How Long Does Hair Transplants Last?

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation has been a standard surgical procedure since 1950. The success has grown even further in recent decades. The process entails removing hair follicles from the donor site, either individually (FUE) or as a strip of skin from a healthy hair-growing region of the head (FUT). The follicles are then transplanted into the scalp’s bald patches. The follicles in the scalp begin to promote the development of new hair as the incisions heal.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

A microneedle is used to remove individual follicles from the donor region in this transplant process. There are no stitches needed since this procedure does not require a skin graft. Tiny incisions made by the doctor removes the follicle units. These incisions can recover and be hidden by existing hair in no time. Specific follicular units are then transplanted into bald patches through incisions. FUE is more common than FUT as it results in less scarring.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Unlike FUE, which extracts individual follicular units, FUT involves grafting a whole strip of scalp from the donor region. Typically, this strip is taken from the back of the head. The strip is then divided into 500 to 2,000 tiny follicular grafts, each containing either a single piece of hair or a few hairs. The follicular grafts are then implanted through small incisions made by the doctor in the recipient region.

These are two significant types of hair transplantation techniques, but most patients often ask a straightforward question, ‘how long do hair transplants last?

How long do hair transplants last?

It’s natural to wonder how many years does hair transplant last while you’re considering getting one. You must have your hair transplant performed by an experienced and reputable hair restoration expert if you want it to last a lifetime. 

You can see the outlines of your fresh and better hairline as soon as your doctor finishes the procedure. After your procedure, your hair should begin to grow rapidly. Hair shedding and loss after the initial growth is a source of irritation for many patients. The first batch of transplanted hair can grow back in a permanent capacity once it falls out. Hair should appear natural and safe. After around half a year, most people notice noticeable improvements in their hair development. After a year, the full effects of the operation are almost always apparent.

To partially answer how long do hair transplants last, hair transplants in the modern era are healthy, normal, and irreversible. Patients are considered suitable if they have sufficient healthy hair growing on their head to allow doctors to transplant follicles to the affected region. You’ll also need to be able to grow hair on the site you’ve chosen. It suggests that a highly scarred scalp will not be suitable for a hair transplant.

If you have any query such as ‘how long do hair plugs last?’ or ‘how long does hair replacement last?’ you can contact the ALCS clinic, and they will be happy to clear your doubts.

It’s All Right to Get a Transplant

It is observed that after a FUE hair transplant, you can have good, lasting hair growth. Several people suffer from hair loss or baldness due to genetic factors. Hair transplants will help you get rid of your baldness.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, young or elderly, balding or thinning, speak to a doctor about your FUE hair transplant choices today. Many patients mention feeling self-conscious about shaving their heads before surgery. However, almost every patient that has a good surgery reports a significant increase in self-confidence.

Hair transplants are suitable for celebrities, business people, educators, politicians, and a wide range of other people. Don’t believe the stigma or embarrassment you might be experiencing because of your thinning hair. It’s ok to discuss having a hair transplant with your doctor from ALCS clinics, and they will also answer, ‘how long does hair restoration last?’

There seem to be a variety of medications that can help with hair development. Your doctor can prescribe proteins and enzymes for hair growth in the form of a cream, shampoo, or prescription. Over-the-counter treatments are proven to help, but they stop assisting hair growth if they are no longer used. Consider or try a transplant after your medicated shampoo or creams if you’d like a treatment that can give you clear and timely results. These medications are also a reason why and how long will hair transplant last.

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