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It should come as no surprise when someone states that Jaipur is a beautiful city. This beautiful city is the capital of the Rajasthan state in India. This city is famous for evoking the ruling family once controlled the power in this city in 1727. It is also popularly known as the ‘pink city’ or the ‘old city’ due to its trademark building colors. On the other hand, Delhi is the capital territory and is a massive metropolitan area located on the north side of the country. This city consists of almost anything and everything that you can think about. And to further enhance the importance of these cities there is something new that these cities are famous for these days and that is their popular hair transplant centers. According to experts, the cost of a hair transplant surgery in Jaipur and Delhi is amongst the lowest in the entire country! If you wish to get a hair transplant in Jaipur then it could cost you anything from 40,000 INR to 95,000 or $1100. If you wish to get the exact cost regarding per grafts then it ranges from only 30 INR to 80 INR or $0.44 to $1.17. 

It is vital for you to remember that the hair transplant cost can be majorly affected due to a number of factors like the techniques that are used, the physician who is selected to perform the procedure, the location of the clinic, the qualification of the physician, the experience of the physician, the cost of blood tests, the fees of the surgeon, and many other factors. Even though the price of a hair transplant procedure is lower in Jaipur and Delhi, this does not mean that you would have to worry about the quality of the hair transplants. In both Delhi and Jaipur, you can rest assured that you will only get the highly skilled surgeons and it is also rather easier to get appointments both online and offline with those skilled cosmetic surgeons.

When looking for hair transplant methods then, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the most common and popular methods that one comes across. In this method, the medical expert proceeds to extract and harvest the donor hairs that are taken from the donor area. This donor area can be located on the side or back of the scalp. These hair follicles are then transplanted on to the area where the hairs of the individual are thinning. Some benefits of this type of hair transplant surgery is that the time period for recovery is rather less as one can recover within 7 to 8 days and the scars that are left after this procedure are barely noticeable and on top of that, those faint scars are can also be hidden by the other hairs of the individual that are present on the head.

Since the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is more extensive and time-consuming, the price for this procedure is rater more in comparison to the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure. This is why many medical experts charge for an FUE hair transplant according to the number of grafts that are transferred. Hence, the price of this procedure can range from 35,000 INR to 70,000 INR for an average intensity hair transplant that requires the harvesting of around 1000 grafts. This is also equivalent to $1000.

On the other hand, if an individual is getting a very extensive hair transplant with around 3000 grafts then that could cost around 1,40,000 INR and that is equivalent to $2000. These prices are significantly lower than what is charged in countries like the United States of America. According to the recent reports, a hair transplant procedure of 3000 grafts costs around 9,80,000 INR or $15,000! This is why getting a hair transplant done in Delhi or Jaipur in India is the best option.

Method and Cost of Hair Transplant in Jaipur

As has been mentioned above, there are mainly two different methods through which a hair transplant procedure can be performed. And those methods are mentioned below.

Both of these methods are similar in terms of the fact that hair follicles are removed from the donor area and are then transplanted to the recipient area. However, the difference exists in terms of the exact process that is followed to remove the hair follicles. It is important for an individual to remember that to provide the patient with a natural look the hair follicles are only removed from the back or side of the scalp of the patient.

In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, every single hair follicle is extracted from the donor area and then transplanted on to the recipient area in an orderly fashion. However, in the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process, the medical expert simply removes an entire strip of hair follicles from the donor area then transplants that strip of hair follicles to the area on which the individual suffers from baldness or excessive air loss. Because of this reason, the FUT method is also known as the strip method.

It is important to know that there are many experts who consider the strip method to be the best hair transplant method as it has the highest chances of success. Sadly, there is a downside to this as this process leads the individual to develop a liner scar on the area from which the strip of hair follicles was extracted.

However, this method is still simpler and cost-effective as it requires a less amount of scars that have to be made on the scalp. One single strip of hair follicles can help in implanting over 5000 grafts at the same time. There is also less blood loss and pain involved in the strip method in comparison to the FUE method. It must also be evident that the FUT method can be performed more quickly than the FUE method.

On the other hand, there are fewer chances of the hair follicles getting damaged as the donor area suffers from less shock in the FUE procedure. The medical expert also does not need to shave the recipient site to perform the hair transplant. This results in almost no disfigurement of the natural hairs that already exist in the recipient area. This further means that the ends results are more natural-looking.

Both of these procedures of hair transplants are performed under some sort of local anesthetic. There are also medical experts who suggest that for a case of male pattern baldness around 2500 hair follicles should be transplanted to the recipient area in a single session. Both of these procedures have a different total recovery time. Still, no matter the process you choose, the recovery time usually does not extend beyond 1 or 2 weeks.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

It should not be surprising that just like any other type of cosmetic surgery even the best hair transplant can come with its own set of pros and cons. There are also some risks that are associated with a hair transplant procedure. However, the benefits of this cosmetic surgical procedure far outweigh any cons or concerns that one might have regarding this procedure. And to further improve your knowledge of this procedure, we have listed the top five benefits of hair transplant in a list that is mentioned below.

  • Get better looks than ever before
  • Find a permanent solution to all your constant hair troubles
  • Improve your self-esteem in an easy and effective manner
  • Save on the total hair transplant cost by getting a hair transplant in either Jaipur or Delhi
  • Get the natural appearance that you have always craved

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