Is FUE Suitable For Both Men And Women

Every man and woman craves healthy-looking and beautiful hair. However, many of them suffer from hair loss, which causes stress, depression and low-confidence in them. Hair loss can be an outcome of various factors such as age, genetics, diseases, health, etc. When individuals suffer from the problem of hair loss, they start looking for treatment methods and procedures. Depending on several factors and parameters, the individual decides which hair treatment will suit him or her best.

In this article, we will talk about the Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) technique and how it is an effective treatment for both men and women. FUE is a prevalent technique and considered one of the most effective methods for hair transplantation techniques. Another reason why FUE is the number one choice of many men and women is that it is a less invasive method. In FUE treatment method, minimal scarring is involved and is characterized by natural-looking hair for the individual.

What is the FUE technique?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is one of the most effective and result-oriented hair transplant methods of today’s times. In an FUE hair transplant method, the surgeon makes tiny incisions on your scalp. The donor areas are those regions of your head which are filled with hair and have denser growth. The surgeon makes small incisions on the donor area and extracts many follicular units.

Each follicular unit consists of one to four hair strands. The surgeon continues to extract follicular units unless he/she gathers enough units for the treatment. Once gathering or collecting, the surgeon transplants all the follicular units to the recipient areas in your scalp. Recipient areas are those regions on your head that do not have denser hair and are covered with hair.

The size of the incisions which the surgeon makes in the donor areas is around 1 millimeter. After the procedure, these scars and incisions recover in a week. Due to tiny incisions, no visible scarring is left on the head.

Who all are the candidates for FUE?

FUE technique is suitable for both men and women and is one of the most popular hair re-growth techniques. Talking about the perfect candidates for FUE transplant procedure, people with good hair density are ideal. For this procedure, it is essential to have realistic expectations about the results and have aesthetic hopes that are approachable.

With the latest technology and development, many hair restorative techniques are becoming popular. Among them, FUE gives the most effective and natural results for an individual. With this technique, you can achieve natural and exquisite looking hair without experiencing any severe pain or operational complications.

Now let’s talk about who all are the perfect candidates for this treatment.

  • Good health: Men and women who are of sound health are perfectly fit for undergoing this procedure. For FUE technique, you must be expected to have a strong immune system, and your health should be stable. In case of any serious diseases, the complications and risks will be more, therefore doctors only quality those who have healthy and sound bodies.
  • The patient’s age: Those individuals who are young are more prone to losing their hair after the hair transplantation technique. In most cases, people over 30 years of age prefer to lose their hair and are inclined towards getting hair transplantation treatments. Their hair loss patterns are more visible and established; hair techniques tend to work better on them.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices: All those people who follow healthy lifestyle choices, exercise daily, and have a balanced diet are better candidates to take any medical procedure. Their level of mental stress is balanced, and they lead a happy life. So they tend to be a better fit as their recovery time will be shorter. Also, chances of infections, swelling and other complications are less.
  • Flexible scalp: Candidates with a flexible scalp are perfectly fit for undergoing an FUE technique. Doctors suggest that individuals with loose scalp are more comfortable to operate as they can easily insert hair follicles in their scalps.
  • Alopecia: All those men and women who suffer from the problem of alopecia or patterned baldness are not suitable for this technique. Since their donor hair follicles are not prominent and stable, it becomes challenging to perform FUE technique.

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