Hair Transplant Surgery Cost, Results and What To Expect At ALCS Clinic Jaipur

Hair loss is one of the most common occurrences that may affect people of varied ages and gender. Thankfully, with the advancements in medical science, hair transplant surgery is now considered one of the most effective hair restoration processes that can help get rid of baldness. 

Hair transplant is an aesthetic procedure where the surgeon first extricates hair follicles from the donor area and then transplants them to the recipient or balding area of the scalp. The most skilled and experienced surgeon can restore a natural appearance by implanting the hair follicles at the desired angle and distance.

Digging a bit deeper about hair transplant

A hair transplant is most commonly performed in a doctor’s office. Before beginning with the process, the surgeon first cleans the area of treatment and then will administer some local anesthesia. The surgeon will perform the most suitable hair transplant method based on your condition or requirement. The two most commonly performed hair transplant techniques are-

  • Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT FUT is also popular as the strip method, where the surgeon excises out a strip of skin and removes a 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from a non-balding area that is usually located at the back of the head. Finally, the incision is sutured up that will eventually give rise to a linear incision which mostly remains concealed within the existing hair. The extracted strip on the other hand is segregated into tiny pieces where each graft contains one or two hairs that are carefully implanted into the balding area.
  • Follicular Unit Extract or FUE– FUE is another advanced and most commonly opted procedure because it is least invasive and involves a short recovery period. In this process, the surgeon first extracts individual graft using a punch tool without damaging the scalp or the root. Now, these extracted hair follicles are directly implanted into the recipient area. FUE is an extremely safe yet expensive procedure that provides flawless results involving no major scarring.

Cost of hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is an aesthetic procedure yet a completely personalized treatment. However, for any cosmetic surgery, price plays a crucial role and that may significantly vary from person to person. Several factors may contribute to the overall cost of a hair transplant procedure and some of them are-

  1. The total number of hair follicles transplanted to the balding area may impact the overall cost of the procedure because most of the clinics determine the cost of the procedure on a per graft basis.
  2. The type of hair transplant technique undergone is also another factor that may drive the overall cost of the procedure because FUE is a more expensive procedure in comparison to FUT.
  3. You must choose an experienced hair surgeon to endure a successful hair transplant. However, skilled and experienced surgeons tend to charge higher than other non-experienced surgeons.
  4. Location is another factor that may affect the total cost of the procedure. If you select surgeons where the cost of living is higher, the surgery cost may also be higher accordingly.
  5. The traveling cost must also be considered in case the hair transplant clinic you have selected is not close to your place.
  6. Other factors may add up to the final cost of the procedure like medications for pain, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, etc.

Result of hair transplant surgery

A successful hair transplant surgery yields the most satisfying and permanent result if undergone under the guidance of some experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon. During the recovery period, the result may seem disappointing as the transplanted hair will start falling after few weeks. However, the good news is, after several months the permanent hairs will start to regrow. To ensure the best results, it is extremely important to strictly adhere to the post-op instructions that are provided by the surgeon.

What to expect at ALCS?

ALCS is one of the leading hair clinics in Jaipur that have the most skilled hair surgeons in practice who hold several years of experience in this field. At ALCS clinic, we have a team of experts who excels in performing the best hair transplantation techniques. Even though hair transplant is a safe technique that yields natural hair appearance, the outcome still depends on the surgeon. We strive to attain complete patient satisfaction so the doctors here prefer to keep themselves updated with the latest technology. We are proud to declare that our clinic is vouched by the patients as one of the best clinics to experience hair transplant procedures.

ALCS Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Clinic, under the leadership of the internationally recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sunil Arora, specializes in hair restoration and cosmetic procedures. With a focus on quality, ALCS Clinic offers a range of Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Services under one roof.

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