How To Fix Patchy Beard Growth?

Growing a beard is a fashion statement for men. Unfortunately, growing a perfect beard is not an easy task for everyone as many people while growing a beard but end up developing patches that grow beard growth. Some of the most common problems associated with growing a beard include itchiness in the beard, dandruff that may develop wired patchiness. Patchiness in the beard is one of the undesirable conditions faced by men, especially for people who are in their early stage of growing a beard. 

Tips to fix a patchy beard

Uneven growth and patchiness of beard bothering you? Don’t stress over it. This is a very common problem and there are many ways to improve or conceal the patchiness of the beard completely. Stated below are a few tips that need to be considered-

  1. Just grow it: It needs a lot of time for the beard to grow properly. So men irrespective of their itchiness or patchiness must keep growing their beard instead of quitting. Gradually with time, they can find the patchiness to start decreasing eventually. Criticizing your beard every time you see yourself in a mirror or a picture, or comparing your beard with other bearded men, would do no good.
  2. Set your determination and keep growing your beard for at least 3 months at a stretch. If it still looks patchy and you aren’t satisfied, then you can shave it if you want. 
  3. Emphasize it: If you have grown your beard for 3months and still see patches, instead of shaving it off you can trim a bit so that even stubble can seem to fill the patches and give a good look.
  4. Take Care: Trimming isn’t beard care. Just like the hair on your head, you need to keep your beard well-groomed. Proper and regular grooming will help reduce patches too. You will find several beard care shampoos, conditioners, serums that can help boost the overall growth of the beard. However, apart from external care, internal nourishment is also very important for the proper growth of a beard.
  5. Proper Diet: Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is very important for your body, hair, and also for your beard. A healthy diet may contribute to reducing the patchiness of your beard, yet most people ignore this fact and lead to an unhealthy food habit. Junk food is neither good for your health, nor your beard growth. If you maintain a healthy balanced diet that includes the right share of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, you will experience a healthy growth of beard. 
  6. Regular Exercise: Besides maintaining metabolism levels, regular physical exercise helps increase the testosterone levels in the blood. The raised testosterone level helps in better growth of beard and hence reduces patchiness of beard.
  7. Proper Rest: A 7-8 hours of sound sleep is essential to lead a healthy life. Irregular sleep patterns and being sleep-deprived would not only make you feel lethargic but also reduce your testosterone level, which is needed to be maintained at a proper level for beard growth. 
  8. Avoid stress: Avoiding stress in the current hectic lifestyle is almost impossible owing to the work pressure they endure, household chores, etc. However, whatever may be the reason for your stress, it is important to keep in mind that stress may impact hair and beard growth apart from your overall health. Hair fall occurring due to stress is a common problem that we see, similarly, it can happen to your beard too.
  9. Avoid harmful hair growth products: Avoid sulfate-enriched beard wash if you have dry or sensitive skin, as it strips the moisture disrupting beard growth. Triclosan present in such products is a hormone disruptor and might reduce beard growth or cause patchiness. Products with dubious claims of hair growth must be avoided as they usually have a chemical named Monoxide, which causes dryness and itchiness which might cause even more patches.

Now that you already have the tips try following these steps. If these don’t help with your beard patches then the last resort you have is a beard transplant. Wondering what is the best option for beard transplant? If you are in Jaipur then you may contact ACLS clinic, which has some of the best doctors like Dr. Sunil Arora who provide customized treatment plans for their patients. 

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