hair follicles harvested from the scalp area. The surgeon cannot use another person’s hair grafts. Moreover, human hair follicles do not regenerate. Therefore, it is important to maintain natural hair as much as possible.

Hair loss may not be cured permanently

Even after undergoing a hair transplant surgery, your hair loss will not stop. For example, male pattern baldness is a genetic condition and will continue to cause hair loss during the lifetime. The transplanted hair is permanent, but shock hair loss is also a common side-effect. The patients are advised to use certain prescribed medications for about a year to prevent this.

Most health insurances will not cover the cost

Since the hair transplant treatment is an elective procedure, most health insurance policies do not cover its cost. One must be prepared to bear the entire treatment cost.

One needs to take time out from work after the surgery

One needs to take a minimum of one week off from work after the surgery. The transplanted hair grafts are still healing in this period and are vulnerable. The patient needs to take rest, avoid going out in the sun, avoid strenuous physical activities, stay hydrated, and sleep with their head elevated for proper healing and quick recovery.

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